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03 & 04 Novembre 2012, Quartu S.E. (Cagliari), Sardinia, Italy

Technical Regulation Choreography Urban Competition

  • The choreography must be original and designed and produced with the intention to involve running all aspects of the group, avoiding roles of dancers, soloists and groups;

  • Each group should be formed by at least 4 members.

Categories Choreography Urban Competition

  • NEW GENERATION: born from 2001 onwards, with an element born in 1998-2000, if the group is composed with no more than 6 elements, two elements made it in the same time consisting of at least 7 elements.

  • TEEN: born in the period 1996-2000, with an element born in the period 1993-1995 if the group is composed with no more than 6 elements, two elements if born in the same period consisting of at least 7 elements.

  • MASTER: born until 31/12/1995 inclusive.

If the components "out of" category exceeds the number already established, automatically the group will participates in older category.

And required for each participant should bring an original identification document (no photocopies) available to the jury for a controls of year of birth in a case of disputes, can be disqualified from the competition.

Categories Hip Hop battles

  • NEW GENERATION : born from 2001 onwards (1 vs 1)

  • TEEN: born in the period 1997-2000 (2 vs 2)

  • OVER 16: born until 31-12-1996 (2 vs 2)

Categories Break Dance battle

  • NEW GENERATION : born from 2001 onwards (1 vs 1)

  • TEEN: born in the period 1997-2000 (2 vs 2)

  • OVER 16: born until 31-12-1996 (1 vs 1 7to smoke )


After the qualifications judges will choose 11 best dancers who will battle in final against the last year winner Bboy Yaio (Ormus Force Crew). Final takes 33 minutes in which the winner is the one that get 11 wins or the one that has the highest number of wins in final.

Categories House Dance Battle

  • OVER 16 (1 vs 1).


  • All members under 18 must be signatured by their parents, who with signing the release assume full responsibility for the participant for all period of the event, raising the organization from any liability.

  • It 'must present a medical certificate of good health (photocopies) or a declaration by the parent who self-certify that they hold such certificate and then raising the organization from any liability.

  • By entering the competition component of the group automatically authorize the Organization free use of his image for advertising, television and print.

  • Participation requires the approval of this rule in each article.

Results and jury

  • Judges and their number will be chosen at the discretion of the organization.

  • At each performance the judges award a score expressed in numbers from 0 to 10 decimal places.

  • After the first round will be announced the names of a groups that will enter the final phase. The jury, in their option will choose for each category the number of groups which will enter in the final.


  • The musical expression that is chosen for the competition can consist several songs mixed together, also linked through the use of the sound effects.

  • The groups must present the competition with two identical CDs containing ONLY 1 TRACK with the music for the show. A CD will be delivered by the representative of the audio director, before his performance and again at the end thereof. The other CD should be kept by the group and made available in a case of breakage, malfunction or loss of the first. IMPORTANT: there is the possibility to send email with mp3 music track at feeldabounce@gmail.com indicating name of the group - Choreographer - Category until Sunday, October 28, 2012. In this case there is no need to deliver the CD audio production you can only bring a copy with them for any eventuality.

  • The duration of piece should be no less than 2 minutes and at 3:30 with a deviation in excess of 10%.

  • Groups should submit the same song for all the different stages of the competition.


  • 5 penalty points will be awarded for each second under or over the minimum and maximum time allowed;

  • 1 point per minute late penalty call on stage not seriously justified;

  • Groups that manifest misconduct or inappropriate to the canons of good manners towards the jury and the organization will be immediately removed from the event.


  • Registration for the choreography competition is 15 € for each member of the group (in New Generation and Teen category), and 20 € for each member of the group in MASTER category (Master Category – Money Awards);

  • Registration for the contest in freestyle hip hop, break dancing or house dance is 10 € for dancer for speciality;

  • Groups who participates workshops and battle will have discount;

  • The shares shall be paid by Sunday, October 28, 2012 on the following bank account:

c/c intestato a ASD HAPPY DANCE iban IT46 C076 0104 8000 0008 4411 768 BIC/SWIFT BPPIITRRXXX Description: Feel Da Bounce Vol.3 ;

  • Registration must be repeated by each individual dancer who participate.

  • The registration forms and permits can be requested via email to feeldabounce@gmail.com

  • The completed form in its entirety should be sent to the email feeldabounce@gmail.com until Sunday, October 28, 2012 together with the receipt of bank transfer.

  • Registration will be accepted only if they are available all documents and permits required.


House Dance Battle 1vs1 : 150,00 €

Hip Hop Battle 2vs2: 300,00 €

Break Dance Battle 11to smoke: 300,00 €

Choreo Competition Master Category: 500,00 €

You can win also free passes to attend free classes on:

REACT 2013 (Alicante, Spain);

Hyper Week 2013 (Catania, Sicily, IT)

American Camp 2013 (Verona)

Feel da Bounce Vol.4 (Quartu Sant’Elena – CA )

Settimana Internazionale Insieme per la Danza (Cagliari, Sardinia, IT)...



OPEN CARD (6 lessons of 90 min.) 120,00 €

4 LESSONS (of 90 min.) 100,00 €

3 LESSONS 80,00 €

2 LESSONS 60,00 €

1 LESSON 35,00 €

Break Dance class with NIEK TRAA : 20 €


OPEN CARD (4 lessons of 90 min.) 60,00 €

1 DAY (2 lessons of 90 min.) 40,00 €

1 LESSON 30,00 €


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schedule 2012 sabato.png

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