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Measuring Behavior 2012

List of presentations

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5 Decisim: A digital version of Information Display Board (IDB) experimental technique Demonstrations Christine PETR*, Political Insitute of Rennes

6 On Road Observational Survey of Seat Belt Use Among Young Drivers in Qatar General sessions Khaled Shaaban*, Qatar University

7 Fuzzy Logic an approach for measuring human behavior in Urban Traffic General sessions Shaila Bantanur*, IIT Roorkee; Mahua Mukherjee, IIT Roorkee

11 PSYCHO INFORMATICS: MODEL FOR MEASURING RANDOMIZED BEHAVIOUR Tutorials Dr. Debdulal Dutta Roy*, Psychology Research Unit, Indi; Dr. Debdulal Dutta Roy, Psychology Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, 203, B.T. Road, Kolkata,

13 Assigning and combining probabilities in single-case studies General sessions Rumen Manolov*, University of Barcelona; Antonio Solanas, University of Barcelona

17 Social Affiliation in Zebrafish: From Synthetic Images to Biological Mechanisms Special sessions Robert Gerlai*, University of Toronto Mississa

19 Diving deeper into zebrafish development of social behavior: analyzing high resolution data.  Special sessions Christine Buske*, University of Toronto; Robert Gerlai, University of Toronto Mississa

20 Zebrafish assays to measure ADHD endophenotypes Special sessions Merlin Lange*, CNRS

22 Three-dimensional phenotyping with Track3D Demonstrations Fabrizio Grieco*, Noldus IT; Lucas Noldus, Noldus Information Technology; Allan Kalueff, Tulane University Medical School

23 Monitoring Burrowing and Nest Building Behavior as Species-specific Indicators of Animal Wellbeing Special sessions Paulin Jirkof*, University of Zurich; Penny Hawkins, RSPCA

24 Sustainability goes Change Talk: Can Motivational Interviewing be used to increase pro-environmental behavior? General sessions Florian Klonek*, TU Braunschweig; Simone Kauffeld, TU Braunschweig

26 Studying the neurobehavioral mechanisms of social behavior in adolescent rats Special sessions Louk Vanderschuren*, Utrecht University


28 Studying Driver’s Lane Changing Behavior Under Heavy Traffic Volumes General sessions Khaled Shaaban*, Qatar University

29 Keystroke logging in a Windows environment via Inputlog Tutorials Mariëlle Leijten*, FWO/University of Antwerp; Luuk Van Waes, University of Antwerp

30 Pressure-Sensor System for Sleep-Posture Classification General sessions Sabri Boughorbel*, Philips Research; Koen de Groot, Philips Research; Fons Bruekers, Philips Research

31 Perspectives on the non-human primate touch-screen self ordered spatial search paradigm. Special sessions Jane Sutcliffe*, Maccine Pte Ltd; Daniel Hutcheson, Maccine Pte Ltd

33 Structural Knowledge Assessment: Change in cognitive structure due to playing a serious game Special sessions Pieter Wouters*, Utrecht University

36 Inter-usability and the Presentation of Multi-modal Feedback for Physical Activity and Diabetic Type II Patients Special sessions Randy Klaassen*, University of Twente; Rieks op den Akker, University of Twente

37 Player-Centric Game Design: Adding UX Laddering to the Method Toolbox for Player Experience Measurement Special sessions Bieke Zaman*, IBBT-CUO/KU Leuven; Vero Vanden Abeele, GROUP T-Leuven Engineering College

38 Automated Analyses of Behavior in Zebrafish Larvae Special sessions Sean Pelkowski, Brown University; Holly Richendrfer, Brown University; Ruth Colwill, Brown University; Robbert Creton*, Brown University

39 Social Computer Vision for Group Behavior Analysis Special sessions Marco Cristani*, Università di Verona

43 Ultrasonic Communication in Mouse Models of Autism Special sessions Markus Wöhr*, Phillips-University of Marburg

44 FISH AS A MODEL TO STUDY NON-VERBAL NUMERICAL ABILITIES Special sessions Christian Agrillo*, University of Padova; Maria Elena Miletto Petrazzini, University of Padova; Laura Piffer, University of Padova; Marco Dadda, University of Padova; Angelo Bisazza, University of Padova

46 Multimodal sensing system to enhance baby monitoring Demonstrations Koen de Groot*, Philips Research; Sabri Boughorbel, Philips Research; Jeffrey Kang, Philips TV; Julie Vandenabeele, Eagle Vision; Ben Loke, Noldus; Luuk Spreeuwers, Universiteit Twente; Nicolas Ambroise, Actimage; Marcel Buter, Sound Intelligence

47 Measuring Electrodermal Activity of Both Individuals With Severe Mental Disabilities and Their Caretakers During Episodes of Challenging Behavior Special sessions Matthijs Noordzij*, University of Twente; Patrick Scholten, De Twentse Zorgcentra; Marleen Laroy, De Twentse Zorgcentra

48 Crowd and Pedestrian Dynamics: Empirical Investigation and Simulation General sessions Stefania Bandini, University of Milan-Bicocca; Andrea Gorrini*, University of Milan-Bicocca; Lorenza Manenti, University of Milan-Bicocca; giuseppe Vizzari, University of Milan-Bicocca

51 The Assessment of Pain using Facial Expressions in Laboratory Rodents Special sessions Matthew Leach*, Newcastle University

52 CONTROLLED GAME-BASED STRESS MANIPULATION General sessions Benny Van der Vijgh*, Utrecht University; Robbert Jan Beun, University Utrecht; Peter Werkhoven, Utrecht University

53 Video-based multi-person human motion capturing Special sessions Nico Van der Aa*, Noldus Information Technology

54 Pine weevil (Hylobius abietis) feeding pattern on conifer seedlings General sessions Frauke Fedderwitz*, SLU; Niklas Björklund, SLU; Velemir Ninkovic, SLU; Göran Nordlander, SLU

56 Measuring Team Performance Shaped Team Processes in Realistic Work Setting General sessions Juliánna Soós*, Department of Ergonomics and P; Marta Juhász, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology; Balázs Hámornik, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology

58 Selection of a measurement battery for human behaviour assessment in serious games in the aviation domain Special sessions Rolf Zon*, NLR

60 Generic Tool for Online Classification of Physical and Mental Workload General sessions Christoph Hintermüller*, Guger Technologies OG; Günther Edlinger, Guger Technologies OG; Christoph Guger, Guger Technologies OG

61 Measuring Situation Awareness of the Microneurosurgeons General sessions Shahram Eivazi*, University of Eastern Finland

62 Mindware Ambulatory 2.0 Acquisitions and Mindware/ Noldus Systems Integration Enhancements Demonstrations GENE BARBANERA*, MINDWARE TECHNOLOGIES, LTD

63 The Radial Arm Maze (RAM) For The Evaluation Of Working And Reference Memory Deficits In The Diurnal Rodent Octodon Degus Special sessions Ernesto Tarragon Cros*, University of Murcia; Lola Lopez, ; Francisco Ros-Bernal, ; Eduardo Martin, ; Jose Enrique Yuste, ; Victor Ortiz-Cullera, ; Esther Schenker, ; Fabienne Aujard, ; Regis Bordet, ; Jill Richardson, ; Mª Trinidad Herrero,

64 Evaluating MCI in AD patients and the effect of symptomatic drug treatment Special sessions BORDET Régis*, Université Lille2; DEGUIL Julie, Unversité Lille2

65 The circular platform task for evaluation of MCI in the grey mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus), a non-human primate model Special sessions Anisur Rahman*, CNRS UMR 7179, MNHN

67 Data fusion by kernel combination for behavioral data General sessions Dimitris Fekas*, Wageningen University

68 Managing driver workload using continuous driver workload assessment Special sessions joop Pauwelussen, HAN; Michel Alders*, Tomtom; Riender Happee, TU Delft

69 Pharmacological manipulation of a rodent paired associates learning (PAL) paradigm, and other tasks for use in disease research. Special sessions John Talpos*, Janssen Pharmacutica

70 Home-cage automated cognitive phenotyping in mice Special sessions Valter Tucci*, IIT

71 Sleep, circadian rhythms and interval timing Special sessions Valter Tucci*, IIT

72 A Markov Transition Score for Characterizing Interactive Behavior of Two Animals and its Application to Genetic Background Analysis of Social Behavior of Mouse General sessions Toshiya Arakawa*, SOKENDAI; Aki Takahashi, ; Akira Tanave, ; Satoshi Kakihara, ; Shingo Kimura, ; Hiroki Sugimoto, ; Toshihiko Shiroishi, ; Kazuya Tomihara, ; Tsuyoshi Koide, ; Takashi Tsuchiya,

73 The touchscreen cognitive testing method for mice and rats Special sessions Tim Bussey*, University of Cambridge

74 Use of video tracking to measure immobility-defined sleep in mouse strains and mutants Special sessions Patrick Nolan*, Medical Research Council; Gareth Banks, Medical Research Council; Ines Heise, Medical Research Council; Simon Fisher, Oxford University; Russell Foster, Oxford University; Stuart Peirson, Oxford University

75 Ultrasonic Communication in Rats: Insights from Playback Studies Special sessions Dominik Seffer*, University of Marburg; Rainer Schwarting, University of Marburg; Markus Wöhr, Phillips-University of Marburg

76 How can a touch-screen based visual discrimination help to better characterize rodent models of schizophrenia? Special sessions Laetitia Fellini*, Janssen Janssen Pharmaceutical

78 Can we Discriminate Safe and Unsafe Visual Scanning in Multitask Driving Conditions? Special sessions Peter Van Leeuwen*, TU Delft; J.C.F. de Winter, TU Delft; Riender Happee, TU Delft

83 Gesture coding with the NEUROGES - ELAN system Tutorials Han Sloetjes*, Max Planck Inst for Psycholing

84 Making Ambient Spaces into Playgrounds Special sessions Dennis Reidsma*, Human Media Interaction; Daniel Tetteroo, ; Anton Nijholt,

86 Analyzing Individual and Inter-individual Behavior with Theme: Detection and Analysis of Hidden Temporal Patterns and Experimental Effects. Tutorials Gudberg Jonsson*, Human Behavior Laboratory; Magnus Magnusson, Human Behavior Laboratory

89 Evaluation of Alterations in Behaviour, Cognition, and Neuronal Excitability Induced by Administration of QTracker® 800 Quantum Dots. General sessions Beatrice Salvetti*, Università Degli Studi di Verona; Serena Becchi, ; Federica Schio, Università degli studi di Verona; Elena Moscardo, Università degli studi di Verona; Francesco Osculati, Università degli studi di Verona; Giuseppe Bertini, Università degli studi di Verona; Paolo Fabene, University of Verona

90 The neural origins and applications of human error processing Special sessions Tsvetomira Tsoneva*, Philips Research; Gary Garcia-Molina,

91 Modulation of sleep-wake cycles in mice and rats with cannabinoids Special sessions Lianne Robinson*, University of Aberdeen; Gernot Riedel, University of Aberdeen

92 Comparison of Home-Cage Activity Systems Using Transgenic Mouse Lines and Pharmacological Interventions Special sessions Lianne Robinson*, University of Aberdeen; Gernot Riedel, University of Aberdeen

94 Identifying Driver Behaviour in Steering: Effects of Preview Distance Special sessions Herman Damveld*, Delft University of Technology; Riender Happee, TU Delft

96 A comparison of two methods to assess mobile hand-held communication device use General sessions Sophia Berolo*, University of Waterloo; Richard Wells, University of Waterloo; Benjamin Amick III, Institute for Work and Health; Ivan Steenstra, Institute for Work and Health

99 Dealing with False Alarms Special sessions Frank Kooi*, Tno; wietse ledegang, TNO Behavioural & Social Sciences

101 Eliciting Control Errors and Measuring Error Correlates Special sessions Michael Lindenthal*, Fachhochschule Münster

103 Behavioral dynamics (in staff meetings): What patterns lead to success? General sessions Marcella Hoogeboom*, University of Twente; Celeste Wilderom, University of Twente

104 Monitoring Facial Expressions during the Mars-500 Isolation Experiment General sessions Roman Gorbunov*, Eindhoven University of Techno; Emilia Barakova, Eindhoven university of technology; Rene Ahn, Eindhoven university of technology; Matthias Rauterberg, TU Eindhoven

106 Automatic Clustering of Conversational Patterns from Speech and Motion Data General sessions Sebastian Feese*, ETH Zurich; Bert Arnrich, ETH Zurich; Gerhard Tröster, ETH Zurich; Bertolt Meyer, University of Zurich; Klaus Jonas, University of Zurich

108 Building Corpora of Bodily Expressions of Affect Special sessions Marco Pasch*, University of Lugano; Monica Landoni, University of Lugano

110 Towards sensing behavior using the Kinect General sessions Wouter van Teijlingen, TNO Technical Sciences; Egon L. Van den Broek*, TNO Technical Sciences; John Schavemaker, TNO Technical Sciences

111 Advantages and Disadvantages of Driving Simulators: A Discussion Special sessions J.C.F. de Winter*, TU Delft; Peter Van Leeuwen, TU Delft; Riender Happee, TU Delft

113 Autism and Somantics: Capturing Behaviour In The Wild General sessions Darren Walker*, Cardiff Met. University; Wendy Keay-Bright, Cardiff Met. University; Darrell Cobner, Cardiff Met. University

114 Cognitive Technical Systems Special sessions Felix Putze*, KIT; Tanja Schultz, KIT

115 Neural Correlates of a Spatial Learning Task in Parietal Cortex, Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus Special sessions Nadine Becker*, University of Bristol; Matt Jones, University of Bristol

116 Observing Flow in child/music machine interaction General sessions Anna Rita Addessi*, University of Bologna, Italy; Laura Ferrari, University of Bologna

118 Measuring Fun and Enjoyment of Children in a Museum: Evaluating the Smileyometer Special sessions Frans Van der Sluis*, University of Twente; Betsy Van Dijk, University of Twente; Bert Perloy, University of Twente

119 Categorizing Vocal Repertoires of Nonhuman Primates Special sessions Kurt Hammerschmidt*, DPZ

121 Measurement of the Study Process of Adolescents: A Comparative Analysis General sessions L N A Chandana Jayawardena*, Tomas Bata University in Zlin

122 Making engagement tangible: On opening a closed gray box Special sessions Egon L. Van den Broek*, TNO Technical Sciences

123 Effects of playing a serious game: a comparison of different cognitive and affective measures Special sessions Erik Van der Spek*, TU/e

124 Speech Inversion with Acoustic Classification General sessions Chris Neufeld*, University of Toronto

125 Exploring a semantic interaction design framework in HCI General sessions YI JI*, UNIVERSITY OF TEHCNOLOGY,SYDNE

126 Sonification of experimental parameters as a new method for efficient coding of behavior General sessions Andrea Ravignani*, University of Vienna; Tecumseh Fitch, University of Vienna

127 Driver and Pilot Identification and Model Parameter Estimation; Modelling the Visual, Vestibular, and Neuromuscular Control Loops Describing Driver and Pilot Behaviour Special sessions Riender Happee*, TU Delft; Herman Damveld, Delft University of Technology; David Abbink, TU Delft; Rene van Paassen, TU Delft; Max Mulder, TU Delft

128 The use of touchscreens as a new tool in mouse MCI profiling Special sessions Sophie Dix*, Eli Lilly; Sophie Billa, Eli Lilly; Caitlin Jones, Janssen; David Delotterie, Boehringer-Ingelheim; Cornelia Corner-Ciossek, Boehringer-Ingelheim; Jane Gartlon, Eisai; Tom Jacobs, Janssen; Linda Lerdrup, Lundbeck; Anelise Marti, Boehringer-Ingelheim; John Talpos, Janssen Pharmacutica

129 It's LiFe!: A Monitoring- and Feedback Tool to Stimulate Physical Activity, embedded in Primary Care. Special sessions Sanne Van der Weegen*, Maastricht University; Renee Verwey, Maastricht University; Luc de Witte, Maastricht University; Huibert Tange, Maastricht University; Marieke Spreeuwenberg, Maastricht University; Trudy van der Weijden, Maastricht University

130 A SWOT analysis on "Measuring Behaviour" Special sessions Raymond De Heer*, Delta Phenomics; Berry Spruijt, Delta Phenomics B.V.

132 Video-based analysis of fear conditioning: a validation test General sessions Beatrice Salvetti, University of Verona; Elena Moscardo, Università degli studi di Verona; Federica Schio, University of Verona; Giuseppe Bertini, University of Verona; Paolo Fabene*, University of Verona

133 New insight for the study of mild cognitive impairment: the novel object recognition task and the single day Morris water maze in total sleep deprived rats. Special sessions Michele Pellitteri*, University of Verona, Faculty

134 The angular interval between the direction of progression and body orientation in normal, alcohol- and cocaine treated fruit flies General sessions Ilan Golani*, Tel Aviv University; Anna Gakamski, Zoology, Tel Aviv University; Efrat Oron, Zoology, Tel Aviv University; Dan Valente, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories; Partha Mitra, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, USA; Daniel Segal, Biotechnology, Tel Aviv University; Yoav Benjamini, Staistics, Tel Aviv University

136 Assessment of behavioural flexibility and executive function using novel touch screen paradigms Special sessions Adam Mar*, University of Cambridge

137 Central Neuropeptides Social Recognition, Social Preference and Social Fear in Rodents Special sessions Michael Lukas*, University of Regensburg; Iulia Toth, University of Regensburg; Inga Neumann, University of Regensburg

141 NMDA receptor antagonists induce antidepressant-like sleep changes: a translational model from rats to humans? Special sessions Karsten Wicke*, Abbott ; Gerhard Gross, Abbott

142 Unobtrusive Sleep Monitoring Special sessions Robbert Jan Beun, University Utrecht; Reinder Haakma*, Philips

143 Unobtrusively Measuring Stress and Workload of Knowledge Workers Special sessions Saskia Koldijk*, TNO / RU Nijmegen; Wessel Kraaij, ; mark Neerincx,

144 The cause of stereotypic behaviour in a male Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) General sessions Peggy Cremers*, Van Hall Larenstein; Sanne Geutjes, Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein

145 ITour: Using ambient intelligence to support tourism Special sessions Sean Alizadeh*, Create-IT; Marije Kanis, ; mettina Veenstra,

146 Assessing the personality trait Compliance in game context Special sessions Christof Van Nimwegen*, Utrecht University; Herre van Oostendorp, ; Alec Serlie, GITP; Joost Modderman, GITP

149 What can body movement tell us about player engagement? Special sessions Nadia Berthouze*, University College London

150 Selecting Measures in Evaluating Outcomes of Serious Games Special sessions Pamela Kato*, University Medical Center Utrecht

151 Measuring user behavior in a complex USAR team evaluation General sessions Nanja Smets*, TNO; mark Neerincx, ; Rosemarijn Looije, TNO

152 Validating the Cross-Validation: A 3-Dimensional Model for Multiple Informant Data (3D-MMID) General sessions Jamil Malik*, NIP, QAU, Pakistan

153 Unobtrusive Emotion Sensing in Everyday Life General sessions Joyce Westerink*, Philips Research; Anton van Boxtel, Tilburg University; Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Eindhoven University of Technology; Joris Janssen, Philips Research; Martin Ouwerkerk, Philips Research; Therese Overbeek, Pluryn; Gert-Jan de Vries, Philips Research; Petr Slovak, TU Wien; Marjolein van der Zwaag, Philips Research; Geraldine Fitzpatrick, TU Wien

154 A Context-Aware Adaptive Feedback Agent for Activity Monitoring and Coaching Special sessions Harm Op den Akker*, Roessingh R&D; Valerie Jones, University of Twente, Telemedicine Group; Laura Moualed, Roessingh Research and Development; Hermie Hermens, Roessingh Research and Development

156 Psychophysiology Applications using a wireless and wired BIOPAC MP System Tutorials Aleksandar Dimov*, BIOPAC Systems Inc.

157 Signal-specific automated data analysis and batch processing using scripts Tutorials Aleksandar Dimov*, BIOPAC Systems Inc.

158 Individual differences in F0 imitation: Causes and effects General sessions Marie Postma*, TiCC; Eric Postma, TiCC

159 Automated Measurement of Spontaneous Surprise General sessions Bart Joosten*, Tilburg University; Eric Postma, TiCC; Emiel Krahmer, Tilburg University; Marc Swerts, Tilburg University; Jeesun Kim, University of Western Sydney

161 Indoor marker-less people tracking for real-time spatial behaviour detection Demonstrations Ben Loke*, Noldus; Julie Vandenabeele, Eagle Vision

162 Mouse phenotyping in the IntelliCage: from spontaneous behavior to cognitive function Special sessions David Wolfer*, Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich; vootele Voikar, Neuroscience Center, University of Helsinki; Elisabetta Vannoni, Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich; Giovanni Colacicco, Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich; Hans-Peter Lipp, Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich

166 Recognising & Assessing Positive Welfare: Developing Positive Indicators for Use in Welfare Assessment Special sessions Wanda McCormick*, Moulton College

169 Measuring behavioural changes to assess anthropogenic noise impact in adult zebrafish (Danio rerio). Special sessions Hans Slabbekoorn*, University of Leiden, Institute of Biology

170 Analysis of sequences in aggressive interactions of pigs for the development of an automatic aggression monitoring and control system General sessions Maciej Oczak*, Fancom B.V.; Stefano Viazzi, M3-BIORES: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Daniel Berckmans, M3-BIORES: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Erik vranken, M3-BIORES: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; L.T. Sonoda, Institute for Animal Hygiene, Animal Welfare and Farm Animal Behaviour Universit; Michaela Fels, : Institute for Animal Hygiene, Animal Welfare and Farm Animal Behaviour Univers; Joerg Hartung, : Institute for Animal Hygiene, Animal Welfare and Farm Animal Behaviour Univers; Annamaria Costa, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Milan; Gunel Ismailova, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Milan; Marcella Guarino, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Milan

171 ITour: Using ambient intelligence to support tourism Special sessions Sean Alizadeh*, Create-IT; Marije Kanis, Amsterdam University of Applie; mettina Veenstra,

172 Progress in Assessing Animal Welfare in Relation to New Legislation: Opportunities for Behavioural Researchers Special sessions Penny Hawkins*, RSPCA

173 Measuring behavioural changes to assess anthropogenic noise impact on singing birds Special sessions Hans Slabbekoorn*, University of Leiden, Institute of Biology

174 Quantitative EEG for the diagnosis of disease states Special sessions Björn Crüts*, Brainmarker BV; Pascal Römkens, Atrium Medical Center

175 Measuring social behavior in drug discovery Special sessions Marcel Van Gaalen*, Abbott; Thomas Appl, Neuroscience Research, GPRD, Abbott; Anton Bespalov , Neuroscience Research, GPRD, Abbott

176 Can We Trust Driver Behaviour Assessment? Examples from Research in Simulators and in the Field Special sessions Katja Kircher*, VTI; Christer Ahlström, VTI

177 Assessment of level professional competence of the programmers General sessions Paul Orlov*, SPBSTU

178 Olfactory signals involved in kin recognition in zebrafish Special sessions Gabriele Gerlach*, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany; Cornelia Hinz, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany

179 How to describe the process of the establishment of a social system within a wolf pup model group using traditional ethological indexes and the detection of hidden patterns. General sessions Anna Yacmennikova*, Russian Academy of Science; Andrey Poyarkov, A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Moscow

180 Introducing SESAMO: System for Experience Sampling on Mobiles Demonstrations Anna van Spanje*, Department of Psychology, Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain; Serradilla García, Technical University of Madrid; David Martinez, Department of Psychology, Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain

181 Whole body vibration and spatial learning: c-Fos and ChAT as neuronal correlates of cognitive improvements General sessions Eddy van der Zee*, RU Groningen; Gernot Riedel, University of Aberdeen; JN Keijser, Dept of Molecular Neurobiology, Univ. of Groningen; F Postema, Dept of Molecular Neurobiology, Univ. of Groningen; Bert Venema, Dept of Molecular Neurobiology, Univ. of Groningen; Paul Luiten, Dept of Molecular Neurobiology, Univ. of Groningen, Netherlands

182 High-throughput phenotyping of plant resistance to insects General sessions Karen Kloth*, Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University; Manus Thoen, Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University; harro Bouwmeester, Laboratory of Plant Physiology, Wageningen University; Maarten Jongsma, Business Unit Bioscience, Plant Research International; maracel Dicke, Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University

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