Salis, Vol. 59, No. 1, March, 1999

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SaLIS, Vol.59, No.1, March, 1999

Review of Recent Literature (Nov,1998-Jan,1999)

Compiled by Mike & Mary Craymer


Editors' Note: This is a collection of selected articles on geodesy, surveying and land information systems published in English in other subject-related journals. Only the first page is given for articles in trade journals. This information has been compiled from Tables of Contents in Geodesy, a free Internet-based contents service for journals in geodesy. For more information about TCG, article reprints and journal publishers, visit the TCG web site at .

Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten


Vol.105, No.11-12, 1998


Zur Uberprufung moderner Vermessungsinstrumente. R. Staiger. 365-374.

Prufung elektronischer Sensorsysteme bei elektronischen Tachymetern. E.-N. Fischer. 374-380.

Genauigkeitsuntersuchungen und Vergleich mehrerer Real- Time-GPS-Systeme. A. Bilajbegovic. 380-388.

Ein allgemeiner Ansatz zur Losung der Ersten geodatischen Grundaufgabe mit Hilfe der Computeralgebra. K. Krack. 388-396.

On the Datum Realization of Regional GPS Networks. M. Mareyen, M. Becker. 396-407.

Programmsysteme KATRIN und LINIV. S. Sandmann. 407-409.

Krummung und Windung der r-Linien metrischer Kugelkoordinaten (Mercator). E. Mittermayer. 409-414.

Three-dimensional geodetic control network tied to GPS Stations. R. Duchnowski, W. Kaminski, K. Swiatek. 414-420.

Artificial Satellites


Vol.32, No.2, 1997


Internal Reliability of Single Frequency GPS Data. P.J.G. Teunissen. 63-74.

Autocovariance Prediction of Short Period Earth Rotation Parameters. W. Kosek. 75-86.

Orbit Analysis of the CESAR Satellite Equipped with the GPS On-Board System. M. Rutkowska. 87-96.

The Effect of Tropospheric Refraction on GPS Relative Positioning. H. Xu, Y. Xiong, Z. Cheng. 97-106.

Accuracy of Total Ionospheric Electron Content in a Horizontally-Inhomogeneous Ionosphere. E.E. Tsedilina, Z. Klos, O.V. Weitsman. 107-118.

Vol.32, No.3, 1997


Some Remarks on GPS Ambiguity Resolution. P.J.G. Teunissen. 119-130.

On Consistency of Discrete Fourier Analysis of Noisy Time Series. W. Popinski. 131-142.

CESAR: Mathematical Model for Rotational Dynamics. A.J. Maciejewski. 143-156.

Preliminary Results of Real-Time Kinematic Tests. S. Oszczak, Z. Rzepecka, J. Kapcia, P. Fraczyk. 157-164.

Preliminary Results of Real-Time DGPS Tests Using Motorola and Ashtech Receivers. Z. Rzepecka, J. Kapcia, P. Fraczyk. 165-174.

Local Geodetic Tie of the Borowiec-1 SLR Station to GPS Markers. A. Samoilenko, S. Rudenko, S. Schillak. 175-?.

The Australian Surveyor


Vol.43, No.3, 1998



Developing The Profession In A Developing World. P. Dale. 149-152.

Ethics For The Global Surveying Community. G.K. Allred. 153-159.

Report On The FIG XXI General Assembly And International Congress. J. Crickmore. 160-164.

Accuracy Requirements For Rural Land Parcel Boundaries. K.M. Stock. 165-173.

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure: Current Developments. M.J.D. Brand. 174-177.

Fifty Years Ago - The Measurement Of Distance. S.E. Reilly. 181-184.

Vol.43, No.4, 1998


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