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SaLIS, Vol.66, No.3, September, 2006

Review of Recent Literature (March - September 2006)

Compiled by Mike & Mary Craymer


Editors' Note: This is a collection of selected articles on geodesy, surveying and land information systems published in English in other subject-related journals. This information has been compiled from Tables of Contents in Geodesy, a free Internet-based contents service for journals in geodesy. Because of space constraints, coverage may not be complete for all journals. For more complete coverage and information about TCG, article reprints and journal publishers, visit the TCG web site at .


Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica


Vol.41, No.1, 2006


Upward/downward continuation of gravity gradients for precise geoid determination. G. Toth, L. Foldvari, I.N. Tziavos, J. Adam. 21-30.

Physical backgrounds of Earth's rotation, revision of the terminology. L. Volgyesi. 31-44.

Period estimation and using multivariable data analysis methods in Lake Balaton time-series. J. Kovacs, Z. Koroknai, I. Futo, I. Kovacs-Szekely. 45-54.

Multiscale solution for the Molodensky problem on regular telluroidal surfaces. W. Freeden, C. Mayer. 55-86.

The solution of the 7-parameter datum transformation problem with- and without the Grobner basis. J. Zavoti, T. Jancso. 87-100.

Vol.41, No.2, 2006


Climate signals observed by VLBI. H. Schuh, N. Panafidina, J. Boehm, R. Heinkelmann. 159-170.

Comparison of CHAMP and GRACE geopotential models with terrestrial gravity field data in Hungary. G. Toth, S. Rozsa. 171-180.


ACSM Bulletin


No.220, March/April, 2006


Editorial - B-to-B and social capital. I. Genovese. 8.

1975-1981: Before the 1st ACSM reorganization. I. Genovese. 9.

NSPS—25 years. C. Sumner. 12.

ACSM, Orlando 2006. C. Campbell. 14.

Appalachian trail crossing 2005. D.L. Holland. 16.

Vanished? K. Kloor, D. Merriam. 19.

Bollard artistry. P. Dvorak. 22.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey corner. G. Kent. 23.

New Orleans levee performance assessed. J. Buhrman. 24.

Forensics in surveying. D.A. Wilson. 27.

Reliable sub-meter and up to sub-foot accuracy with Thales GPSDifferential module for Mobile-Mapper(TM) CE. R. Wick. 28.

The Transcontinental Arc: Part 2. C.A. Burroughs. 29.

The F.I.G. Report. J.D. Hohol. 35.

Humanizing computing. I. Genovese. 37.

Geodesy? What’s That? Racing against time (mid 1975-end 1976), Part 14. I.K. Fischer. 38.

What has inventory management got to do with crime prevention? S. Bridges. 49.

No.221, June, 2006


Thales Navigation works for surveyors: Interview with Robert W. Snow. 8.

NSPS provides affordable insurance. J.M. Dolan. 13.

The FIG report. J. Hohol. 16.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title corner. G. Kent. 19.

News from USNC-ICA. C. Brewer. 21.

Geodesy? What’s That? Catch 22 and a string of kudos. I.K. Fischer. 22.

Surveyors hail Senate Resolution 361. D.L. Holland. 30.

Abe Lincoln and the National Surveyors’ Week. J.R. Riney. 33.

Ballad of the Land Surveyor. C. Springfield. 34.

Ask Vic! Victor O. Schinnerer & Co. 36.

JGAC issues in Orlando, 2006. L. Socci. 38.

The Transcontinental Arc: Part 3. C.A. Burroughs. 40.

Ask Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 46.

Young, talented, and ready to make a difference: Interview with Stephanie Deitrick, Arizona State University. 50.

Academic publishing and Open Access. E. Nelson. 51.

Partners in science, technology, and public service. I. Genovese. 53.

No.222, August, 2006


Editorial: What’s in a name? I. Genovese. 6.

GLIS–GIS competition results. G. Jeffress. 8.

On the roads to America. Feature story. I. Genovese. 10.

Roadnotes: FHWA. T.R. Reid. 15.

GLO automated patents and surveys. K. Roberts. 16.

Historic trail in Maryland open to bikers again. C. Hardy. 18.

Industry notes: Topcon Positioning, The Schneider Corporation, Earth Data. 19.

Insert: Ballot nominations 2007. 20.

Trig-Star news. National Trig-Star Committee. 30.

Unfair government withholding provision fought. L. Socci. 33.

Tech notes: American Society of Safety Engineers, American Institute of Physics, Airborne 1. 34.

Ask Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 36.

News from USNC-ICA. C. Brewer. 37.

Contributors to NSPS Foundation, Inc. P. Canfield. 38.

The FIG report: Surveying and GIS—Bridging the Gap: Opening Address by Holger Magel, FIG President. 43.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title corner. G. Kent. 48.

AutoCarto 2006. A. Buckley, E. Anderson. 49.

No.223, October, 2006


Honor Roll Call: David Danko, ESRI. I. Genovese. 6.

Lobby Day 2006. I. Genovese. 8.

Curt Sumner among 25 most influential surveyors. I. Genovese. 12.

From JGAC—What have we been working on? L. Socci. 13.

FEMA reports. B. Kinerney. 14.

Historical survey records. P. Rick, J. Butterfield. 18.

City of Frederick’s special stones. S. Harding. 20.

Floodplain mapping in North Carolina. S.W. Brookhart, C. Hardy. 20.

GPS—The sky is the limit. G. Greulich, I. Genovese. 21.

Industry notes: Trimble, Magellan Navigation, Inc, Your World Games, Global Imaging Technologies. 29.

Building a comprehensive GIS database for Iraq. I. Genovese. 30.

The FIG report vol. 1, no. 5. John Hohol, ACSM-FIG Forum. 35.

GIWIS launched. K. Henton. 36.

Ask Vic! Victor O’Schinnerer & Co. 38.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title corner. G. Kent. 41.

Ask Dr. Map. Dr. Map. 45.

ACSM should have a public relations program. R.R. Randal. 48.


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