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AP Psychology Study Guide
st Semester Exam (Chapters 1, Appendix A, 11, 2, 4, 3 & 13)

Sigmund Freud
G. Stanley Hall
B.F. Skinner
Abraham Maslow
Carl Rogers
William James
Hans Berger
Carl Jung
Alfred Adler
Karen Horney
Albert Bandura
Roger Sperry
Paul Broca

Karl Wernicke
Franz Gall
Max Wertheimer

Hans Selye

Robert Ader

Terms/Concepts/Theories, etc.

Nature/Nurture Issue

1st psychology laboratory (year, location)


Psychological schools of thought or approaches


Areas of specialty in psychology

Empirical evidence

Operational definition

Descriptive Research methods

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics


Illusory correlation

Identify components of an experiment

(IV, DV, control and experimental groups,etc)

Expectancy effects

Suprachiasmatic nucleus

biological rhythms (circadian, free-running conditions, etc.)

stages of sleep (characteristics of each stage)

hypnagogic hallucinations

sleep spindles & K complexes

Theories on why we sleep

Sleep Disorders

Theories of dreaming

Brain activity during NREM & REM

Lucid dream

Latent and manifest content

Theories of hypnosis

Hidden observer

Delirium tremens

Major categories of psychoactive drugs (effects and examples of each)

Long term effects of methamphetamines

Learned helplessness

Long term potentiation

Case of H.M.

Brain structures involved in memory (how?)

Free association

Id, ego, superego

Eros, thanatos

Ego defense mechanisms

Womb envy

Unconditional positive regard

Fully functioning person


Social cognitive theory

Surface and source traits

Hans eysenck’s trait dimensions

Raymond cattell’s

Big Five


Histogram (x & y axis)

Positively & negatively skewed

Standard normal curve

Measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode)

Measures of variability (range, SD)

Z score

Positive and negative correlations

Oedipus complex

Freud’s psychosexual stages

Divisions/functions of the Nervous System

Neurotransmitter Chart (function, effects of too much, too little)

Parts of a neuron, functions

Case study on Phineas Gage

Hormones and their functions

Neurons: Resting and Action potential characteristics

Endocrine glands and their functions

Broca and Wernicke’s areas

Left and Right Hemisphere

Parts of the brain and their functions (lobes, structures,etc.)
Ways we study the brain (PET, CAT, MRI, etc)

Different cells involved in vision (ganglion, bipolar, etc)
thresholds (sensory, absolute, difference, etc)

Gestalt principles of perception (proximity, similarity,etc)

Parts/functions of the eye & ear

Route of sound and light waves

Theories on how we hear pitch

Types of deafness

Theories on how we see color

Receptor cells for all senses


Types of Monocular Cues

Binocular disparity

Types of ESP

Famous illusions

A-delta fibers vs C fibers

Mere Exposure Effect

Cognitive appraisals

Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS)

Different Types of conflicts (approach-avoidance, avoidance-avoidance, etc.)



Acculturative stress


Health psychology



How stress can affect a person (ie, indirectly, directly)

GAS (general adaptation syndrome)

Immune system

Fight-or-flight response


Type A and Type B

Optimistic and pessimistic explanatory style

Hostility and heart disease

Types of support (ie, tangible, emotional, etc)

Collectivistic vs Individualistic cultures

Different coping strategies (confrontive, problem-focused, etc)

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