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Appendix 15: Ambassadors Briefing Note

Date Notified

Feb 2009


  • Olympic Ambassadors


  • Worcestershire Olympic Ambassadors are vital to ensure the County maximises the benefits from the 2012 Games. Ambassadors can connect with key target markets in a way that is inspirational and meaningful and can play a vital role in building on the buzz created by the UK’s successful 2012 bid and by the success of Team GB in Beijing.

  • There are three levels in which ambassadors can operate:

  1. High profile figures (e.g. former and current Olympians) attending events and festivals

  2. Influential figures that can visit and talk with schools, clubs, businesses and voluntary organisations

  3. Young ambassadors that are able to connect with young people

Worcestershire’s ‘Raising Our Game’ Ambassador Programme

  • The Worcestershire Olympic Ambassador scheme will be called the Raising Our Game Olympic Ambassador Group (ROGOAG) to ensure it fits with LOCOG’s branding guidelines

  • The principle of ROGOAG is to tie in all Olympic themed work; for ROGOAG to represent the Raising Our Game logo; and to raise the profile of 2012 related activities in Worcestershire

Scope of ROGOAG

  • Appearances at events, festivals, and activities related to the Cultural Olympiad and the regional and sub-regional delivery plans

  • Some ROG ambassadors are prepared to give presentations/talks; take part in question and answer sessions; however availability is limited

Worcestershire’s Young Ambassadors

  • The Young Ambassadors are part of a national programme which aims to create a network of young people (each year) who, acting as role models, spread the Olympic and Paralympic message and ideals, increase participation and promote healthy active lifestyles among other young people

  • There will be 1,000 Young Ambassadors each year.

Scope of Young Ambassadors

  • Promoting healthier lifestyles and encouraging young people to focus on wellbeing.

  • Giving presentations in partnership schools based on Olympic and Paralympics ideals, and acting as advocates and role models to others - through assemblies, workshops and events.

  • Providing a voice for young people to build on the excitement about staging the 2012 Games.

  • Encouraging schools in their school sport partnership to organise sports festivals to share the enthusiasm for the 2012 Games.

Management of ROGAG

  • The scheme will be run through the Worcestershire and Herefordshire Olympic and Paralympic (WHOP) Group and encompass the key work areas of sport, physical activity, health, business, culture, tourism, volunteering and education

  • Requests for ROGOAG is through a short application form (contact the Worcestershire 2012 Opportunities Coordinator for details)

Management of the Young Ambassador Programme

  • Lead organisation: Youth Sport Trust
    Locally: Mike Eaglesfield, Partnership Development Manager:

Contact Details

  • Peter Turvey: Worcestershire 2012 Opportunities Coordinator:


Additional Information

Appendix 16: Pre Games Training Camps Briefing Note

Date Notified

Dec 2008


Training Camps


  • In the weeks and months leading up to the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, athletes from around the world will be training and preparing for the competition.

Worcestershire Facilities in the Official 2012 Training Camp Brochure

Worcester Warriors Rugby Club

  • Archery

University of Worcester

  • Olympic Sports: Basketball, Fencing, Table Tennis, Indoor Volleyball

  • Paralympic Sports: Boccia, Goalball, Table Tennis, Volleyball [sitting] and Wheelchair Basketball

Facilities not in the Brochure

  • Talk to the Pre Games Training Camp Manager (contact details below)

The Guide

  • The Guide to Pre Games Training Camps (PGTC) is in hard copy and web formats.

  • The on-line guide has been developed in partnership with Visit Britain so there is a cohesive link with tourism.

West Midlands Brochure

  • See ‘Final booklet’ pdf

  • PGTC booklet isn't available online, just as a PDF or hard copy

Standard Venue Agreement

Potential Benefits

  • Community Cohesion; Profile and image; Inspiration

  • Opportunity particularly in the countries whose teams are using the training camps – potential for new partnerships to be forged with the countries of visiting teams and lay the foundations for hosting future events.

Potential Costs

  • Security; cost of flying team over (if not covered by grant – see Additional Information, below), marketing costs.

Attracting Teams

  • Promotion – West Midlands Brochure (see above); Use local Olympic athletes to promote facilities; Use high profile local events as a way of meeting key people from potential training camp country’s

  • A key factor is existing relationships in potential training camp countries; making the most of the local political, sporting or business links is vital

  • Addressing common concerns: Common questions are “Why do you want to hold a training camp?”; “What can we provide?”; “What are your facilities and when can we use them?”; “When is the £25k available?”

  • Logistics: Travel to and from London is a big consideration for Nations considering UK based training camps


Key Contacts

  • Helen Skinner, LOCOG, Pre Games Training Camp Manager -

  • Peter Turvey, Worcestershire 2012 Opportunities Coordinator:


  • A training camp is for up to 2 – 3 years prior to the games.

  • A holding camp will be for 2 – 3 weeks prior to the Games

Key areas of consideration

  • Transport; Disability access; Security; Visa’s; Venue agreement; Branding regulations

Best Practice

Games-time Training Venues

Additional Information

  • The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is able to offer a financial award of up to £25,000 to NOCs/NPCs to help encourage teams to base themselves in the UK.

  • Teams will probably not start selecting and deciding on sites until 2010

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