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65nd Annual Meeting

Pacific Coast College Health Association

In Collaboration with ACHA - Las Vegas

Executive Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 29, 2001, Las Vegas Hilton- Las Vegas, Nevada


1. Call to order by President Jenny Attanasio (USC)

Introduction of Executive Committee and guests

President's Report

2. Approval of PCCHA minutes from the:

PCCHA Annual Meeting:

Executive Committee meeting – October 19, 2000 Portland, OR

Association luncheon meeting – October 22, 2000, Portland, OR

Conference call - April 26, 2001

3. Treasurer 's Report – Cynthia Lacuesta Llanes (San Jose State University)

Finance Committee Report

Presentation of the 2000 Budget

  1. ACHA/PCCHA Regional Rep Report - Gary Fredericksen (Cal Poly Pomona)

  1. How we can use the PCCHA bulletin board on the new ACHA web page

  2. ACHA board meeting Report

  3. Sponsorship Issues

5. ACHA/PCCHA Student Regional Representative Report - Sara Poynter (University of Oregon)

6. Committee Reports:

  • Nominating Committee – Beth Applebee (Northern Arizona University)

  • ACHA Nominating Committee – Gary Fredericksen (Cal Poly, Pomona)

  • Ruby Rich Burgar Committee – Cathy DeFrancesco (USC)

  • Golden Gull Awards Committee - Daisye Orr (USC)

  • Research & Grants Committee - Jim Grizzell (Cal Poly, Pomona)

  • Membership Committee – Paul Myers (Univ of Portland) report to be given by Jen Attanasio (USC) and Tom Jacobsen (ASU)

  • By Laws Committee – report to be given by Jen

7. Conference Reports:

  • 1999 San Jose Annual Meeting Tax Rebate - Tom Jacobsen (ASU)

  • 2000 Portland Annual Meeting - Sandy Franz (Portland State University)

  • 2001 Collaborative Meeting with ACHA - Jen Attanasio (Las Vegas)

  • 2002 Long Beach Annual Meeting - Jen Attanasio (USC)

  • 2003 Phoenix Annual Meeting - Harry McDermott (University of Arizona)

  • 2004 Idaho, Reno, Washington??

8. Old Business:

9. New Business:

  • Mary Lou Holland Student Award

  • Organizational Leadership

10. Other

11. Adjournment

Pacific Coast College Health Association

Executive Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm. by President, Jenny Attanasio (University of Southern California). Committee members were introduced (see Attendance Sheet, Attachment 1).

2. Approval of PCCHA minutes from previous meetings:

Executive Committee Meeting, October 19, 2000, Portland: minutes unanimously approved.

Executive Committee Meeting, October 22, 2000, Portland: minutes unanimously approved.

Executive Committee Conference Call, April 26, 2000: minutes unanimously approved.

3. Report on Annual Meeting, Portland, October 19 – 22, 2000: Sandy Franz (Portland State University).

Meeting was very successful. Sandy has developed a binder including “tips for meeting planning”; Jenny will keep the binder for planning the Long Beach meeting. Presented Registration and Budget Report (Attachment 2). Noted the following:

Registration: There was a higher percentage of partial registrations (eg single or two-day) than in some previous years. Recommend setting single or two-day registration at higher rates; Gary noted we might set a policy that sets a single-day registration at half of the total registration to encourage full registration.

Revenue: Discussed reasons for significant revenue generated by the meeting ($34,118.54): cost-cutting (eg. single-color brochures); donations (eg. insurance-company sponsored reception); saving on continental breakfast costs (breakfast included in hotel registration); donation of time and expense by cosponsoring campuses (eg. mailings); and running the CE program through the University rather than ACHA.

Comments from Executive Committee:

  • Concern that money be used wisely; membership appreciate it when meeting costs are kept as low as possible; perhaps consider eliminating continental breakfasts, or selecting hotels (where available) that include breakfast with hotel registration.

  • Tom commended Sandy and her program planning team; Sandy left meeting.

4. Treasurer’s Report: Cynthia Llanes (San Jose State University).

Noted that she is the outgoing treasurer; this will be her last meeting. Nancy MacPherson will take over Treasurer duties as of this meeting. Cynthia reviewed the Financial Report (Attachment 3).

  • Cash balance 2001=$58,897.76; estimated cash balance 2002=$80,415. It was noted that this balance does not jeopardize PCCHA’s 501(c)3 status.

  • Accounts at Bank of America: balances do earn small amount of interest. Gary Fredericksen had inquired about linking to ACHA’s investment strategy, but the amount in our balance makes this impractical.

  • Has mailed and handed over records to Nancy.

Motion to approve Financial Report. M/S/P

5. ACHA/PCCHA Regional Representative Report -- Gary Fredericksen (Cal Poly Pomona).

New ACHA website has multiple features for “members only”, including membership searches, blanket emails, and bulletin boards for regions/affiliates. Recommended that the Executive Committee take leadership in investigating and making use of these tools. Concern was raised about who has access to members-only sections. Especially concerned about student access, and importance of having website features that appeal to students who may not be individual or institutional members. Sarah agreed to raise this issue at the Student/Consumer Section meeting; Daisye offered to provide assistance.

National College Health Assessment (NCHA) preliminary data released to Board; exciting potential though there are challenges with the collection and analysis.

Position on Over-the Counter Emergency Contraception availability and on the IATF alcohol proposal related to the use of the term “binge drinking”: For various reasons the Board declined to take an official position on either of these issues.

Gary noted that he has been pleased to represent the region on the ACHA Board, and that Beth Appleby will assume the role at the Board meeting on Friday. Jenny thanked Gary for his service in this function.

6. ACHA/PCCHA Student Representative – Sarah Poynter (University of Oregon).

Noted difficulties in connecting with students prior to the Annual Meeting; plan to use current attendees as contact people for next year; identify campus staff contacts for continuity. Student meeting for Wednesday will include developing the Mary Lou Holland award criteria; identifying ways to encourage student participation and accountability for conference events; and electing the new student representative. Discussion of how staff can help to recruit, inform, and support our students to attend the annual meeting. Suggestions included: assigning a Board Member to be a student advocate (noted this is in VP role); suggested that this be discussed further at student meeting.

7. Committee Reports

  • Nominating Committee – Beth Appleby. No action.

  • ACHA Nominating Committee – Gary Fredericksen. No action

  • Ruby Rich Burger Award – Cathy DeFrancesco (USC) not present; Jenny reported that Bill Waid will be presented with this award at the Awards Luncheon.

  • Golden Gull Awards – Daisye Orr (USC). Recipients were announced at the April 26, 2000 Conference Call. Showed plaque that recipients will receive. ACHA and other affiliates have expressed their interest in this approach that recognizes programs/services rather than individuals. Acknowledged the role of Gary, Beth, and Lori Winchell in creating this project. Beth noted Daisye’s role in actually launching, and making real, a project that had been discussed for some time.

  • Research and Grants Committee – Jim Grizzell (Cal Poly Pomona). Presented Committee Report (Attachment 4). Committee Provided updates on last year’s awardees: Loyola Marymount’s 21st Birthday Card program is ongoing; University of Arizona’s Social Norms and Smoking program is being presented here at a poster session. This year, the committee selected U of A; no other proposal received enough support to merit an award this year. The remaining grant money, as well as the $2000 from Bill Waid’s declined Executive Director honorarium, will be used for next year’s award process. Have invited Melissa McGee (University of Arizona) to join the Committee.

Motion to accept Research and Grants Committee Report. M/S/P.

Discussed ways to encourage campuses to submit high-quality proposals: publish current winners as models, Jim and committee could do a proposal-writing workshop at the next annual meeting; we could encourage campuses to use the committee as consultants in preparing proposals.

  • Membership Committee – Jenny announced that Paul Myers (University of Portland) has resigned his chairship; Tom volunteered to accept the temporary appointment while a new chair is identified. Distributed spreadsheet of institutional members, noting that 70 are currently paid, and 75 not currently paid. Suggested that personalized follow-up from Committee might encourage more paid members. The list was divided among those present to make phone calls (see Attachment 5).

  • By Laws Committee – Jenny noted that Joyce Harris (CSU Sacramento) was previous chair; no new chair has been selected. Primary work of the committee has been to excise Executive Director language from the by-laws (Attachment 6), and to distribute ED tasks to the Executive Committee, as described in the Officer Positions and Responsibilities (Attachment 7). Committee asked to review drafts; will be distributed to membership soon for their review and approval.

8. Conference Reports

  • 1999 – San Jose: Tom reported on the effort to recoup sales taxes paid to hotel; was successful at obtaining full California tax-exempt status, but since this post-dated the San Jose conference, the hotel refused to rebate the sales tax collected. Noted that this will benefit the Long Beach 2002 meeting.

  • 2000 - Portland: Previously discussed in earlier part of meeting.

  • 2001 – ACHA/PCCHA Joint Meeting, Las Vegas. Jenny requested that we convey our appreciation to Doyle Randol and Jackie Ayers for their support in planning and implementing this joint meeting. Noted that PCCHA is hosting the Diversity Reception and co-sponsoring the Saturday morning session. Clarified the negotiated agreement with ACHA regarding capitation for PCCHA enrollees at this meeting: PCCHA will receive $25/enrollee to a maximum of $2,500.

  • 2002 – University of Southern California, (Jenny Attanasio). Discussed hotel sites in Long Beach; committee stated a general preference for the Westin due to its more central location.

  • 2003 – University of Arizona, Tucson – Beth Applebee. Will be discussed at Friday business lunch.

  • 2004 – Seeking a location.

9. Old Business: none.

10. New Business – Jenny spoke to the following topics:

  • MLH Student Award: will be discussed at Student Meeting.

  • Organizational Leadership: How to mentor and foster leadership in PCCHA. Issues included:

  • Many of those present were recruited by our directors; have noticed that Director-level participation in PCCHA has waned. We as current leaders need to get our staffs involved.

  • High turnover at the director/VP level makes it difficult for higher-level administrators to participate.

  • How to support and mentor new members at annual meetings.

  • Use member-at-large/committee chair positions to “work people in” to officer positions.

  • Mentorship needs to come from all of us, not just directors.

  • Use award/grant recipients as pool for leadership.

  • Follow up on job announcements/new hires to recruit members.

  • Emphasize this issue at Long Beach meeting.

Jenny requested that we send ideas for leadership recruitment to her.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm.

Minutes submitted by Cathy Kodama, Secretary.

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