William married castleman. Born in 1735 in Scotland

НазваWilliam married castleman. Born in 1735 in Scotland
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Register Report

First Generation


1. William REDMON. Born in 1735 in Scotland.

William married CASTLEMAN. Born in 1735 in Scotland.

They had the following children:

2 i. George (1755-1790)

3 ii. William (1759-1822)

iii. John. Born in 1759 in Pennsylvania.

iv. Charles. Born in 1761 in Pennsylvania.

Second Generation


Family of William REDMON (1) & CASTLEMAN

2. George REDMON. Born in 1755 in Pennsylvania. George died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1790; he was 35.

Article in the Kentucky Citizen, Aug. 1, 1928


We are indebted to Mrs. John J. Redmon for a copy of of the will of her ancestor, George Redmon, dated December 31, 1789, which because of its quaint wording, its usual bequests, and the type of that day--long S's, etc.-will be of interest to those who enjoy reading of the early history of the community.

In the name of God Amen, I George Redmon, of the county of Bourbon and district of Kentucky, being thro the abundant mercy and goodness of God, tho weak in body yet of a perfect and sound understanding and memory, do constitute this my last will and testament and desire it to be received by all as such.

I most humbly bequeath my soul to God my maker, and my body to the earth. As to my worldly affairs, I bequeath in the form and manner following to my brother-in-law, William Bruce. I give seventy acres of land beginning at South Eastwardly corner of the survey I now live on running thence with the line of the (said) survey to corner of John McCandless's field, from thence at right angle for

As for my dear and loving wife, Nancy while continuing my widow, the third part of all my movable estate ard lands, the land, if she should marry, to fall to the children; her saddle and silver shoebuckles, her own property, but not to be given out of the family from her to her daughter, Elizabeth. My own silver shoe buckles I give to my son, Thomas, and not to go out of the family, and as to the remaining part of my estate, I desire that It shall be equally divided among my nine children, Thomas, Charles, George, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Sarah, and John, and if ever a silent not yet born, have an equal part with the nine children named and all money due to my estate by bonds or notes to fall into the hands of the executor, and to be laid out in the purchase of lands for the before named equally shared. And as to my burial, I desire to be buried on the top of the hill near thepeach nursery in a Christian like manner without pomp or (Here the paper is so worn that the writing is illegible).

The estate is to remain in the hands of the executors.

I desire that my son Thomas go three years to Lewis Castleman to learn his trade to serve from the age of eighteen till twenty-one, and my son Charles after him when he arrives at like age--and I appoint my wife Nancy, and brother William Redmon, executrix and executor, to see my will performed, and my son Thomas, to be one of the executors, as soon as he is of age.

N.B. I desire two rifle guns, now my property, with the accounterments belonging to them, to be sold at nine month's credit, the purchaser to give bond security.

Given uner my hand and seal this 31st day of December, in the year of A.D. 1789.


Witness Present:

John Cook, Jun.

Samuel Cook,

Martha (x her mark) Redmon.

This will and testament of George Redmon, deceased, was proved in court by the oath of John Cook and Samuel Cook, witness thereto and Ordered recorded.


John Edwards, Clerk,

A copy A.W.

Theo P. Smith, D.C.B.C.

According to data furnished by Jason A. Redmon, of Bourbon county

George Redmon and his brother, William Redmon, came to Bourbon county in 1786 from some place north of Pittsburg, Pa. George settled in Bourbon on the Redmon pike, and William at the mouth of Flat Run, near Stoner creek.

William's wife was Martha Flowers and could 'nt write her name. It seems they left here by 1780.

George Redmon's wife was Nancy Bruce. George was a veteran of the American revolution and took land on script for his services. However, his service record has not been established. Government army records of that time are incomplete.

George and Nancy Bruce Redmon were the parents of nine children who were Thomas Redmon, born _ ; Charles Redmon, born 1779; George Redmon, born 1780; William Redmon, born 1781; Elizabeth Redmon (who married Cochran), born 1783; Polly or Mary Redmon (who married Browning), born 1785; Sallie and Margaret Redmon (Sallie married McCoy; Margaret married Duncan), born 1787; John Redmon born 1789, who married Sarah Hayes of Maryland.

REDMON, GEORGE-A, 35-Bro.-in-law, William Bruce; wife, Nancy; daus., Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Sarah; sons, Thos., Chas., George Wm. and John. 9 chdn. Dec. 31, 1789-Nov. 1796, John Cook, Samuel Cook, Martha Redman, Wts. "If a silent yet unborn." Bro., Wm. Redman, Extr. [1]

George married Nancy BRUCE, daughter of William BRUCE & Hannah MORGAN. Born circa 1755 in Pennsylvania. Nancy died in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1796; she was 41.

They had the following children:

4 i. Thomas (<1775-1824)

5 ii. Charles (1779-1851)

6 iii. William T. (~1781-1864)

7 iv. George (1781-1844)

v. Elizabeth. Born about 1783 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth married Peter COCHRAN.

vi. Mary "Polly". Born circa 1785 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Mary "Polly" married BROWNING.

8 vii. John W. (1785-1851)

9 viii. Sallie (ca1786-)

10 ix. Margaret (~1787-1869)

3. William REDMON. Born in 1759 in Pennsylvania. William died in Clark County, Kentucky on September 15, 1822; he was 63.

Came to Kentucky with brother George about 1784-86 and settled on Flat Creek. About 1796 William sold his land in Bourbon County and relocated on a farm just northeast of present day Winchester in Clark County. He is listed in the 1810 census for Clark County with a family of 8 and 8 slaves. [2]

On February 22, 1780 when William was 21, he married Martha Patsie JEWELL, in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

They had the following children:

11 i. Mary “Polly” (1781-1838)

ii. Margaret “Peggy”. Born on July 20, 1782. Margaret “Peggy” died in Clark County, Kentucky in September 1861; she was 79.

iii. Sarah “Sallie”. Born on April 10, 1784 in Clark County, Kentucky. Sarah “Sallie” died in Missouri.

iv. Martha Patsy. Born on September 16, 1785.

v. George W. Born on September 24, 1788 in Kentucky. George W. died in Clark County, Kentucky in 1833; he was 44.

vi. Thomas. Born on October 20, 1790. Thomas died about 1812; he was 21. Buried in War Of 1812.

A Thomas Redman served as a private in Captain Wiley R. Brassfield's Company in Lewis' Regiment

of Kentucky Volunteers; on August 15, 1812, he enlisted for two months. (Report of the Adjutant

General of the State of Kentucky, Soldiers of the War of 1812, p. 113) [2]

vii. William Thorne. Born on February 20, 1793 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. William Thorne died in Montgomery County, Kentucky on February 11, 1874; he was 80.

viii. Robert. Born on October 20, 1794 in Clark County, Kentucky. Robert died in Kentucky on May 6, 1868; he was 73.

ix. Nancy Ann. Born on April 25, 1797 in Clark County, Kentucky. Nancy Ann died in Clark County, Kentucky in 1800; she was 2.

x. John W. Born on November 8, 1799. John W. died in Clark County, Kentucky on February 2, 1874; he was 74.

xi. Squire Jewell. Born on January 30, 1803. Squire Jewell died in Boone County, Missouri in 1832; he was 28.

Third Generation


Family of George REDMON (2) & Nancy BRUCE

4. Thomas REDMON. Born before 1775. Thomas died in Harrison County, Kentucky in May 1824; he was 49.

Notes for Thomas REDMON: [3]

George Redmon, Sr., will of 1790 mentioned his "desire that my son Thomas go three years to Lewis Castleman to learn his trade, to serve from the age of eighteen till twenty-one."

Thomas is on the Bourbon Co tax list for 1800; in the Harrison Co census for 18 10 he is listed with 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45 (Thomas), 4 females under 10, 1 female 26-45 [Nancy].

Marriage to Nancy Flowers on October 16, 1798, is in Bourbon Co Marriages. (Bourbon Co Marriage Register gives date as March 17, 1798, by Rev. M. Hitt) There is an earlier marriage listed for Thomas Redman, to Peggy Gordan on March 11, 1793; may be Thornas' first marriage.

Thomas left a will in Harrison Co [Will Book B, p. 192], signed April 29, 1824, probated May 1824. Thomas Redmon being in a low state of health.

Two children, Elvina Abigail and Thursy Jane, children born of Mrs. Jane Hurley, a tract of land known by the name of the "Boyd Farm" which I purchased of Samuel Dilse, containing 24 1/4 acres. My brother John Redman is to be the guardian of my two children.

All the rest of my land is to be sold and all my slaves are to be sold.

To my lawful children, John Redman, Elizabeth Johnson, Matilda Redman, Sally Redman, Rhoda Redman, George W. Redman, Nancy Redman, Wesley W. Redman and Polly Ann Redman. Wife Nancy.

Executors, my two brothers, George and William Redman. Witnesses, Joel C. Frazer and John Frazer. [From Abstracts of the Court Records of Grant, Harrison and Pendleton Counties, Vol. 1, pp. 120-21]

Settlement of Thomas Redmon's estate on March 20, 1835 [Record Book E, p. 528]. Executor Charles Redman. Mentions

--the widow

--a legacy paid to the children of Mrs. Hurley

--John Redman's receipt

--money advanced by the testator to Elijah Johnson

--the shares in the estate of Westly and Sarah

--money paid for making Westly's clothes

--money paid for recording Sarah's inquest

--the money balance of Westly and Sally's estate for distribution (they appear to be deceased heirs) Notes that their estate was divided into 7 portions, to John Redman, to William Johnson and wife Elizabeth, to Robert Rankin and wife Matilda, to Will Shawhan and wife Rody, to George W. Redman, to Nancy Redman. [From Abstracts of the Court Records of Grant, Harrison and Pendleton Counties, Vol. 3, p. 54]

On October 14, 1798 when Thomas was 23, he married Nancy FLOWER, daughter of Thomas FLOWER (~1735-) & Prudence PUSEY, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born circa 1775 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

12 i. John (1797-1865)

ii. Elizabeth. Born circa 1800 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

On April 19, 1821 when Elizabeth was 21, she married William JOHNSON, in Harrison County, Kentucky. Born circa 1800 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

iii. Matilda. Born circa 1802 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

On February 22, 1825 when Matilda was 23, she married Robert RANKIN, in Harrison County, Kentucky.

iv. Sally. Born circa 1804 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Sally died before 1835; she was 31.

13 v. Rhoda "Rhody" (~1806-1834)

14 vi. George Washington (ca1807->1870)

15 vii. Nancy (1810-1893)

viii. Wesley W. Born circa 1812 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Wesley W. died before 1835; he was 23.

ix. Polly Ann (Mary). Born circa 1814 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

5. Charles REDMON. Born on December 10, 1779 in Pennsylvania. Charles died in Harrison County, Kentucky in 1851; he was 71.

Notes for CHARLES REDMON: [4]

(Charles] was born above Pittsburg in 1779, and emigrated with his parents to Bourbon County, and learned the saddlers trade at Millersburg. Settled off South Fork of the Licking, and afterward moved to the farm, one and a half miles from Cynthiana, where he died. His wife was a native of Lexington, born about 1782, and died in 1856. They were the parents of eight children.

[Charles] was a native of Pennsylvania, and brought to Bourbon County, Ky., by his parents when he was quite young, and settled on the place known now as Flat Run. He remained with his parents to the age of twenty-one, when he removed to Cincinnati and engaged in the saddler's business, which he followed for three years, at the expiration of that time, he returned to Kentucky, settling in Harrison County, on a farm one and a half miles from. Cynthiana, having 900 acres of land. He was born in 1787, and died in 185 1. His wife was born in Lexington , Ky., and with her parents settled on Flat Run, Bourbon County. She died in 1856, aged seventy-two years. They were the parents of twelve children, eight of whom living to the age of maturity. [Perrin, p. 677]

George Redmon, Sr., will of 1790 mentioned that he desired his son Charles to apprentice to Lewis Castleman "when he arrives at age" (i.e., 18). In the Harrison Co census for 1810 where Charles is listed with I male 10- 16, 1 male over 45 (Charles), 2 females 10- 16, 1 female 26-45 [Mary]. In April 1816 Charles Redmon and others appointed by the county court to "lay off the north end of the public ground [in Cynthiana] into city lots for sale" to raise money for building a courthouse. [Perrin, p. 252]

Charles left a will in Harrison Co [Will Book F, p. 3711, written May 18, 185 1, probated June 24, 185 1.

Leaves the following:

Son William, 131 or 132 acres

Son George, 112 acres

Son John, 100 acres

Son Hope, 130 acres, plus my dwelling house and barn

Wife (not named), slaves Press, Nan, Annas, Brit and the children of Annas and Brit

Daughter Sally, slaves Frank, Mary and Mariah, plus 130 acres "if she should marry"

Daughter Minerva, 2 Negro girls, Charlot and Betty, to Charles and William the sons of my daughter


Daughter Margaret, 3 Negroes Mary, Jane and Henry

Daughter Elizabeth, a Negro girl and a boy Peter

Executors, son William and James R. Curry

Witnesses, J.L. Frazer and James Browning [From Abstracts of the Court Records of Grant, Harrison and

Pendleton Counties, Vol. 1, p. 233]

Settlement of Charles' estate on October 23, 1851 (Record Book G, p. 248).

Lands are divided among John Redmon, George Redmon and Sally Ann Redmon. [From Abstracts of the

Court Records of Grant, Harrison and Pendleton Counties, Vol. 3]

Charles married Mary RYBOLT. Born on March 6, 1785 in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. Mary died on January 6, 1856; she was 70.

They had the following children:

16 i. William Temple (1805-<1897)

17 ii. Minerva (1807-1890)

18 iii. Margaret (1810-1857)

19 iv. George (1816->1882)

20 v. John (1818-)

21 vi. Elizabeth "Betsey" (1819-1906)

22 vii. Charles Hope (~1825-1898)

viii. Sarah Ann. Born about 1829 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

On June 22, 1852 when Sarah Ann was 23, she married Washington BRUCE, in Harrison County, Kentucky. [5]

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