Hanoi World Bank office

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Hanoi World Bank office

Address: 8th floor, 63 Ly Thai To Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone number: 84-4-39346600

Fax number: 84-4-39346597

In case of emergency, please contact the following persons:

  1. Vu Tran Phuong Anh – Admin Officer Cell phone: 09034 82535

  2. Trinh Quang Vinh – HR Officer Cell phone: 09132 05311

Additional Emergency Contacts:

  1. Victoria Kwakwa Cell phone: 09034 24755

Country Director Home phone: 84-4-37198877

Email: vkwakwa@worldbank.org

  1. Alain A. Barbu Cell phone: 09034 30165

Portfolio & Operations Manager Email: abarbu@worlbank.org

  1. Le Minh Phuong Cell phone: 09135 28484

Executive Assistant Home phone: 84-4-3628 4200

Email: ple@worldbank.org

  1. Le Thi Khanh Linh Cell phone: 09034 86165

Visiting Mission Unit Home phone: 84-4- 3822 6145

Email: kle1@worldbank.org

Hospital and SOS contacts:

Hanoi French Hospital 84-4-35771100

Int’l SOS Hanoi 84-4-39340555

Int’l SOS HCMC 84-8-38298520

Police 113

Ambulance 115

World Bank HQ Emergency 202 458 8888

Travel Desk (office hour) 84-4-39346600, ext. 377

Travel Desk Emergency contact 09823 43799

Travel documents

  1. Your visa has been issued by the Protocol Department and has the same validity with residential permit. Please check your visa status one month before travelling to make sure its validity for coming back. The Admin unit will help to extend your visa base on your spouse’s assignment.

  1. In case your visa expires when you come back, please contact urgently with Ms. Khanh Linh (VMU). She will help you to get visa on the way of your travel or get landing visa.

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