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Checklist for member-applicant FBI check

  • This process is for member-applicants only.

  • Covered staff must use the process laid out in the checklist for covered staff FBI Check.

  • WSC will only pay for one FBI check per position so we recommend that you only initiate this check when you are sure that a viable candidate will begin service with your project.

  • The process will take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, so plan accordingly to have results ready to send to WSC with the enrollment packet.

Member-applicant to register and get fingerprinted:

  • Provide the “Member-applicant Instructions to get Fingerprinted for the FBI Check” to the member when you are sure they are the applicant you have selected for the position.

  • Verify that the applicant understands the instructions.

  • Make sure your organization name (service site name) is typed or written in the appropriate blank on the member instructions so the applicant knows what to enter when they complete the online registration.

  • Make sure the applicant knows how soon you need the results and how to get them to you.

  • Provide applicant with the Fieldprint code that was given to you by your WSC Program Coordinator

Review and complete required actions:

  • Verify the name on the result is the applicant that you sent to get the FBI check.

  • Look at the date the check was ran to make sure the check was done after they applied to the AmeriCorps position.

  • If the results say “No Prior Arrest” the check is complete and should be sent to WSC with enrollment paperwork.

  • If there are any convictions in the results, verify that none of them are disqualifying, including a murder conviction as defined and described in 18 U.S.C. 1111; or anything that should require someone to be listed on a sex offender registry.

  • Send in the original document to WSC with enrollment forms.

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