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Hello Swimmers & Families

On Behalf of the Sale Swimming Club I would like to wish Jake Hutchins, who is travelling this week to Sydney to represent Victoria at the School Sport Australia Swimming Championships, all the very best!! Jake is competing in the 10 years 50m Butterfly and freestyle and medley relays. We hope you have fun and enjoy the experience.

Presidents Update

Dear Swimmers and Parents

Welcome to the second edition of the Presidents Update.

We are now well into our season and fast approaching the Short Course Country Championships.  We have many swimmers in the club who have qualifying times and look forward to announcing the team next week.

I would like to thank all swimmers and parents for making the Friday night race nights such a success.  The second time trial has now been swum and many of the swimmers through their hard work at training have made improvements in their times. 

The club currently has 49 registered swimmers and is looking like we will reach and pass the number of registered swimmers from last year.

With some new coaching faces appearing on pool deck, it is great to see how welcoming everyone has been.  Nic Bennett and Elliott Shaw have been helping out whilst Donna has been overseas gaining international experience. We look forward to them also continuing on with the coaching team.   Speaking of international, we have had the pleasure of having an International coach from Beijing, Tomi with us for the last four weeks.  The squads who trained with Tomi had a fantastic time.  We look forward to having Tomi back at some time in the future.

Further on the coaching front, it is with much excitement that we officially welcome Rob Moore back to the club.  Rob attended the Friday night race night, caught up with some old friends and met some new coaches and swimmers. 

Rob is looking forward to working with all the coaches and squads over the coming weeks to assess where everyone is at and provide guidance and assistance. 

Thanks very much to Chris Colley in getting the new club website up and running.  The website looks fantastic and is continually being updated.

The Inaugural Captains Choice night is being held tomorrow night, with Mel, Jo, Josh and Lachlan having organised an action packed night. 

Our first swim meet, the Oil City Christopher Hirth Memorial swim meet was postponed from the 1st July 2012 due to insufficient officials being available to make the meet a qualifying meet.  This meet is now scheduled for the 5th August 2012 with officials booked, this is now a qualifying meet.  All we need now is as many of our registered swimmers to attend and support this meet.

And remember:

When the earth floods from global warming, the swimmers will rule the world.


Brendan Shepherd


Sale Swimming Club Inc.


For those swimmers aiming at swimming at the Victorian Short Course Country Championships, Wangaratta, held in August, online entries close this coming Monday, 30th July, 2012.


Could you please email Chris Haylock ASAP if you intend on attending Vic Short Course Countries in Wangaratta as I need numbers of who is going by Tuesday 31st July.

My email address is: dachri@acsvic.com.au


Upcoming Events and Reminders:


Could all swimmers, if you haven’t already done so, please Register on the Swimming Victoria website for the Season as this is required for insurance and competition purposes. If you are not registered you are unable to train or attend gym sessions.

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