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Board Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2012

Voting Members

Officers CLA Directors

Janette L’Heureux, President

Beth Barger, Workforce Readiness Director

Sandy Vokoun, Treasurer

Mary Kohlasch, College Relations Director

Tom Jobin, VP Membership

Anna Evans, Foundation Director

Karen Jaye, President Elect

Victoria Ramina, Diversity Director

Sandie Peterson, Past President & Ambassador

Suzanne Boy, Legislative Director

Jaime Maurer, VP Programs

Nancy Korista, Certification Director

Marianne Davis, Secretary

Non Voting Members

Committee Chairs / Leadership Areas

Judy Marcucci, Scholarship

Molly Grubbs, Marketing

Rhiannon Silvashy, Sponsorship

Sandy Iding, Volunteer Coordinator

Meeting was called to order by President, Janette L’Heureux at 8:00 a.m. with the following in attendance:

Janette L’Heureux

Beth Barger

Judy Marcucci

Sandy Vokoun

Mary Kohlasch

Molly Grubbs

Tom Jobin

Anna Evans

Rhiannon Silvashy

Marianne Davis

Victoria Ramina

Nancy Korista

Sandie Peterson

Suzanne Boy


Karen Jaye

Jaime Maurer

Confirmation of Quorum: Nine of 13 voting members present at 8:00 a.m.. Quorum confirmed.

February Meeting Minutes were reviewed.

  • Motion to approve February 7, 2012 board meeting minutes as submitted was made by Anna Evans, second by Sandie Peterson. Discussion: Take “e” off spelling of Laura Rhoad’s last name. Call for Vote: All in favor. Motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed.

  • Motion to approve the February, 2012 Treasurer’s Report made by Marianne Davis, second by Beth Barger. No Discussion. Call for Vote: All in favor. Motion carried.


Pinnacle Award Project – T.A.R.G.E.T. Janette L’Heureux

Tutoring and Removing Gaps in Education for Tomorrow: HRMA fundraising initiative. This initiative is to fund the tutorial education of our community’s homeless children and provide them with an opportunity to pass the FCAT. Janette handed out a brochure she drafted to be used for this fundraising initiative. The cost of production of this brochure will be donated/underwritten by Leading Edge. The Lee County Schools representative, Mattie, will be submitting our proposal to the school board for approval. Once approved, we can begin the fundraising and put it on our website. We will need to begin sending funds raised to the school system’s FCAT tutoring coordinator by August. Hopefully we can launch the T.A.R.G.E.T. initiative at next month’s luncheon meeting with a power point presentation. Discussion held regarding trying to get local businesses to donate as well. Donors will be recognized on our website and with a thank you letter. Beth Barger will advertise the initiative at the Horizon Council and Molly Grubbs will see if ASTD would like to take part with us.

Day on the Hill Report Suzanne Boy

Suzanne will put together a summary of this event for publication on the Chapter website. She reported that it was very fascinating. The legislature is opposing 3 key legislative initiatives dealing with: background checks, mandatory E-Verify, and adding “unemployed” as a protected class for discrimination. Highlights in the FY 2013 budget include: misclassification of employees, Wage & Hour enforcement of FLSA ($6 million), and $5 million to promote states to require employers provide paid (sick) leave.

ASTD/HRMA SWFL Networking Events & Credits

Karen Jaye is working on this project.

2011 Taxes

Treasurer, Sandy Vokoun, is working on getting the financial records to Sandie Peterson for the accountant(s) to file our taxes.

Tri-County Conference (5/18/12 at Crowne Plaza) Janette L’Heureux

Need More Sponsors!

Registration is now open and on the website. Registration and payment* can be done on line, plus the registration form can be printed out. *HRMA has set up a separate Pay Pal account just for this event so these funds are not co-mingled with the Chapter’s funds.

HR FL State Conference Sandie Peterson

HRMA purchased and sold 10 bulk registration tickets. The goal this year is to have 33 HRMA member paid attendees at the conference (excluding those HRMA officers that HR FL pays the cost for). Last year the goal was 31. To date, 12 HRMA members have registered. It was suggested that board members who attended last year’s state conference for the first time speak about the value of attending at the monthly luncheon meetings. Marianne Davis volunteered to speak at this month’s meeting and Victoria Ramina will speak at the April meeting.

Volunteer Update Sandy Iding

Needs assistance from the board on elaboration of areas on the volunteering list generated so she can match volunteers to committees. Sandy has the following lined up:

  • 2 volunteers to assist with the luncheon meeting Sign In & Scholarship 50/50.

  • 1 volunteer to make a presentation to a student chapter

  • 1 volunteer for mock interviews for students

Sandy will refer the volunteers to the appropriate committee chairperson.


Evaluate the D&O Insurance Anna Evans/Janette L’Heureux

Janet Moore at Lykes Insurance has handled this annual evaluation at no cost and Anna confirmed that she will do so again this year.

March Membership Meeting – Networking (KJ ideas)

This month’s President’s letter is about networking. Question: can we do something to promote networking at the monthly meetings? Suggestion adopted: Have attendees put their business card in a basket and when they leave at the end of the meeting everyone picks a card. They will then contact that person before the next meeting and share with each other. This will be announced at the March meeting.


President Elect (Karen Jaye): Absent

Past President (Sandie Peterson): Covered above.

VP Membership (Tom Jobin): This is the final month for renewals and to date 50 have not renewed. Tom will send the list to the board. If you know someone on the list, contact them about renewal and send feedback to Tom. Question was raised about membership cost for students. Clarified: new students who are SHRM members = $30 HRMA membership fee; if they are not SHRM member = $60 membership fee.

Nine (9) New Membership Applications Presentedall are SHRM members:

  1. Elizabeth Covelesky, Gartner, Fort Myers: Professional membership

  2. Lindsey Gardner of Service Provider Group, Naples: Professional membership

  3. Kristine Graham, Arcpoint Labs of SW FL, Fort Myers: Associate membership

  4. Sherry Mlagan-Hernandez, Gartner, Fort Myers: Professional membership

  5. Marion Osborne, Lee County Board of County Commissioners, Ft Myers: Professional membership

  6. Cristy Valentine, Service Provider Group, Cape Coral: Professional membership

  7. Melanie Yomes, Lee County Board of County Commissioners, Ft Myers: Professional membership

  8. Sasela Gravedoni, Cape Coral Eye Center, Cape Coral: Professional membership

  9. Sharon Shea, HR Generalist, Professional Membership

  • Motion to approve membership applications presented was made by Beth Barger, second by Anna Evans. No Discussion. Call for Vote: All in favor. Motion carried.

VP Programs (Jaime Maurer): Absent

Sponsorship (Rhiannon Silvashy):

Edison State College is sponsor for the March luncheon meeting.

Looking for sponsors for June, September, October, November and December.

Marketing (Molly Grubbs):

70 Twitter followers and Linked In has 343 followers.

Will post new members on website each month.

HR Florida Review link added to website.

Dress For Success:

March 28th – Hollywood Black & White Night fundraiser to support Programs

Starting some new programs – customer service training & Next Steps

This led to discussion of who to support with the Chapter’s annual philanthropy donation(s) with the following results:

  • Motion to donate $500 from the chapter’s philanthropy fund to Dress for Success at the March General Meeting was made by Marianne Davis, second by Mary Kohlasch. No discussion. Call for Vote: All in favor. Motion carried.

  • Motion to donate $1,000 from the chapter’s philanthropy to kick off the chapter’s Pinnacle Award Project – T.A.R.G.E.T. at the April General Meeting was made by Sandie Peterson, second by Sandy Vokoun. No Discussion, Call for Vote: All in favor. Motion carried.

College Relations (Mary Kohlasch)

There have been two successful events: January’s Resume Critique and February’s Mock Interviews.

Mary sent an article for publication on HR Florida’s E-Source.

Legislative (Suzanne Boy):

See “Day on the Hill” above.

Reminder about March 27th Seminar sponsored by Henderson, Franklin.

Certification: New Director, Nancy Korista was introduced.

11 students in the Spring Study Group

Facilitators have all been sent the materials.

Foundation (Anna Evans):

The first of this year’s strategic breakfast events is being held tomorrow. So far, 32 attendees registered. There will be two presenters. Pending 2 Strategic HRCI credits.

Scholarship (Judy Marcucci):

Met with Beth Barger regarding GED scholarships and costs. At grassroots development right now. Question: Earmark money for these? Corporate sponsors?

To be discussed further.

Workforce Readiness (Beth Barger):

GED programs have seen a 40% drop in enrollment since the state of Florida imposed fees for attendees. Ideas: “Pass the Piggy” for donations; partner with other organizations.

Box Tops for Education Update: $300 worth credited to date. Coupons on website.

Report from Horizon Council Meeting:

Spring baseball brings in $67 million a year through taxes.

Algenol Initiative to bring children to the lab to garner interest in their signing up for STEM education programs in the local school system.

Diversity (Victoria Ramina):

Working on a diversity model – don’t have to “look alike” to get great results.

Other Business

Rhiannon and Molly brought up a scholarship program for students in K-12 grades and what the chapter might be able to do to assist or get the word out about this program. Beth Barger stated that this information is available at all the social service agencies. The chapter will not get involved with this at this time.

  • Motion to adjourn meeting made by Suzanne Boy, second by Judy Marcucci. No Discussion. Call for vote: All in favor. Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Marianne Davis, PHR


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