In collaboration with Woolcott Balestier, whose sister Caroline he married in 1892. After living with her in Vermont for five years, writing

НазваIn collaboration with Woolcott Balestier, whose sister Caroline he married in 1892. After living with her in Vermont for five years, writing
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1998 Virginia Open

Round # 2

1. He wrote The Naulakha in collaboration with Woolcott Balestier, whose sister Caroline he married in 1892. After living with her in Vermont for five years, writing Many Inventions, The Seven Seas, and other books, he returned to England, publishing works like Puck of Pook's Hill and Recessional. FTP, name this first English author to win the Nobel Prize, best known for The Man Who Would Be King, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Gunga Din, Just So Stories, and The Jungle Book.

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

2. After becoming a partner in an ironworks, he was elected to his states house of representatives in 1833 as a member of the Anti-Masonic party. Fifteen years later, he was elected to Congress as a Whig, but he changed parties again, and in 1858 was elected as a Republican. FTP, identify this statesman from Pennsylvania, who served as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee during the Civil War, and who, as the postwar chairman of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction, put the South under military reconstruction.

Answer: Thaddeus Stevens

3. The asymmetric form if it may be solved using the Miller-Pekny method, while a general method for getting approximate solutions to it was developed by Lin and Kernighan in 1973. In 1986, it was solved by Padberg and Rinaldi for all 532 American cities with AT&T central telephone offices. FTP, identify this problem, a textbook example of an NP complete problem, which involves finding the minimum route for a person who has to go to a number of places before returning home.

Answer: the Traveling Salesman problem

4. The daughter of Iasus and Clymene, she was left to nature because Iasus only wanted boys. She killed two centaurs, Rhoecus and Hylaeus, who tried to assault her, and was herself changed into a lion after having sex with her husband in a temple of Zeus. FTP, identify this mother of Parthenopaeus, the first to wound the Calydonian Boar and the wife of Hippomenes after he beat her in a race.

Answer: Atalanta

5. Just after this battle, the commanding general was reprimanded for the letter he wrote to Edmund Gaines, in which he discussed military arrangements and defended the eight-weeks armistice. After the American general withdrew from Victoria, he marched to Agua Nueva, but was forced to leave that position and went to La Angostura, three miles north of the hacienda that gives the battle its name. FTP, identify this battle, which ended the war in northern Mexico after Santa Anna was defeated by Zachary Taylor.

Answer: the battle of Buena Vista

6. Part Four includes chapters on demonology and other relics of the religion of the gentiles and the darkness from vain philosophy. Part Three has chapters on the number, antiquity, scope, authority, and interpreters of the books of holy scripture, what is necessary for a mans reception into the kingdom of heaven, and the principles of christian politics. FTP, identify this philosophical work, whose first two parts are more frequently read and deal with man and the commonwealth, which was published in Latin in 1668, seventeen years after being published in English by Thomas Hobbes.

Answer: Leviathan

7. In 1855, he claimed that a hot gas emits light at the same wavelengths that it absorbs light when cool, a theory which was proved four years later by Kirchhoff. He went on to study the solar spectrum, and determined that the sun must contain hydrogen. FTP, name this spectroscopist, who mapped many of the lines which had been observed by Fraunhofer, a longtime professor at Uppsala who is best known for the unit of length, equal to 10 to the negative tenth meters, which is named for him.

Answer: Anders Angstršm

8. The first of their lodges, called Workers of the Globe and Glory, was founded in a park in Paris. Their secrets included the sign of a ladder made by raising the hands to the shoulder and then letting them fall, and good cousins knew each other by the slogan of hope, faith, love. FTP, identify this order, who merged with the Freemasons in 1766, only to re-emerge in the 1820s under the leadership of Philipe Buonarroti, who traced their origins to French charcoal burners and who played a role in the Risorgimento.

Answer: the carbonari

9. It includes the episodes of the widow of Ephesus, who falls in love with a soldier while mourning her dead husband, and the Pergamene boy, who is seduced by his tutor and ends up demanding more sex than the tutor can take. It begins with an attack on modern rhetoric and poorly prepared students, and after hearing Agamemnon blame parents who dont make their children study, Encolpius gets home to Gito, who complains that Ascyltus has violently raped him. FTP, identify this work, which survives as 146 chapters of Books 15 and 16 of what was a sprawling satire of Neros Rome, a novel by Petronius.

Answer: The Satyricon

10. The westernmost points are Cape Naturaliste in the south and Dirk Hartog Island, which lies in Shark Bay, in the middle. In the north, the Durack and King Leopold mountain ranges abut the Kimberley Plateau, and this state also includes Lakes Barlee, Carnegie, and Disappointment. FTP, identify this Australian state, much of which is occupied by the Great Sandy Desert, whose cities include Wanneroo, Kalgoorlie, and Perth.

Answer: Western Australia (accept Australia before this state)

11. In his doctoral dissertation at the University of Wisconsin, he showed through experiments on apes that male dominance is established by eye contact, not fighting. He introduced the phrase peak experience to describe the best moments in life, and argued that most people had to satisfy the lower needs -- physical, safety, and belonging -- before they could get to esteem. FTP, identify this psychologist, who discussed those needs in 1943s A Theory of Human Motivation, and who later added self-actualization to that hierarchy.

Answer: Abraham Maslow

12. He advocated the renewed study of Aquinas, which led to the doctrine that true religion did not conflict with true science, and encouraged the study of church history, believing that it would add to the church's prestige by showing how it had advanced civilization. His encyclical Rerum novarum, which applied Christian doctrine to the relation of capital and labor, earned him the nickname "the workingman's pope." FTP, identify this man, born Joachim Pecci, who arbitrated a dispute over the Caroline Islands in 1885, and who came between two popes of the same name, Pius IX and Pius X.

Answer: Leo XIII

13. Along with William Saroyan, he wrote Why Abstract?, a study of contemporary painting. After a trip to Greece in 1939, he wrote his masterpiece, The Colossus of Maroussi, while a trip across the United States during World War II yielded The Air-Conditioned Nightmare. FTP, identify this author of Black Spring, the Rosy Crucifixion trilogy, and the controversial Tropic of Cancer.

Answer: Henry Miller

14. During the Napoleonic Wars, his body was disinterred and his skull ended up on display in Vienna, but it was reburied with the rest of his body at an official ceremony in 1954. He wrote six masses: the third is known as the Nelson Mass, because it refers to the Battle of the Nile, the fourth is named in honor of Maria Theresa, and the fifth contains a theme from his oratorio The Creation. FTP, identify this Austrian composer, who also wrote 47 keyboard sonatas, the German national anthem, and 104 symphonies, including the Oxford, the Philosopher, the Toy, and the Surprise.

Answer: Franz Joseph Haydn

15. She released a collection of love poems in 1981, and her only non-fiction work, Having a Baby, was published three years later. Starting in 1989, she began writing children's books, starting one series with Max and the Babysitter and writing two others with Martha and Freddie as protagonists, though she is better known for novels of a more adult nature. FTP, name this writer, who published Going Home in 1973 and has released a torrent of trashy novels since, including Thurston House, Mixed Blessings, Wanderlust, Jewels, and Star.

Answer: Danielle Steel

16. Although he became controversial for his demonstration that men and women have the same number of ribs, his early thinking was still strongly influenced by Galen, particularly his views on the circulation of blood. He died in 1564 at Zante, where his ship had been driven by storms as he returned from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. FTP, identify this scientist, the son of the pharmacist to Charles V who was himself court physician to that king, best known for his On the Structure of the Human Body, the first accurate presentation of human anatomy.

Answer: Andreas Vesalius

17. He argued against the death penalty in his Claude Gueux (guh) and The Last Day of a Condemned Man. At the age of seventeen he founded a literary review, the Conserveur LittŽraire, three years before he was awarded a pension by Louis XVIII for his first book of poems. FTP, identify this author of Hans of Iceland, Ninety-Three, and Hernani, who is better known for two epic historical novels, both of which have been made into movies recently.

Answer: Victor Hugo

18. It began when about 830 men met at the Church of St. Paul on May 18. After choosing Heinrich von Gagern as President, it suspended the diet and appointed Archduke John as regent, but it dissolved less than a year later, although a remnant survived in Stuttgart before being dispersed. FTP, identify this national assembly, which created a federal state under an hereditary emperor and elected Frederick William of Prussia as that emperor.

Answer: the Frankfurt Parliament

19. The sons first major commission was to finish some frescoes begun by Masaccio in the Brancacci Chapel, though he is better known for works like The Vision of Saint Bernard and the 1496 Adoration of the Magi, considered his masterpiece. His father died in 1469 while doing a series of frescoes for Spoleto Cathedral, though he is better remembered for the Tarquinia Madonna and the Barbadori Altarpiece. FTP, identify the common last name of this father-son pair of artists, the latter of whom was illegitimate, since his father was a Carmelite monk when an affair with Lucrezia Buti, a nun, led to his birth.

Answer: Fra Filippo and Filippino Lippi

20. The first account of a death from this disease was provided in 1761 by Giovanni Morgagni, whose case history involved a prostitute who died while practicing her profession. Death results when the lining of the aorta ruptures, and it has recently been found to be connected to a defective gene on chromosome 15 which controls production of fibrillin. FTP, identify this disease, named for a French scientist who described it in 1896, which became prominent with the deaths of Flo Hyman, Chris Patton, and speculation that Abraham Lincoln had it.

Answer: Marfan syndrome

21. He worked with Althoff to encourage the postgraduate training of women in the sciences while serving as chair at Gottingen. He served as editor of the collected works of Gauss, planned the Encyclopedia of Mathematical Knowledge which began appearing in 1898, and, in an inaugural lecture of 1872, proposed the "Erlangen program" of classifying geometries. FTP, name this German mathematician, best known for his work in group theory and non-Euclidean geometry, where a bottle is named for him.

Answer: Christian Klein

1. Identify these American painters on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 points: His The Boy with a Squirrel, a portrait of his half-brother Henry Pelham, was exhibited to great acclaim in London in 1766, eight years before he left America.

5 points: When in England, he turned to history painting, producing Watson and the Shark.

Answer: John Singleton Copley

2. 10 points: This portraitist gained fame for his The Court of Death, an enormous painting which he termed a moral allegory and which toured the United States for over 50 years.

5 points: He may be best known as one of the seventeen children of one of the most prolific artists of the eighteenth century, in more ways than one, and was named for a Dutch master.

Answer: Rembrandt Peale

3. 10 points: His early works, such as Agrippina Landing at Brundisium with the Ashes of Germanicus, were in the Neoclassical style, but he later turned to Romanticism in such paintings as Saul and the Witch of Endor.

5 points: This successor to Reynolds as President of the Royal Academy may be best known for his Death of Wolfe.

Answer: Benjamin West

2. Answer these questions about earthquakes for the stated number of points.

1. 15 points: In 1760, this Englishman suggested that earthquakes were waves caused by rock shifting below the earth's surface.

Answer: John Michell

2. 5 points: It was invented by Luigi Palmieri in 1855.

Answer: the seismograph

3. 10 points: This boundary, below which secondary waves are not transmitted, is named for the German geologist who discovered it in 1914.

Answer: the Gutenberg discontinuity

3. Answer these questions about the reign of Charles II FTP each.

1. In this document, Charles promised a general amnesty, religious tolerance, and payment of salaries owed to the military.

Answer: the Declaration of Breda

2. In reaction to this rumor spread by Titus Oates, parliament voted to exclude Catholics from both houses.

Answer: the Popish Plot

3. This event of 1683 resulted in the executions of Algernon Sidney, Lord Russell, and the earl of Essex, and allowed Charles to break the power of the Whigs.

Answer: the Rye House Plot

4. Identify these works by Willa Cather, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: The main characters of this novel are Bishop Jean Latour and his friend Father Joseph Vaillant, who organize the new diocese of New Mexico.

Answer: Death Comes for the Archbishop

2. 10 points: The title character of this novel is Marian Forrester, who is worshiped by the narrator, Niel Herbert.

Answer: A Lost Lady

3. 15 points: In this novel, Euclide Auclair's daughter CŽcile marries the woddsman Pierre Charron.

Answer: Shadows on the Rock

5. Identify these Biblical figures on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 points: This successor of Asa as king of Judah joined with Jehoram of Israel in a war against Moab, and was succeeded by his son, who was also named Jehoram.

5 points: This good king is better known as the second word in an alliterative expression.

Answer: Jehoshaphat

2. 10 points: After he defeated the Philistines at Geba, he and his armor-bearer took another garrison by themselves. He was buried at Jabesh, but his body was later moved to the land of Benjamin.

5 points: This son of Saul supported David for the throne despite the fact that he was the legitimate heir to it.

Answer: Jonathan

3. 10 points: Also known as Reuel and as Hobab, he was a Kenite priest of Midian.

5 points: He was the father of Zipporah, making him the father-in-law of Moses.

Answer: Jethro

6. Answer these questions about the geography of Southeast Asia for the stated number of points.

1. 10 points: This sea is bordered by Burma, the Nicobar Islands, and a group of islands with the same name as it.

Answer: the Andaman Sea

2. 15 points: This isthmus joins the Malay Peninsula to the rest of Thailand.

Answer: the Isthmus of Kra

3. 5 points: This landlocked nation is bordered by five countries.

Answer: Laos

7. Identify these poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: In this poem, the title character detains a Wedding Guest so that he can tell him about having killed an albatross at sea.

Answer: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

2. 10 points: In this autobiographical ode, which was originally meant to be a letter in verse to Sara Hutchinson, Coleridge fears that his poetic powers are fading away, and describes the ravages of opium.

Answer: Dejection: An Ode

3. 15 points: This poem in four stanzas was written on a winter night in 1798, as Coleridge sat with his infant son Hartley and decided that the boy would be raised as a "child of nature."

Answer: Frost at Midnight

8. Answer these questions about the election of 1896 FTP each.

1. This New Jerseyan was the Republican candidate for vice-president.

Answer: Garrett A. Hobart

2. Maryland's Joshua Levering received the third most popular votes as a representative of this party.

Answer: the Prohibition party

3. The fourth-most votes went to John Palmer, who ran as the representative of this splinter party which supported the gold standard.

Answer: the National Democratic party

9. Answer these questions about quarks, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points each: These are the three colors which quarks can come in.

Answer: red, blue, and green

2. 10 points: When three quarks join to form a baryon, this is the color of the combination.

Answer: white

3. 5 points: Give the term for the study of quark combinations which results in color not being detected in the end product.

Answer: quantum chromodynamics

10. Identify these figures from Welsh mythology, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: This bard was born Gwion Bach, but we know him better by a name which means shining brow.

Answer: Taliesin

2. 10 points: After he married a woman with the head of a pig, she resumed her normal appearance and they lived in the land of youth for 300 years. When he went back to visit Ireland, he slipped from his white horse and ended up stuck there as a blind old man.

Answer: Ossian or Oisin

3. 15 points: This chief of Dyfed agreed to exchange duties with Arawn, the king of the underworld, for a year, but may be better known as the husband of Rhiannon.

Answer: Pwyll

11. Identify these comedies by Molire FTP each.

1. Molire died after collapsing during a performance as Argan, the title character of this play.

Answer: The Imaginary Invalid or Le Malade imaginaire

2. The title character of this play is Harpagon, who wants his daughter Elise to marry Anselme, although she loves Valre.

Answer: The Miser or L'Avare

3. In this play, Arnolphe decides to marry Agnes, his ward, but his plans are derailed when Horace falls in love with her as well.

Answer: The School for Wives or L'Ecole des femmes

12. Identify these nineteenth century economists, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: This Italian author of Manual of Political Economy, a follower of Walras, is best known for his mathematical formulation of economic equilibrium, an optimal condition named for him.

Answer: Vilfredo Pareto

2. 15 points: This Frenchman pioneered the use of mathematical treatment of economics in his Research on the Mathematical Principles of the Theory of Wealth, published in 1838.

Answer: Antoine Cournot

3. 10 points: This British economist, who is best known for 1881's Mathematical Psychics, developed an equilibrium based on direct competition between individuals, effectively similar to the Walras-Pareto competitive optimum.

Answer: Francis Edgeworth

13. Identify these Supreme Court cases of the first decade of the twentieth century on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 points: The Sherman Act was applied to labor organizations for the first time in this case.

5 points: In this 1908 decision, the court unanimously ruled that a secondary boycott was a conspiracy in restraint of trade.

Answer: Loewe v. Lawler or the Danbury Hatters case

2. 10 points: In a dissent to this decision, Justice Holmes argued that the 14th amendment does not enact Herbert Spencers Social Statics.

5 points: In this 1905 case, the court held that a law on the maximum number of hours bakers could work interfered with the right of free contract.

Answer: Lochner v. New York

3. 10 points: In this case, Louis Brandeis, arguing for the state, presented a brief which used statistical data, rather than legal arguments, to support his claims.

5 points: The court upheld a state law limiting the maximum number of hours that women could work in this 1908 case.

Answer: Muller v. Oregon

14. Identify the following people, who were on People magazine's "most intriguing" list of 1976, from a brief People description of them FTP each.

1. "Tanzania's superstar of black African diplomacy acts as a buffer between ruling white Ian Smith's government and the black nationalists of Rhodesia."

Answer: Julius Nyerere

2. "The Israeli general who led the Entebbe raid to save 105 hostages is a global hero and can't understand why."

Answer: Don Shomron

3. "The woman whose affair with Representative Wayne Hays set off the steamiest Washington sex scandal in years brings out a book and gets religion."

Answer: Liz Ray

15. Identify these pioneers of air travel FTP each.

1. This French physicist improved on the Montgolfier balloon by using hydrogen, making the first such ascent in December 1783.

Answer: Jacques Charles

2. The parachute was invented by this Frenchman, who first used it in 1784.

Answer: Jean Pierre Blanchard

3. Yet another Frenchman, this chemist ascended 7 kilometers in 1804 to take samples of air.

Answer: Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac

16. Identify the following works by Frederick Delius FTP each.

1. When Richard Strauss heard this 1907 opera, based on a novel by Gottfried Keller that set a Shakespearean story in Germany, he said that he "never dreamt that anybody except myself was writing such good music."

Answer: A Village Romeo and Juliet

2. After Percy Grainger rediscovered the old British folk song of this name, Delius composed this English rhapsody, which premiered in Liverpool in 1908.

Answer: Brigg Fair

3. This tone poem, considered Delius's greatest, was inspired by the Norwegian countryside, and the Norwegian folk song "In Ola Valley" is intermingled with a rustic theme which echoes the calls of the titular birds.

Answer: On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring

17. Identify these literary critics from works on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 points: The Structure of Complex Words and Milton's God

5 points: Seven Types of Ambiguity

Answer: William Empson

2. 10 points: A Map of Misreading and The Breaking of the Vessels

5 points: The Anxiety of Influence

Answer: Harold Bloom

3. 10 points: An End to Innocence and The Inadvertent Epic

5 points: Love and Death in the American Novel

Answer: Leslie Fiedler

18. Identify these types of conjugated proteins FTP each.

1. This class of compounds includes hemoglobin, which is composed of globin and the pigment heme, and the flavoproteins.

Answer: chromoproteins

2. These slimy compounds are found in saliva and the vitreous humor, and can be used as lubricants. They tend to be low in nitrogen because of the nonprotein prosthetic group.

Answer: glycoproteins

3. Viruses belong to this class, which may be found in all living cells.

Answer: nucleoproteins

19. Answer the following questions about a boxer, FTP each.

1. When he defeated Tommy Burns in Sydney in 1908, he became the first black heavyweight champion of the world.

Answer: Jack Johnson

2. Two years later, Johnson defeated this former champion, known as the great white hope, by a 15th round knockout.

Answer: James Jeffries

3. Johnson lost his title in a controversial 26th round knockout loss to this enormous boxer.

Answer: Jess Willard

20. Answer these questions about Charles XII, for the stated number of points.

1. 10 points: Charless first great victory against the Russians came at this battle in 1700, after which he forced Augustus from the Polish throne.

Answer: Narva

2. 5 points: Charles went to Turkey after losing this 1709 battle to the Russians.

Answer: Poltava

3. 15 points: Charles was succeeded by this woman, his younger sister, after his death in 1718.

Answer: Ulrika Eleonora

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In collaboration with Woolcott Balestier, whose sister Caroline he married in 1892. After living with her in Vermont for five years, writing iconAre set in Sussex, and he married the sister of his collaborator on

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