This is not just another story about ufos, aliens and alien abductions. This is a true story

НазваThis is not just another story about ufos, aliens and alien abductions. This is a true story
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This is not just another story about UFOs, aliens and alien abductions. This is a true story about a young boy's terrifying experiences at the hands of many different alien species.

What was their interest in him? Why was he chosen? Now, after 12 years of agonizing torment, the answer is clear. Astonishingly, Jason Andrews admits is one of them! And all along they have been protecting him...and still do to this day.

Now, for the first time ever, the truth about multiple alien abductions has emerged. We now know there is a reason and a real purpose behind these traumatic events. Jason's mother, Ann, has bravely come forward to share with YOU, and the rest of the world, her family's harrowing true nightmare experiences.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


Ann Andrews has given many interviews and talks about her

extraordinary experiences to various groups and media, including...


SIGNS OF THE TIMES - Oxford  Anglian Earth Mysteries - Norwich Norfolk UFO Society - Norwich Annual London UFO Studies Conference - East London Colchester UFO Group  Clacton UFO Group ASPRO Conference - Murdoch University Perth, W.A. ACERN Group Talk - Perth, W.A. World UFO Congress - Laughlin, Nevada. AUFORN - Brisbane, Australia CUFORG - Cornwall, England LUFOS - London, England 14th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival, Laughlin, Nevada, USA UFORM - Stourbridge, UK

She has also appeared on all the following talk shows

The Lorraine Kelly Show - BBC Radio, London.

The James Whale Talk Show - BBC Radio, London.

Richard Littlejohn Show - Sky Television.

James Kelly Music and Chat Show - Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Richard and Judy - Embankment, London.

     Documentary programme for the Discovery Channel - Sky  Television


Her amazing story has been featured in the following press

The Sun newspaper ran a five day serialisation of her book in March, 1998.

The Daily Mail newspaper, March 1998

Womans Own magazine, 5th July 2004


Now You Can Read All About Her Amazing True Story of Courage, Belief and Finally, Acceptance of the Paranormal and Alien Abduction Experiences of Jason,

Her Very Special Indigo Child


In her own words, Ann Andrews describes herself as ordinary. But events surrounding herself and her family, and especially her youngest son, Jason, have been and still are, very far from ordinary.


For 12 years, Ann, her husband Paul and elder son Daniel struggled to come to terms with Jason's unusual behavior and his all too frequent nightmares. Almost resigned to the fact that their son was experiencing some form of psychological disorder, and in desperation, Ann and Paul consulted the medical profession for help and confirmation of their son's affliction.


Every parent with an unruly child can relate to the fear, stress and anxiety of living with the daily pressures and constant uncertainty for their child's future. Ultimately, we all want our children to be happy and healthy, and in that respect Ann and Paul are no different from any other loving parent.


After numerous consultations with psychiatrists, psychologists and child behaviorists followed by various hospital and clinical tests, it was eventually confirmed that Jason was NOT suffering from any kind of mental disorder. He was just a frustrated and confused young person, who desperately needed someone to listen to him and to believe that his frightening and highly unusual personal experiences were actually very REAL.



Multiple Alien Abductions



Now, throughout the pages of this new book, Jason, My Indigo Child, Ann Andrews has documented the on-going series of incredible and perplexing events, which dominated their lives with almost predictable regularity.


This present-day phenomenon has irreversibly changed the views of her entire family and influenced a very large circle of friends and acquaintances, both in the UK and in many other countries around the world.


Some might say that Jason is a prophet, a healer or a mystic. Others might believe he is a direct messenger from God. But Ann Andrews and the rest of her family, including Jason himself, are in no doubt whatsoever that he is a multiple alien abductee and a Star Child, or Indigo.


Whatever the views of everyone that have come into contact with him and experienced his 'presence', one thing is certain. Jason is undoubtedly here for a reason. It is evident that he has a very specific and defined purpose for being here amongst the human race at this particular time in our history. Now, due to the paranormal and unexplained activities that seemingly follow him wherever he goes, together with news of his 'miraculous' work, he has attracted the often unwelcome attention of the media, the government and not surprisingly, the military.



Humans, Aliens and the Spiritual World



Jason's personal contribution to this book is a revelation. He stresses that he is not special, just different. And that he is here to awaken people to their true potential. He tells us that we are all part of the Universe and connected to Mother Earth herself, and that we are all able to use our psychic abilities for the good of humankind.


He also says, "Out of all the abilities I have, the one I appreciate most is being able to help others and being able to see the true being inside each of us. Whether I am doing healing work on this physical plane or on an astral plane, I am here to help".


Jason goes on to explain about many mysteries, which have intrigued mankind for centuries. He talks openly about religion and spirituality, magic, UFO's and aliens, the human race and other star children. Is there a link between them all?


When you read through the pages of this incredible book, you instinctively feel there is a link between humans, aliens and the spiritual world. However, it is certainly not the intention of the author to suggest any possible answers to questions on a universal scale or to offer possible solutions to the world's on-going problems.



Extraordinary Experiences and Emotional Dilemmas



Ann Andrews has simply written this book because she felt she wanted to share with you, the reader, her extraordinary experiences and her emotional dilemmas. She now knows that her son, Jason, chose to come here, long before he was born. In this instance, it was Jason who chose his mother to be, and not the other way round.


She also knows that other parents around the world may be experiencing very similar occurrences and events in their lives, and would like them to know that whoever you are and wherever you live in the world, you are not alone. Just listen to your child and believe that what they are seeing and feeling is very real.


Some of the events documented throughout this book may seem familiar to those that are similarly affected in some way. And if this is the case, the message is clear. If it defies all logic and if it challenges all reason and reality, don't dismiss it.... But do keep an open mind.


Don't ever think that because there is no tangible evidence or no visible proof, that supernatural and paranormal activities are not for real. Those of you that have experienced unusual occurrences first hand know only too well that there is much more around us than we can see, or even want to acknowledge. But now the time has come to accept the possibilities.



Is There a Connection?



Whether intended or not, the revelations within the pages of this book, Jason, My Indigo Child , are extremely thought provoking, and as such might lead you to consider whether there is a real connection between any or all of the following:


● The supernatural


● The paranormal


● Spiritualism and religions


● Clairvoyance, ESP and numerous other psychic abilities


● Astral projection and OBE's (out of body experiences)


● Aliens and UFO's


● Alien abductions


● Animal mutilations


● Crop circles


● Government 'cover ups' and the mysterious 'Men in Black'


Will we ever know? One thing is sure. Our governments will never tell us. It is up to us as individuals to find the truth. But when it is found, unveiled and laid bare for all to see, we must be willing to believe it and accept it. Much like the contents of this remarkable book.



A New Understanding Between Humans and Aliens?



Jason Andrews is a star child. He meets with and communicates often with beings from other worlds. He is able to travel the globe and beyond by means of astral projection. He is here to teach us, not save us. We all have much to learn from this young man and many others like him.


Ann Andrews has had the courage to come out into the open, shrugging aside the disbelievers and debunkers, to reveal to the world that she too is very much a part of this enigma. In her book, Ann describes the traumas, tragedies and mysteries associated with their beloved home at Hawknest Farm, situated in the beautiful Kent countryside. Why were they driven out? What was the military's interest in their land?


You'll read about the enchanting meeting between Jason and a group of captive dolphins. How was he able to communicate with them? And what did they confide in him?


Ann reveals that she too has experienced meetings with alien beings and tells us of the messages that she has been given, which she graciously shares with us. Prepare yourself to be enthralled, enriched and enlightened by this intriguing account of events as told first hand by this South London born mother and housewife.


This book signals the beginning of a new era, a new awareness and a new understanding between humans and aliens through the many young star children now living and working amongst us. A channel of communication has been opened and it is up to all of us to recognize it, embrace it and learn from those beings whose interests lie not in our total annihilation, as some would have us believe, but in our very survival, and ultimately, the welfare of this uniquely beautiful planet.



Searching For the Truth?


Our world holds many mysteries. There are many unanswered questions and there are many inexplicable events and occurrences. Why are we here? Is there a God? Is there life out there? Throughout the pages of this book you just might find some answers, and perhaps a few more pieces to the puzzle. If you're searching for the truth, you're about to move one big step closer.


Jason, My Indigo Child is now available in digital format. This 32 chapter book spanning 148 pages of riveting revelations has been converted to a pdf for instant download. This means you can purchase a copy anytime 24/7 right here from this website, and from wherever you are in the world.


Why not get a copy now and discover the truth for yourself.



Special price just $11.97


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a copy of 'Unknown Origin' completely free!

Copyright 2006 – Bill Knight

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