History of the 1st age (note: the original refers to Bolgar as Olga)

НазваHistory of the 1st age (note: the original refers to Bolgar as Olga)
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HISTORY OF THE 1ST AGE (note: the original refers to Bolgar as Olga)




The Chaotic Years


The reign of the Elves is confined to Vikriain and the Silven Lands. The Dwarven Lands comprise a series of mountain ranges which bordered the Elven realms; these moutains run southwards from Fangor Rodrus to Findor and encompass Kaled Zem, Balem and Hama’Las.


Dwarves build Minas Morgul to defend against Gnomes.

Other races emerge, Gnomes in Ishtur, Halflings on the borders of the White Wash, and the Silven Lands team with many other new races. These races are known as the Second Born. The Dwarves spread west to reach the Bay of Ashore inhabiting Dor.


Dwarves build Minas Tiris to defend against Men.

Men, born from the sea, arrive at Celin and Ashore. Men travel up the White Wash spreading their lands far to the north. Half-elves emerge, annexing part of Vikriain, calling it Numenorea.

The United Realm - the Time of Anubis



The rise of Dispater.

Lastar is born to a Half-elf woman (Sylvan) and a man called Eorand. The Dwarves of Kaled Zem unearth a great evil power - Dispater. The Devil unites the races of evil that inhabit the Forgotten Lands, east of the Dwarven mountains.


Creation of Amras Aarda, Malor Marsh and the Vale of Alon.

Dispater lays waste to the low-lying mountains between Minas Aarda and the Ruby Mountains and so is able to attack into the Vikriain destroying all living things. The dwarves commence work on Minas Bolgar to breach the gap to the east. Lastar travels the lands uniting Elves, Dwarves and Men.


The Rings of Power.

The Rings were used by the Dwarven Lords to defend Hama’Las against Dispater.


The Rise of Orcus.

The Elven Gems.


A new evil, a Demon named Orcus, rises from the Abyss and attacks the Dwarves from the North East, flattening the mountain range between Fangor Rodrus and Kaled Zem. Elves enter the battle under Lastar’s command and use their magical gems against Orcus’ army. The gems belong to the following Elves: Gelmir of the Silven Lands, Aerandir of Numenorea, Nenya of the Old Forest and Elwe of Lorial. Bavarik of Arogan is born in Gos.


Rantor the Red is born on the Plane of Fire.


Minas Bolgar built.

Minas Bolgar is complete and the House of Findor is established. Elves and Men help garrison Minas Bolgar to defend against Dispater.


The Rise of Demogorgan.

Not yet at full strength, this young Demon visits the Prime Material Plane for the first time. Unwisely, Demogorgan stretches his forces attacking the Elves to the south of Kaled Zem, Orcus to the south east of Fangor Rodrus and the Dwarves east of Balem Lakes.


Fall of Orcus.

Bavarik, at 25, enters the battle of Pelanor which defeats Orcus. Bavarik banishes Marilliath (a demon summoned to aid Orcus). The Dwarves commence work on Minas Maedus and Minas Emras. Demogorgan seizes the opportunity to press into Gorgoroth. Orcus’ staff is found and given to Lastar.


Minas Maedus and Minas Emras complete.

The House of Rodrus is built and ruled by Maedus.

The House of Zem comes to power at Minas Emras.


The Elemental Rings.

The Rings of Power and the Elven Gems are united by Dwarven craftsmen. Lastar gives each Ring elemental powers.

Hamar (living in Minas Aarda) receives the Ring of Earth.

Zem (living in Minas Emras) receives the Ring of Air.

Ishtur (living in Minas Morgul) receives the Ring of Fire.

Dor (living in Minas Tiris) receives the Ring of Water.


Men and Dwarves build Sutur.

The Fangor dwarves (Orodruin’s kindred) move to the west of Kaled Zem. Whilst this depletes the force holding Minas Maedus, Lastar promises them help if they build a large tower and keep to protect Kaled Zem.


Minas Maedus is finally reached by the men of Pelanor led by Bavarik. The men re-supply the much depleted House of Rodrus.


Orodruin’s Dwarves build Zundar.

Balem commissioned the secret building of a dwarven hall to house his treasure which was under threat from both Demogorgan and Dispater. Balem called the hall Zundar - ‘The Hidden Source’.


The Fall of Demogorgan.

Dwarves, Elves and Men, led by Lastar and Bavarik, unite to defeat Demogorgan. By attacking along an entire front from the Balem Lakes in the south to Minas Morgul in the north, they drive Demogorgan’s forces back. The evil fled, hiding in old caves, dark forests and deep marshes. The battle mainly takes place around Minas Maedus weakening the fortress further.


The first Coulcil of Sutur.

The Council meet and discuss the war against Dispater. The members are as follows:

Men: Lastar, Bavarik and Gundleus.

Dwarves: Balem, Dor, Hamar, Zem, Ishtur, Findor and Maedus.

Elves: Gelmir, Aerandir, Nenya and Elwe.

Gnomes: Unglak, Yagrik and Ikshoos.


Battle of Minas Tiris.

Dwarves, Elves and Men defend Minas Tiris from Dispater’s sea-borne assault. Gundleus discovers the Plane of Fire and becomes Lord of Minas Tiris. Dor moves back to Dor Vale, taking the elemental Ring of Water with him.


Bragoldur and the first siege of Bolgar.

‘The sudden darkness’. Dispater takes Minas Aarda, killing many of Hamar’s House. Hamar himself takes his Ring to Balem. Dispater marches north destroying almost all of Hama’Las. His army fills Alon and, skirting Bolgar, he attacks both Numenorea and the Vikriain lands. Dispater lays siege to Bolgar.


Discovery of Zundar.

Lastar discovers Zundar and tells Gelmir where it is but not to disturb Balem’s treasure. Lastar creates the Pentogram Gates each leading to a Minas or to his tower at Sutur.


Siege of Sutur.

Dispater’s army, sandwiched between the Silven Lands and Balem, lays siege to Sutur.


The Council of Zundar.

Lastar and the great Dwarven Lords meet at the hidden hall of Zundar to discuss the destruction of Dispater. Other than Balem, who owns Zundar, the following Dwarven Kings are led blindfold to its deep halls: Dor, Hamar, Zem, Ishtur, Findor and Maedus.


The Palantirs.

Lastar creates the scrying stones so that his armies would not be surprised again. As Lastar retakes the land, they are placed as follows: Minas Tiris, Morgul, Maedus, Emras, Aarda and Bolgar and Sutur.


The Forging of the Crown of Light.

Balem, using Orodruin’s knowledge and Ishtur’s Ring of Fire, creates a circlet of Adamantite. Lastar adds a single point holding a diamond to the Crown and gives it the power of light.


Battle of Hama’Las

Balem uses the Crown to help retake Hama’Las. Many of the House of Rodrus, led by their King, Maedus, join their cousins in the battle.


The Forging of the Crown of Kings.

With the power of Balem’s Crown proved, Lastar makes similar devices with the aid of Orodruin’s folk and all of the Rings. At councils held in Sutur, Lastar gives a part of this new Crown to each of the Kings fighting Dispater.

Balem - Crown of Light

*Findor - 2nd piece

*Maedus - 3rd piece

*Gelmir - 4th piece

*Nenya - 5th piece

*Gundleus - 6th piece

Lastar - 7th and binding piece

* indicates the Crown of Kings


Battle of Malor

Those sieged at Bolgar make a desperate effort to free themselves. Many of Findor’s House die in the attempt. Findor himself dies just as the relief forces arrive. Lastar changes the course of the battle by arriving from Numenorea with a force of Elves and Men. Despite the death of Aerandir and Nenya, Dispater is forced to retreat. Both the fifth Crown of Kings, which Nenya had worn, and the second, born by Findor are delivered to Lastar.


Relief of Sutur and the Battle of Alon.

Bavarik leads a large army of Men that he had spent his time mustering since the fall of Demogorgan. This army travels south setting Sutur free and pursuing Dispater’s army across the planes of Alon. However, his King and friend Gundleus perishes at Alon. Gundleus’ Crown is taken to Lastar.


Battle of Amras Aarda.

Pincered by Lastar’s army in the west, Bavarik’s army to the north and the combined Dwarven forces of Hamar, Balem and Maedus in the east, Dispater is defeated at Amras Aarda, his last stronghold. Gelmir and Maedus both die at the foot of the Minas trying to destroy Dispater before he enters the fortress. Gelmir’s son Gillire leaves the battle with his father’s body and Maedus is returned to Fangor Rodrus, both Kings leave their Crowns in Lastar’s care.


The siege of Minas Aarda.

The first attack comes from Hama’Las but is poorly led and causes Balem to lose his life. The Dwarves take the Crown of Light to Lastar.


Lastar’s Crown.

All Kings, except Unglak King of the Gnomes, had fallen. Lastar knows Dispater will have to be defeated on both the Prime Material and his home Plane. Therfore, he decides to use the Rings to create a seventh Crown and forge all the Crowns together into one powerful artefact - The Crown of Light.


The Fall of Dispater.

With the use of the Crown, Lastar and Bavarik defeat Dispater in Minas Aarda.


The Creation of the Sarnim Stone.

Realising that Dispater would be even stronger on his own plane, Lastar builds another powerful artefact to help him defeat the Devil. The Sarnim Stone was a gem that Uglak’s father had discovered at the beginning of time. Using the Crown and the Rings, and with the aid of Orodruin’s folk and his God, Anubis, Lastar gives the Sarnim Stone many magical powers. The Gem was born!!!


The Staff of Lastar.

To bear the Stone, Lastar makes a great staff which he creates in mockery of the Wand of Orcus.


The death of Dispater.

Lastar and Bavarik travel to the Abyss using the Pentogram at Zundar. Lastar uses all his combined powers, including the Rings, Staff and Gem and the Wand of Orcus to kill Dispater. Bavarik returned to the Prime Material Plane and tolls of Lastar’s glory. Lastar knows he cannot take artefacts made on the Prime Plane with him to Anubis’ Divine House. So, with the Wand of Orcus, he shatters the Gem, breaks the Staff, separates the Crown and scatters the Rings. The Artefacts of the 1st Age are returned to the Prime Material Plane. The Wand defiled the Artefacts as they were touched by the Demon’s evil magic. The Wand of Orcus returned to the Abyss for Orcus to wield once again.

The Time of Peace


Bavarik is given immortality by Anubis but is not made divine as his destiny lies elsewhere.

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