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 T.E. Walker Scrapbook: Tourist of 50 Years ago describes strange scenes He Found Here, p. 60, by T.E. Walker.


See end of narrative on Gird relatives.


“Exact Story of Old Tombstone Founding Told by Survivor,” Tucson Citizen, 30 Sep 1921; Scrapbook, p. 56.


He paid $8,000; and sold it 18 months later (12/19/82) for $15,000. The initial purchase: “J.Q.A. Stanley and M.J., wife” sold N ½ of NE ¼ of NW ¼ Sec. 17, T 2, S.R., 13 W. Given the description, this was the home in Vernon of which we have a photograph. The Walker’s next home, on Temple, was probably the one Katsy remembered as being on the site of what is now the Music Center and other downtown LA buildings.


Photographs of Victor Beaudry, his wife, and children appear in T.E. Walker’s Scrapbook, owned by Jim and Jean Upton in 2004.


LA Times, 4 Apr 1886 – “we must vacate our store!” – auction run by John C. Ball. 12 Jun 1886: the partnerships of Thomas E. Walker and George M. Smith is hereby dissolved.


Letterhead on which Blanche wrote to Uncle Otis Lockhart in July 1888.


5.15.1890. The guests included Miss May Hand (Flo’s niece) and Mr. and Mrs. Otis Lockhart (Flo’s sister and brother-in-law). See also photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Morris, “Toltec Hotel,” in T.E. Walker Scrapbook.


Garden info: Alleene Walker; information on home: Carolyn Sheilds, the current owner (4/2004). Need more info on whether they maintained a home in Chino while they owned the Altadena property.


An album owned by Jim and Jean Upton contains notes from Alleene Walker that when Tom and Flo sold the Altadena property (for $30,000, with a $5500 mortgage), they also received some ranchland in the San Diego area. We have no evidence that Tom did more than visit that ranch.


TE Walker offered the earlier family home – a 5-room cottage at 401 Temple – for sale “only $1600” in 1889, but was still listed as the proprietor of The Toltec Hotel at that address through 1891.


347 4th Street (1908-09); 307 N. 5th St. (1914-15); and 341 4th St. (1916-28); all commercial areas (2003).


Lima beans were a big crop in Oxnard before the sugar beet industry began, and Oxnard later became home to the Lima Bean Growers Association and the Walnut Growers Association.


There has been some disagreement about Blanche’s birthdate, in part because she understates her age herself more than once. This may have been because of her embarrassment at being “an old maid” when she married – but her public birth record says 1881, and she was definitely the eldest of the three girls.


LA Times, August 17, 1892, p. 17; clipping in TE Walker Scrapbook.


Courier, 15 Jun 1901.


See notes in files re: Tuesday Evening Club dances at Masonic lodge, etc.


Courier, 24 Jun 1904.


The Oxnard Grammar School, where the library is now (2003), opened in 1900 on land donated by the Colonia Improvement Company, and burned down in 1923; it consisted of 8 rooms in the block bounded by Second and Third, and A and B Streets, so was within walking distance of Blanche’s family’s home.


Family lore says the Walker home at this time was on Rose Tree Lane, but no such street appears on maps.


One Aranetta Hill appears on early maps and sold land to the Colonia Improvement Co. for the town.


Courier, 1 Oct 1909.


Their home, the Tweedy Ranch, is located at 9117 Tweedy Lane, Downey.


Probably 341 4th Street.


A letter from Sue Jurika Cecil to Aunt Helen Walker in 1936 tells of her guardians, the Reises, bringing out to Blanche “the old silver tea set – the Walker family heirloom” (Dec. 11, 1936).


Tom Walker letters to his brother, Charles H. Walker.


Not in Ivy Lawn Cemetery, the oldest in Oxnard, nor the Catholic Cemetery there.


An earlier Bible of Mary’s is owned by Tom and Connie Upton (2004).


Gravestone in Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery; 1860 census, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA. Investigate Jacob Smith in Columbia, Fayette Co., KY in 1820 – 1 male 45-50 and 1 female under 10; in agriculture. Check for Robert Elliott families there, too.


See files for info on children’s families. ALSO check Aug. 22, 1836 deed from Jacob and Eliza Smith of Adams Co. to Alexander Roseberry of same (Vol. R, p. 512 – Northeast Twp, NE of LaPrairie) that might give more information.


George W. Smith buys land in Bodega, CA, with father Jacob and brother John in 1868. Some 1850 and 1870 census data but nothing conclusive.


Left piano and gold watch, plus some real estate. Mother was executrix.


Copy of marriage certificate.


Billy was known as a “bad son.” His marriage record in Salinas to a 16-year-old bride, Ann Eliza [sic] notes that the “consent of [her] father [is] on file.” Found by Kim Upton, 4/2004.


Possibly in Yuba Co., CA, 1850 Census, p. 269?


The County Recorder guestimates that the lot they owned was off Sebastopol Road, near where the Roseland Elementary School is today (2003), now commercial and cookie-cutter residential. Look for earlier deeds, as Mary attested in 1863 that they homesteaded in 1852. Also, an R.E. Smith was the chairman of the Santa Rosa Board of Supervisors in 1854, but it is not clear that he is our R.E. Smith. Cult Sonoma, Thompson, pp. 21-23.


Letter of 5 Jul 1863, just before he died.


1880 census; Monterey


 sic: Louisa A., 1860 census, Santa Rosa.


R.E. Smith last appears 1860 census, Santa Rosa, p. 416.


 Bidwell later sued Richard Gird unsuccessfully for share of proceeds from the Tombstone mines (1880-81).


Have marriage record. D.W. Woodworth appears in the 1860 census, Annally Twp, Sonoma Co. A Darius Woodworth (b.c. 1831, d. 4 Nov 1907), and wife Ardelia W. Woodworth, are buried in Petaluma Cypress Hill Cemetery; his will is on file in Sonoma County, but mentions no previous/other wives.


Cora’s paternal uncle, John K. Smith, wrote her in April 1880 to encourage her in getting an education, saying “a young lady who has a good education, and knows how to behave herself has a good dowry in California without either houses or lands.” Cora is listed as a “servant” in the MacDougall household in 1880.


Per Jacob Smith will.


Feb 7, 1876; Book T, p. 329 – purchased from A. Riker for $200, Lots 4 and 5 in Block 13, per Riker and Jackson map, Salinas City, each lot with 50 feet facing on the west side of Capitol Street. In 2004, this area has single-family dwellings, some Victorian and Queen Anne houses.


No marriage record in Sonoma Co. and clearly after Mary moved south.


Marriage record in Salinas; minister J. Beavins, found by Kim Upton 4/2004. On 6 Sept 1881, E.A. Anderson of Soledad sold for $700 the 320 acres comprising the SW 14/ and NW ¼ of Section 15, Twp. 17, SR 7 East M.D.M.


Date per his gravestone in Santa Rosa (plot 191, Rural Cem, with son R. M. adjacent; also in plot Charles Lacey, b. 2 May 1815, d. 11 Apr 1880, relationship, if any, unknown). Birthplace per his 1860 census in Quincy, Adams Co., IL. Middle name from Great Register of Voters, Sonoma Co., 1871.


Horace J: sic. Other records show “L” – both easily misread from “S.”


check Hancock CO, IL – ref. 1841 deed?


Worked with N.T. Lane, Quincy, IL, dry goods merchant from 1854-57. To CA in 1858, joined brother Horace in Santa Rosa; 1860 census, R.M. Martin (21, b. NY) appears as a “merchant.” He had a grocery business, then a livery stable, and in 1870 became a partner in Carithers and Martin. He and Ophelia had Arthur Albert before Richard died at 34; she remarried Cornelius Poindexter in Nov 1875.


Lucien worked in a printing office in IL 1857; same in St. Louis, MO, in 1860; 1880 census SF.


Horrace B. Martin [sic] went to Santa Rosa soon after; on tax rolls there for 1851 (compiled Jul 1852), with no land and personal property worth $50. In 1852-53, he has 640 acres, improved, and personal property of $2300. When the archives were to be moved from Sonoma to Santa Rosa on 9/22/1854, “Jim Williamson with a four-horse team and wagon, accompanied by Horace Martin and some others, went down to Sonoma, captured and brought up the archives” (Thompson’s 1877 Atlas of Sonoma County, pp. 20-21). Horace’s fortunes then decline, for in 1855, he has only $1550 of personal property and $40 of improvements. In 1863-4, Horace owns 365 a on the Russian River, but was delinquent paying taxes; in 1864-5, he has no real estate and property of just $465. He was a “surveyor” in Santa Rosa by 1867; in SF by 1870 (p. 290 of census; 10 WSF, Precinct 3). In 1890, he is in Chino, perhaps near Tom and Flo Walker and R. Gird?


1860 census, Ward 5, Quincy, Adams Co., IL: Horace S., 68, owns real estate valued at $1200 and personal property $300; b. CT; Thomasina, 47, b. England (c. 1813); Andrew J. Martin, 25, b. IN “Inv painter” (possibly a nephew?); Lucius A., 17, b. IL, “apprentice camp maker;” Joseph W. Brown, 9, b. IL (stepson).


Her parents were David Oakley (b. 1719/20 in Westchester Co., NY) and Sarah Hunt (b. Mar. 18, 1724/25; d. Sept. 18, 1804, buried in St. Paul’s churchyard [sic], Eastchester (now Mt. Vernon), NY). David and Sarah Oakley had 10 children. Sarah’s parents were Moses (b. 1683/4 Eastchester) and Mary Close (b. May 20, 1682 in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT) Hunt.


Daughter Mary’s census records report that her father was born in England, her mother in France.??

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