This is part three of the Red Light District series from GizzieGooGoo and Arcadia7096. Part One is

НазваThis is part three of the Red Light District series from GizzieGooGoo and Arcadia7096. Part One is
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DISCLAIMER: This story is fictional, product of our own warped imagination.



Copyright 2008

Rated: NC-17

"This is part three of the Red Light District series from GizzieGooGoo and Arcadia7096. Part One isThe Affair by Gizz and Part two is The Affair Part Two by Arcadia7096. Gizz says you do not have to read the other two to get the sense of this one. Read at your leisure."

   One year and eight months had passed since Eilis had walked away from everything– Her life unrecognizable even to herself; moving in a direction she had never contemplated — until that final defining moment. Drastic desire to free herself from all that weighed her down. Certainly loosening the ties that bound her to one and opting for bonds of another sort seemed crazy enough, worthy of hanging off the cliff and truly living life. No more birthdays filled with anguish or loneliness. What did she need with age? She gleefully tossed it aside.. Love?  Tossed it aside.. Relationships? Tossed aside as well. Contact was all on her terms– no one had any idea where she was or what she was doing; no one from her old life that is. The only thing that she wanted was total, raw abandonment. To give herself freely to the teachings of another, learning about total loss of control and how to trust another with that control–  To understand what it meant to truly rule another’s–  breath, sound, pleasures and pains... he had conjured those needs she had in her deepest recesses and brought them to life, and they were now smoldering within her; a thirst greater than any other. A night that she thought would be enough and then she could return to his side – she felt her heart seize and a lump form in her throat just at the mere thought of him. “Damn it” she cursed herself under her breath.. ‘Damn him’.

Slipping from between her satin sheets– she set her bare feet down onto the cool tiled floor, heading into her very own oasis.  Just inside the room along the wall she reached for the play button, loading up her top ten favorite cd mixes into the player – flooding the entire house with the powerful  hypnotic beats.  Taking her next step she rounded the large glass tiled wall, which graduated from half wall up to the ceiling and headed  up two steps and down  into the  large sunken  shower. Completing her ambiance with a flick of the long handled lighter she grasped a hold of and lit each of the sensual, heady- scented candles, set deep within their sunken shelves. She breathed in deeply the first tantalizing spicy aroma of gingerroot, as she reached across and turned the knob on the brushed bronzed handle, releasing the water. The steaming wet essence quickly made its way along winding pipes and cascaded over an open spout– tumbling over the opening and sluicing down in a wall of water, like that of  an indoor waterfall.  Turning the second of three knobs–  water fell from above in large rain-shower droplets from the ceiling; the third and final knob opened pulsating jets purposely focused on every angle of her torso and legs shooting throughout the fine Italian tiled  custom designed shower.... stepping into the flow she allowed the release of  tears to flow washing along her body down into the drain. Would she ever rid herself of the pain? Had enough time gone bye? How she missed her friend, longed for that contact. Could she forgive her for the isolation– given no choice in the matter she had just left her behind as well. A necessary act, he would only needle her location out of her and that was something that couldn’t happen as it was Simon knew too much, it was his connections that helped her vanish.. But now what did it matter? Now it had to be over– truly over .. August– another month down, Nova’s birthday less than a week had passed; if things were as they always have been with her then she was certain a much needed holiday was in order. Yes she would finally call her, no emails this time. Or was a quick flight in order?  Would it take showing up at her doorstep for Genoveffa to accept her hospitality and apologies… any explanations at all. She remained the only person in the world that she knew would be remotely understanding of why she had to evanesce..  No you have to stay here... Disastrous– couldn’t risk it besides the responsibilities here. Reaching blindly out, as her eyes were closed, she grabbed a hold of the bronze hooks suspended from the ceiling allowing her legs to give way beneath her and the strength of her hands and upper arms  holding her up. Finally as the last bit of tension had diminished and her mind awakened she cut off the shower. Ready for what the evening had in store.

 Wrapping her black satin robe around her dampened skin she stepped from the steamy bathroom into the chilly atmosphere beyond .. Smoothing out the sheets and comforter on her bed she then reached out turning the wand on the vertical blinds; taking in the  plush manicured grass , long winding fence surrounding the many pastures.. Finally focusing on the larger than life blood-orange sun set disappearing beyond the horizon.   How breathtakingly beautiful– it couldn’t be any grander it was the one thing that brought her peace every day.

 Don’t say you want me ... don’t say you need me..... don’t say you love me its understood.. Don’t say your happy .....out there without me.... I know you can’t be cuz its no good. Depeche Mode - It's No Good

 Surrendering to the weight of Dave’s words  she raised the receiver to her ear dialing the long distant number.. Reaching out – connecting with her dearest friend for the first time in more than 6  months..   She felt the quiver and swallowed hard.. Not again... never again.. CONTROL YOURSELF. 

Two rings..... four ... Sucking in the air she started to lower the phone from her ear


Snatching the phone back up to her ear she recognized Genoveffa’s eldest daughter, how mature she was sounding these days.. Good lord she was sure to have grown considerably since her last encounter and what of her little one– god what had she been thinking ?? No don’t second guess yourself not now.. Natalie warned you of this.. she had promised you protection and growth under his care delving into this world...

“Laura? Sweetie this is Eilis how are you?”

“ELIZABETH?? M!” Laura started to announce to the other side.

“No wait Laura.. Please I really want to hear how you’ve been doing– don’t tell her its me yet.”

“Oh Im great!” she began rattling off all the things she had been up to and ending with the start of her new school and a boy that she liked.

“Laura who are you talking to?”

She sucked in the air trying not to chicken out. “Laura just give her the phone.. Please.” she pleaded.. The receiver changed hands .. She could sense her looking down at the digital read out on the phone.. Would she hang up?


“Genoveffa.. Please don’t hang up.”

“ELIZABETH.. MY GOD where are you...where have you been ... DO You have any idea! I have been so worried about you.”

She let her bowl through every question and reprimand before finally breaking in.

“I know .. Im sorry .. You did get my letters didn’t you and the emails.. Your birthday gift?”

“YES .. Yes thank you for the beautiful scarf but they’ve been far and few between and no return address AND EMAILS come on .. You’ve given no hints to where you’ve been.”

“Ah.. Nova, you should know why that is..” she sighed. “If you knew he would surly get you to tell him and I just couldn’t have that.. I needed the time to do some serious soul searching – dive in head first.”

“Do you really think I would betray your trust like that..”

“NO not on purpose... but SIMON  if anything is like a bull dog–  when he wants to find out something he’ll stop at nothing till he gets what he wants..”

“Well yes but I certainly wouldn’t throw you to the wolves”

“I’ve missed you..... can you get away??”

Silence choked the airwaves as the minutes ticked by waiting for a reply any thing to break the dead air. “If you can– and I hope you can there will be a Gulfstream arriving out at airport road to pick you up and bring you to me .”


“Because now ....” she switched the receiver from her right ear to her left resting it on her shoulder she pinned it in place with her head. “Because things are done are they not.. Its been long enough... Please it’s my present to you.”

“I have to think about this.. You know it takes a lot for me to just up and leave I have obligations– Laura just started 6th grade and KK is starting Pre-K and I can’t leave this all on his shoulder’s you know that! OR have you forgotten–  tossed aside like you did JOHN.”          

“Pardon??? tossed aside No.  God Nova–  No, I’m sorry I thought you would understand that I ... I... of course I understand that you have obligations and I certainly don’t take those things for granted... I just I miss you, every day I’ve miss our friendship but I had to do this it was necessary to get him from my system.” she closed her eyes tightly shutting off the twinge of angst building within. “And with the turn of events between you and Simon I just knew that–  that meant removing myself from your life as well. I didn’t want to add to those stressors that he would press upon you. He had really become so smitten with you – has that changed? Is he still secretly calling you??” she shook her head .. ‘no – No don’t answer that I don’t want to know it will only set me back.”

 Genoveffa listened to her estranged friend, she too missed her and had forgiven her long before she had even received the call – months prior something she had said in one of her emails told her that this wasn’t a choice that she preferred not one that she weighed lightly – it was a decision that she had to make to get her life under control and forget about what could have been. She was crushed and trying to rebuild the pieces.

 “So will you come– I’ll understand if you refuse but even if its only for a night I need to see you.”

“Go to her, you know you want to.” she heard Ben, her husbands  voice in the background he had always been great – allowing her to do what many husbands wouldn’t, so supportive. He took the phone from her. “Eilis.. She’ll be there.”

“Is she alright?”

“She’ll be fine– took you long enough to call.”

“I know.. I really am sorry but I know she will understand once she comes here– you can get her to come, can’t you? I’ll have a private jet waiting for her out on airport road– okay?”

“Where exactly are you, Eilis?”

“In the states.. That’s all I can tell you– she’ll be safe though – the pilot will have her call you from the plane and then once she arrives.. Please understand that there are many reasons why I can’t tell you just please if you ever trusted me–  trust me now.”                                      

“Alright but I don’t understand why you don’t trust US enough to tell us where you are yet you expect that trust in return.” He heard her sigh almost as if she was giving in but she didn’t ..

“Thank You, I want you to know this isn’t about trust its.... more about protecting you.’

“WHAT, protecting if there is something that we need to be protected from then why the hell would I allow her to come there, where ever the fuck that may be!”

“PLEASE... its not what you think .. Not physically protection Ben.”

Genoveffa had wrestled the phone back, muffling it for a sec ‘stop-she scolded her husband’...“What the hell is going on Eilis.” her voice was filled with a mother’s concern.

“I’m sorry to be so secretive but really I don’t want to talk about it over the phone... please come, the jet will be there by 5 if you are on it I will know–  if you decide you don’t trust me–  then I understand but this will be the last time I contact you. Nova, I hope I see you soon.” the line went dead. Genoveffa turned to her family at a loss– was she in trouble? Why all of the sudden after all this time did she call and expect her to just jump on a plane leaving everything. Eilis’s roaming spirit was not her own–  home with her family is where she belonged but ....

She was the sister she always wished she’d had and she seemed to be reaching out to you. “Im going.” Genoveffa walked back to her bedroom pulling the juicy bags that John had gifted her out of the closet and packed with much haste.. Five pm was less than two hours a way and they would have to get on the road to travel the 20 to thirty minutes cross town depending on traffic. Christ how she hated to fly but what could she do.  “Mommy? What’s going on?” Laura walked back– their dog Baby in tow, to see her mother frantically throwing things into the matching travel bags. “Im going to need you to be very responsible honey and help with KK and listen to your Dad .. Do you homework and stick to the routine okay sweetie can you do that for me?” she brushed by her reaching into the closet for her hip hugger low rise jeans and rich amber chemise blouse. “I WANNA COME!”

“Looloo you have school I can’t take you out in your second week.”

“BUT what about your work?”

“Hon nice try, you know I can take my work with me now.” finally no longer a slave to the hospital she had ventured out on her own.. Thanks in part to the boys, she had opened up her own PR business. Shit she would have to call Simon– but she’d wait til she was on the plane, things were stressful enough around here.

Her husband had stepped into the room, leaning against the door frame his arms crossed. “Just like that..”

“You were agreeing with her and now your going to drag your feet?”

“I just worry about you, I don’t want you to get involved only to have you crushed because she sets off again– just stay guarded.”

“Its not like she did me wrong or our family wrong– she just drifted but I love you and how concerned you are.”

“I’ll get the A/C on in the car then.”

“Thank you.” she smiled, watching him walk back down the hall–  no matter what hurdles they had crossed he was still constant in her life.

“Mommy mommy.” KK ran out of the playroom realizing she had changed and was carrying bags out. “Where are you going?”

“I have a business trip to go on sweetie.. Remember what I told you that sometimes Mommy will have to leave on a moments notice but.. I promise Ill be back before you know it and I’ll have something special for you girls. Ok.” this had become her tribal song, when ever Simon called hungry to see her – work was the best excuse, it was partly why she was now self employed. He had begged her – gotten down on his knees – in front of her, humbly pleading for her to give him this.. When he called he wanted her to drop everything ... at first she wasn’t so willing but he had gradually worked her over–  breaking her down till she couldn’t refuse him.. It truly had been futile to resist him. He had been her one crutch for too many years.. Her obsession – the one substance that she couldn’t do without; her secret lover. Their rendezvous were not often but when he sent her a small note or text message it was mind blowing and she fell into his trap instantly.

Eilis stood beside the door looking out the floor to ceiling bay windows–  watching the SLR Mclaren back down her drive and set off the mile and half trek towards the road and the main highway.  Her phone ringing propelled her across the room.. She had much to do if that was Nova calling from the plane. “Hello– her voice slightly breathless from the sprint. “Nova.”                    

“NO my PET.”

“ Mistress how are you this evening?”

“Good and I assume you are well.”

“Yes fine– last one just left.”

“I know.”

“You .. Do?” Eilis moved about the room blowing out the candles–  turning off the music and then stepping back into the hall. Pulling the double doors closed with a turn of the knob waiting for the click; securing them with a skeleton key that dangled from her neck.

“Of course I do.–  Autumns place gives me a perfect view. I saw the car leave as well as the jet – whose coming, Genoveffa?”

“Natalie– yes, I called her.”

“Nova .. Isn’t that risky I told you how close they’ve become.”

“I know I know but I need to see her.” She knew that calling her by her given name at this point was not an issue.. She was no longer under her guidance no they had bonded – became fast friends but Natalie knew that she longed for her dearest friend and that the only way to try and claim that friendship again was to risk everything even her heart – Though she was against it.

“I warn you though this will open up pandora’s box and soon your new life will be in jeopardy.”

“You know I just can’t imagine that Nat–  I can’t believe he hasn’t moved on or just settled back in with HER after all she never left really–  DID SHE.”

 “You’re losing focus again do you need me to come over there?”  Knowing that sound in her voice she needed to lose control get it over with. “Im on my way.”

“NO IM FINE.. Besides Genoveffa – she’s bound to be here soon enough.”

 It was an hour before the pilot called to confirm his pick up–  she couldn’t believe how long it really had been since they last saw one another.. So much had changed. Had she continued on with Simon after all this time?  Eilis checked and double checked the house for anything a strew before heading in for another shower and a quick change into something more appropriate for Genoveffa’s arrival.

Stepping into her capacious walk-in closet, selecting a pair of her darkest denim jeans and a glittery graphic v-neck T.  Freshening up her makeup –  she slipped on a pair of black boots and a few spritz her favorite Gucci eau du II  perfume. One last look in the mirror–  a quick flip of her head then ran her fingers down through her shoulder length platinum and chocolate brown ribbons of hair; strategically placing them around her face. Taking a deep breath she paced the house looking for something to bide her time. Christ maybe you should have asked Nat and Autumn to come over – too late now.  Plopping down on the couch she decided to check her emails and do a little carousing before her arrival. 

 Genoveffa got as comfortable as possible in the cushy seat of the private jet – she’d only been in one other before now.. Sighing deeply she looked at the phone attached to the lacquered wood table in front of her. It had been over a month since she’d heard his beautiful voice and even longer since she’d been graced by his presence. Did she dare call him? Tell him she’d finally had contact?

She didn’t have to tell him where she was at–  just that she was finally going to see her. Swallowing her nerves she picked the receiver up, holding it to her ear while she pressed the ten digits on the key pad. connecting her to the other side of the world. Looking down at the silvery lilac dial on her rectangular Tiffany’s grand quartz resonator  watch– a gift from Simon for her 37th birthday– she counted the time difference between them. It would be nearing 11pm – he would still be awake and if not, she was sure he would welcome the sleep depravation to hear from her. She sat still – not budging one muscle. In fact she wasn’t even breathing as the phone line snatched the signal out of thin air–  sailing across the miles reaching his mobile laying on his bedside table.

 Simon’s eyes consumed  the words printed on the pages,  as he lay in bed–  propped up against one pillow and the headboard. The distant sound of reverb pulled him from his journey back to reality. His mobile shifted about on his night-stand driven by the vibration of an incoming call; who could be calling at this hour?   Flipping it open with his thumb, he  read the digital screen. Smiling to himself, pleased by the familiar name and number he answered in a sing song tempo.

Hello my love, how unexpected yet so very wonderful– where are you Nova?”

Simon.” she smiled breathing his name ;the mere sound of his voice  stirring urgent need deep within her core. “Um, where am I?”she hesitated but how cold she even lie to him.

“Yes baby, where are you?”Simon sat upright placing his marker back inside the book laying it down onto the bed.

“Well...” she looked around her, realizing that the plane had already reached its cruising altitude.. She had made it through departure. “ im in a private jet.”she inhaled deeply then let out a low insipidus breath– releasing the residual effect of her anxiousness within. 

“A private jet? Are you headed to me.” he joked lightly– wishing that she was.

“No ...
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