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Classification: Transfer Effective Term: 201220

ITA 202 Intermediate Italian II

Initiator: G. Cruikshank Credit Hours: 4.00

Campus: Downtown Lecture Periods: 4.00

Date: 8/22/2011 Lab Periods:


Continuation of ITA 201. Includes additional intermediate Italian grammar and sentence structures,

communication and cultural topics, responses to complex written form, listening practice, Italian performance,

and additional examination of Italian culture.


ITA 201.

Performance Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Use advanced Italian grammar and structures.

  2. Discuss, describe and narrate orally difficult topics.

  3. Respond to complex texts in written form.

  4. Analyze increasingly complex topics through the use of films and CD-ROM listening exercises.

  5. Illustrate knowledge of Italian by performing alone or in groups.

  6. Examine Italian culture.


  1. Intermediate Italian Grammar and Sentence Structures

    1. Simple future

    2. Future perfect

    3. Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns

    4. Adverbs

    5. Simple past

    6. To do plus infinitive

    7. Verbs of perception plus infinitive

    8. Imperative

    9. Present perfect

    10. Indefinite adjectives and pronouns

    11. Past and present conditional

    12. Present subjunctive

    13. Conjunctions

    14. Past subjunctive

    15. Past perfect subjunctive

    16. Hypothetical expressions with “se”

    17. Sequence of time with subjunctive

    18. Superlatives and comparatives

    19. Past and present participle

    20. Progressive tense and gerund

    21. Suffixes

    22. Write extensive papers or diaries in Italian

  2. Communication and Cultural Topics

    1. Reading about and discussing current events

    2. Developing sensitivity to cultural differences, level of language, and idioms used

    3. Oral presentations on related topics

    4. Use of video-tapes as form of oral communication

  3. Responses to Complex Written Form

    1. Main ideas of complex readings

    2. Giving thought provoking answers

    3. Investigate and present topics from the World Wide Web orally

    4. Interview classmates without preparation

    5. Respond to any questions about any topic

  4. Video and CD-ROM Listening Practice

    1. Video listening practices

    2. Video and CD-ROM media within the CD-ROM for listening practices

    3. Contemporary Italian songwriters

  5. Italian Performance

    1. 5-8 minute presentation in Italian about any topic dealing with the present content

    2. Perform skits associated with the topics of the text

    3. Present topics of discussion

    4. Respond to any questions posed on topics presented orally

  6. Additional Examination of Italian Culture

    1. Italian contemporary music: Zucchero, Pino Daniele, Laura Pausini

    2. Italian stereotypes

    3. Fashion

    4. Family versus the 21st century

    5. The bureaucracy

    6. Margherita square

    7. To fight racism

    8. Society

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