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Content analysis

We have been provided with a content pack, and below is an analysis of what we have been given:

Gallery profile

In the content pack there was a description of the gallery but this was full of spelling and grammatical errors so below is the edited version that will be included in the site:

The Turing & Turing Gallery is a new gallery that has been created to cater for the more discerning art collector. Although still without location the opening hours will be 10am until sixteen hundred hours except Wednesdays which will be closed to the public but will be open for private collectors. For people that want to buy artwork, the best way is to either come in person and speak to our curator or call our hotline number 223-455-653433. Prices are negotiable at the discretion of the gallery manager. Art can be reserved but a 99 percent deposit must be paid in cash. If credit cards are used there be a 5 percent handling fee. Other exhibitions will be happening through the year, and we would expect there to be one every six months. Turing and Turing does do not buy artwork. Car parking will be provided. . If you are interested in exhibiting we would need you to bring examples of your work, recent installations.”

Calendar of events

Below is the list of what events are going to be on at the gallery over the next few months as provided by the galley. No editing of these is necessary, and the information will be included in the what’s on section of the website.


Artist profile

We were provided with a profile of one artist, Federick Harrington, this is shown below:

Founder of the Reading Recycling plant Creative arts society and royally appointed food art supplier to his majesty Prince Wittekind Adolf of the Principality of Waldeck-Pyrmont, Federick has come a long way since his pool and spa cleaning roots.  Originally trained in classical food art appreciation of non-taste specific dry edibles (Scholarship) Federick continued his art career part time at the acclaimed Montson College whilst working at his local Spa.  The big break came when he was commissioned to create an entrance hall piece for his local community hall in Korbach.  This piece “The way of rotting tomatoes” (now in the hands of a local collector) was spotted by the well known folk musician Kenny-12-fingers-Joe who promptly featured all of Federick’s work in his London collector’s gallery “The Septic Tank”.  From then on it was fame and fortune, global visits and a new collection each year.

This year Federick has focused his collection on food...

Pictures of artist

In the content pack there were three pictures of the artist Federick Harrington that can be included on the website. An important thing to consider is the resolution of the images as low resolution would result in poor quality, but a high resolution would result in long loading times. The three pictures are shown below:

These images are high quality so they will be good for re-sizing purposes we the middle one is a bit dark so it would probably not be the best one to put as the artists profile picture.

Pictures of artwork

In the content pack there 12 images from Federick Harington’s latest collection, they are all of a high resolution with an average file size of 250 kb. This means that they are good for re-sizing as well as internet loading times.

What we are missing

Although there was a lot of information in the content pack, there is a lot of things that would have been useful if included, these are listed below:

  • Logo – There wasn’t a logo from the gallery so we will create our own logo to fit the style of the website.

  • Colour scheme – No specific colour scheme was presented so again we will decide what will suit the website best.

  • Artist information – We have only had information on one artist and his latest collection.

  • Location information – This is missing because the owners haven’t settled on a location, but it would be nice to receive this information when we start to populate the website.

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