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South African Council Experimental Aircraft Association of South Africa

President’s Report April 2012

The Experimental Aircraft Association EAA of South Africa continues to promote Sport Aviation and recreational flying throughout 2012. The EAA was founded on the principles of family togetherness, participation in a mutual interest and the sharing of knowledge and information in the interest of safety.

EAA of SA National Committee 2011/12


Paul Lastrucci


Craig Ralphs


Walter Doubell


Wolfgang Vormbaum


Jeremy Woods


Trixie Heron


Hennie Roets,


Willie Bezuidenhout


Karl Jensen


Paul Sabatier


Jayson van Schalkwyk

Chapter Participation and Progress 2012

Chapter 322 Johannesburg: has continued to grow from strength to strength under the chairman of Karl Jensen and his team. The packed 322 meetings at the Dickie Fritz MOTH Hall in Edenvale on the first Wednesday of the month is testament to the interesting and lighthearted evenings that are spent by the members. Items of interest and safety, and members building aircraft are shared in presentations by guest speakers as well as visual footage and a host of photographs of aviation events that are held locally and throughout the world. Two build project evenings were hosted by 322 members, Rob McFie's T51 Lexus V8 powered Mustang. Lots of beer and boerie rolls rounded off a fantastic evening. Wolfgang Vormbaum also hosted a build visit evening with his C-Wolf project that was also well attended.

A well organised and attended EAA Chapter 322 Chairman's dinner was held in November. Mike Brown and his team of volunteers really went the extra mile to make this a memorable occasion. Karl presented awards to many members, honouring their contributions throughout the year. Chapter 322 is always well represented at all the flying events on the South African calendar. EAA 322 are looking at various options to build a Chapter hangar.

The ever-popular EAA Flying Legends Talk Shows held monthly at the EAA Auditorium, arranged by EAA member Jeremy Woods, ably assisted by his wife Anne Louise, continues to attract great interest and participation. The invited guest speakers are world class and this venue is always packed to the rafters.

Chapter 575 Springs: hosted breakfast fly-ins this year and despite inclement weather, they hosted successful events. These breakfast fly-ins are held on a frequent basis to provide an opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to visit the community and share with others their love of aviation while enjoying a hearty breakfast. Charles Flee was elected as Chapter Chairman, taking over from Vernon Mc Laren for 2012.

Chapter 778 Port Elizabeth: Chairperson Régo Burger reports a number of build projects, a Whitman Tailwind and a Vision that are underway. EAA member Tony Bailes’ RV 10 took to the skies in the Eastern Cape. 778 members attended the Tiger Moth 80-year anniversary at Port Alfred. Member Colin Dettmann completed his Jabiru and it had its first flight on 18 March 2012.

Chapter 870 Kroonstad: Hennie Roets won EAA Grand Champion with his recently completed RV7A. Hennie is our EAA National AP Approved Person representative. Niel Terblanche is building an RV4 and is progressing well. Theuns Welgemoed flew his Savannah for the first time after a five-year build. It’s great to see the EAA progressing in the Free State.

Chapter 973 Krugersdorp: Under the chairmanship of newly elected Chapter 973 Chairman Anthony Spence, son of EAASA founder chairman Mike Spence, a meeting was held at Ricardo de Bonis’ hangar lapa at FAKR. The meeting was attended by 35 enthusiastic members and guests. There were also several members from the EAA of SA National Council and Chapter 322 who all wish to see Chapter 973 grow healthily. Debate was robust with strong support for the Chapter to acquire their own hangar at FAKR as a permanent home for 973 activities.

Unfortunately since this meeting this Chapter, that has a history of ongoing problems created by a few folk who to want to use this Chapter to derail the management of the Krugersdorp Flying Club. It is apparent that, without due process, a motion of no confidence was passed and Anthony was booted out as Chairman in February of 2012. EAA National is currently looking into this matter. A meeting followed on 21 April 2012 with Roy de Stadler, Christa Greyvenstein and Trevor Davies and EAA SA National President Paul Lastrucci, Craig Ralphs and Walter Doubell, who will deal with this and report on the outcome.

Chapter 1262 East London: hosted a superb EAA Convention in August 2011 that was hampered by the weather. However, it was enjoyed by all the members that attended. The weather cleared on the Saturday 6 August and was followed by some great entertainment in the evening. Chapter members attended the 80th anniversary of the Tiger Moth at Port Alfred in October. In January Chapter 1262 held their annual AGM and James Wardle was voted in again as chairman. The Chapter owns a hangar at Wings Park and discussions are underway for a suitable build project. Fun Fly-aways to Wavecrest and Grahamstown promotes fun flying amongst the members. One of the 1262 members, Dr Andre Verster, has started a unique school in Fort Beaufort, Wings Aviation Academy High School, where pupils can follow an aviation course and leave school with a pilot’s licence.

Chapter 1501 Volksrust: Jan Kemp is busy with an auto conversion in his Piper Tomahawk, he is installing a Mazda Turbo Rotary engine which is nearly ready to fly. Member Gert van der Merwe has acquired a Sling kit and is past the halfway mark with the build project. There are a number of enthusiasts led by Jan and Engela Kemp who promote the ideals of the EAA in this picturesque little town. The Volksrust J6 Karatoo now has a smoke system to grace the bustling metropolis of Volksrust. Jan has also got his Sparrow flying again after a mishap in 2011 en route from Richards Bay to Volksrust.

Chapter 1502 East Coast: Craig Ralphs has continued to promote a host of activities. There has been a unanimous committee agreement that aviation, in all its forms, should be instilling far more camaraderie and fun. The Chapter held an outing to Richmond McKenzie Airfield on 9 October 2011 and had more than 50 visitors attending, with 13 visiting aircraft in conjunction with the MG and Lotus 7 car clubs. A gala year end function was held at Bhowani Game Lodge in Cato Ridge which hosted 85 members and guests, who enjoyed a delicious lunch overlooking the Valley of a Thousand Hills. It was an enjoyable lunch with a lighthearted presentation by Karl Jensen that had the members and guests in fits of laughter. The also attended an ATNS presentation at King Shaka Airport where a few members flew in their own aircraft to King Shaka for the day.

Chapter 1504 New Tempe Bloemfontein: held a well supported Sun 'n Fun type fly-in on 12 November 2011. It was great to see the Bloemfontein Flying Club also assisting this Chapter with the use of their clubhouse and bar facilities. Jack Onderstall arranged sponsorship from the Imperial GM dealer and the event covered a wide range of aviation activities. The Piper Rag ‘n Tube Chapter 1500 was also hosted at this event and well organised with live chats on historic aircraft with static and flying displays, judging and prizes awarded to owners of these timeless Piper rag and tube type aircraft. A fun rally was also organised by Mary de Klerk as well as Young Eagle flights. A total of 46 aircraft flew from all over the country. Well done to Jack and his team.

Chapter 1504 Klerksdorp: chaired by Cliff Lotter, an accomplished aerobatic pilot who has put together this Chapter along with the sport flying enthusiasts in Klerksdorp. Cliff and his team have already had a fly away to a Chapter member Mike Visage’s farm and continue to discuss ways to attract Young Eagles participation and planned events within the community.

The Nelspruit and Cape Town Chapters are currently dormant and we are discussing plans to revitalise these Chapters as there are like-minded EAA members in the area who are at present not able to enjoy affiliation to the EAA. This continues to remain a goal for EAA National to initiate the revival of these two Chapters.

Discussions have taken place between AHASA (Amateur Homebuilders Association of South Africa) and EAA to merge with the EAA as a Chapter. The AHASA members have scheduled a meeting in May to fast track a merger as we would welcome them again as part of the EAA.

EAA Young Eagles Programme 2012

Under the leadership of Jayson van Schalkwyk, EAA of SA Young Eagles Convenor, ably assisted by Mike Brown, continued to promote the Young Eagles.

Jayson and Karl attended a presentation along with Jonty Caplan presented by Sias Dreyer who designed this software package flyingYouth to promote the next step after their initial flight as a Young Eagle towards a career in aviation. Sias also presented the package to a monthly Chapter 322 meeting. The programme aims to engage scholars at many levels with parental, school and flying school participation and support, allowing students to explore interest and career goals leading to a more fulfilling aviation experience. This programme is officially sanctioned by the CAA as well for licence renewals.

Justin Gloy, an example of a perfect Young Eagle has just achieved his PPL at 43 Air School. Well done, Justin!

Regulatory and Advocacy issues

NTCA update: The 2011 Regulations have been reviewed and included are two new Parts - Part 24 and Part 44, pertaining only to NTCA aircraft. These regulations are currently being translated into Afrikaans and are expected to be reviewed again in August, prior to final promulgation anticipated in the first quarter of 2013. The EAA is represented on the National Workgroup, along with RAASA who are leading these changes.

The EAA participated in the SA CAA National Safety Seminar held in October in Centurion where a target to halve the accident rate by 2014 was tabled.

An AP (Approved Persons) meeting held in March 2012 was attended by all the APs throughout the country, hosted by RAASA. This meeting was well attended by the EAA APs from across the country, who provide positive input into this scheme to promote safe building of experimental and amateur built aircraft in South Africa.

Airspace restrictions as imposed by the Department of Environmental Affairs are having negative effects on the airspace for all sectors of aviation in South Africa. The EAA is represented at the National Airspace Committee (NASCOM) to address the affected areas. The Aero Club and its various sections, along with CAASA, AOPA and ATNS, have been present at meetings at the CAA to provide a plan to address these issues going forward.

A manual of procedure (MOP) is in the final stages of completion to include the EAA in South Africa as an approved aviation recreational organisation (ARO) as per the requirements of the SA CAA regulations.

EAA Website and Awareness Initiatives

The EAA website is continually updated by our Webmaster, Willie Bezuidenhout, and continues to be a useful tool for promoting membership and keeping members up to speed with current events. Chapters are urged to utilise this website as the central communication tool with their respective activities.

EAA members attended this year’s John Orr Lecture at Wits hosted by the SA Institute of Mechanical Engineers and delivered by Wing Commander Andy Green on the Bloodhound Supersonic Car. Wing Commander Andy Green is currently the fastest man on earth, a serving Royal Air Force fighter jet pilot and currently holds the land speed record set in 1997. His new goal is to break the 1000mph record at Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape in 2013.

Walter Doubell, our EAA SA National and Chapter 322 Treasurer and Chapter 322 Safety Officer, officiated as Safety Officer during the opening ceremony of the SAPFA World Precision Flying Championships held in October. Walter is now an accredited ASSA Safety Officer. Well done, Walter.

The Aero Club Awards Dinner was attended by a number of EAA members who were proud recipients of Gold and Silver Wings and other awards. Bill Keil, one of the founder members of the EAA in South Africa, was bestowed with the Aero Club Gold Wings award for his untiring dedication to the EAA and Sport Aviation in this country for over 40 years.

Karl Jensen did a superb job as MC during the evening's proceedings and was also the recipient of the Aero Club Gold Wings award for his dedication and commitment to Sport Aviation in South Africa and beyond.

Jeremy Woods received the Aero Club Silver Wings award for his commitment to promoting camaraderie within the aviation community in South Africa through the monthly EAA Flying Legends Talk Shows at the EAA Auditorium at Rand Airport.

Jayson van Schalkwyk received the Youth Development award in recognition for his work promoting the Young Eagles programme in South Africa.

The EAA supported MISASA at the Tedderfield Fly-in on 4 February2012. It was a well attended event with various discussion forums.

EAA participated in the annual Hobby-X exhibition held at the Coca-Cola Dome at Northgate in March 2012, assisted by the Aero Club and SAMAA. A stand was set up to promote aviation awareness to over 38 000 visitors during the four-day event. The stand was well laid out with display engines, partially built fuselages and wings, as well as a ½ scale Super Cub, along with a host of radio controlled models to attract interest. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with manning the stand over the duration of the exhibition and whose efforts added to its success. We have already booked our stand for next year and have some excellent ideas for improving the display.

The CONTACT Newsletter that is compiled by Karl Jensen with contributions from the Chapters has grown in content and is well established amongst the EAA readership. We need to build on the momentum that Karl Jensen and Trixie Heron have created and ensure we keep on reporting Chapter events and articles of interest that promote Sport Aviation in South Arica. Well done to Karl for ensuring that this publication is vibrant and supports our passion.

Many thanks to Gordon Dyne for promoting the EAA spirit with superb articles providing humorous feedback and for the many gestures of kindness that surpass any I have ever seen.


An upswing in general enthusiasm and participation to rekindle the passion in the EAA that we once enjoyed is still sorely required. More active participation is still required to ensure our growth as a viable aviation sector in this country. Chapter 322 has started this momentum and moved ahead in leaps and bounds, exemplary of strong leadership and well structured, enjoyable meetings that are looked forward to and have had marked results. The challenge in the year ahead is to let this spirit permeate more into the regional Chapters to assist their efforts and make the EAA an association of choice for all who participate in dreaming, building, flying and maintaining their aircraft. Good governance with established structures is important to lead the EAA going forward.

A further challenge is to streamline the membership admin along with the Aero Club’s Fundi system to ensure accuracy to manage membership where areas of concern still exist. This is being addressed by Walter Doubell and myself at the Aero Club. This has been a busy year with a myriad of activities. I extend my appreciation for all the support that I have had from the Chapter Chairmen and members as we continue to strive for a vibrant EAA in South Africa.

Paul G Lastrucci


South African Council of EAA Chapters

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