Price 00 (free to regular customers) 21. 03. 11 List up-dated Spring 2012

НазваPrice 00 (free to regular customers) 21. 03. 11 List up-dated Spring 2012
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Price £2.00 (free to regular customers) 21.03.11 List up-dated Spring 2012




22 Field Lane

Letchworth Garden City



(Telephone or FAX 01462-684191 or Local rate 0845-166-8034

during normal office hours 9.15-5.45pm Mon.-Fri.)

Web-site: email:

TERMS OF BUSINESS: & Notes on these lists: (Please read before ordering).

1). All stamps are unmounted mint unless specified otherwise.An asterisk next to

the country name means that corner blocks of 4 are available at 4 X price.

2). Lists are updated about every 12 weeks to include most recent stock

movements and New Issues; they are therefore reasonably accurate stockwise

100% pricewise. This reduces the need for "credit notes" and refunds.

Alternatives may be listed in case some items are out of stock. However,

these popular lists are still best used as soon as possible.

Next listings will be printed in 3, 6 & 12 months time so please

indicate when next we should send a list on your order form.

3). New Issues Services can be provided if you wish to keep your collection up

to date on a Standing Order basis. Details & forms on request.

Regret we do not run an on approval service.

4). All orders on our order forms are attended to by return of post.

We will keep a photocopy it and return your annotated original.

5). Other Thematic Lists are available on request; Ships, Explorers, Maps, Locos, etc.

6). Postage is extra but we always use current G.B.commemoratives in

complete sets where possible for postage.

INLAND RATES: 1st Class 80p;

"Insurance + Rec.Delivery" £2.50 (recommended on orders of £30-£75).

Special Delivery Post £5.50 (recommended on orders over £75)

OVERSEAS RATES: these START at ...............................

EUROPE ....Airmail £2.70; Insured £6.70+ (depends on weight & value)

REST OF THE WORLD ..Airmail £2.90 or Insured £7.90 (depends on weight/value)

7). INSURANCES: using Special Delivery Post (£5.50) full compensation for loss

or damage in transit (recommended on orders of over £75): "Insurance +

Recorded Delivery Post" (£2.50) our insurance now covers up to £75.00

worth of goods.

1st Class Post is recommended under £30.

Overseas Insured now covers up to £500.00 of goods.

8). PAYMENT: can be made by Sterling cheque or postal order,

check in $US (dollars) all payable to M.B.O'Neill

Cash (Bank notes) in Pounds Sterling (£) Euros (€) or U.S.$.

EXCHANGE RATES: £1.00 Sterling = US$1.60 = €1.20 (Euros)

We now accept all Debit Cards - Switch, Delta, Connect, etc.

or the following credit cards: (please add card EXPIRY DATE & 3 digit security code), VISA Barclaycard, ACCESS, Mastercard, EUROCARD, or Diners Club.

PAYPAL PAYMENT: simply send them your details using our email address above.

Minimum orders £15.00 please. Thank you. Orders under this amount

should be accompanied by the £2.00 subscription & handling charge.


9). Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Reference numbers (S.G.No's), are used to aid

identification. Latest SG number update Arpil 2012. Catalogue: For good up-to-date information please try the splendid website:

Recent additions: Alderney, Bosnia (Croat), Cuba, Germany, Iceland, Jamaica, Comores, Cyprus Gk., Estonia, Taiwan, Congo, Hong Kong, Latvia, Namibia (+1992), Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Greece, St.Pierre et M., Sao T., Peru, USA.

Aland 2008 L.(4v): Marhallan, Gustaf Dahlen, Bogskar,. SG311-4, 5.70

Alderney 2000 Wombles (6v): one has Casquettes lighthouse, SG146-51 4.20

Alderney 2000 Wombles (6v)MS152: one has Casquettes lighthouse 4.50

Alderney 2011 Alderney Lighthouse (1 value): SGA444, 1.25

Anguilla 2002 Sombrero Lighthouse (3v): various views, SG1113-5, 2.50

Antigua 1998 Lighthouses (8v): Terra Del Fuego (Arg.), Point Loma (Calif.),

Point Albino (Ontario), Green Point (S.Af.), Great Inagua,SG2612-9 4.80

Argentina 2005 Annivs.(4v):one has Slovak women immigrants & lighthouse,SG3131-4, 2.95

Argentina 2006 Lighth. (4v shtlt):Rincon,Recalada a Bahia Blanca,1st May,SG2154-7, 2.60

Argentina 2010 Lighthouse (1v): Eclaireurs - Tiera del Fuego, 5.50

Argentina 2010 Lighthouses (2v shtlt): Santa Marta Lisboa, Querandi 5.95

Australia 2002 Lighthouses (4v) Macquerie, Troubridge, Cape Naturaliste SG2187-90 2.95

Australia 2006 Lighthouses (5v): Casuarina Point WA, Point Cartwright, SG2628-32, 2.50

Australia 2006 Light. (5v self-adhesives): Casuarina Point WA, as above SG2633-7 2.20

Bahamas 2004 Lighthouses (5v)Hog Island 1817+liner,Elbow Reef,Gt.Isaac,SG1352-6 3.30

Bahamas 2005 Lighthouses (5v) Gt.Inagua, San Salvador, Castle Is., SG1396-1400, 3.40

Barbados* 2000 Needham's Lighthouse (1v): SG1155 0.60

Barbuda 1998 Lighthouses (8v): designs as for Antigua but stamps are

overprinted "Barbuda Mail" for use in that Island, SG2068-75 6.85

Belgium 2006 Lighthouses (4v): Ostende, Nieuwport, Heist, Lankenberge,SG3997-00 2.95

Bosnia (Croat) 2010 Lighthouse (1v) SG295 1.75

Bulgaria 2001 Lighthouses (2v): Shabla & Kaliakra, SG4378-9, 1.15

Canada 2009 Horses (2v): one lighthouse, SG2614-5, 1.50

China P.R. 2006 Lighthouses (4v): Dagu, Guishan, Wusongkuo, Malantou, SG5090-3 1.75

Comores 2009 L. (6v shtlt): Montaza Egypt, Agulhas S.Africa, Goa Mozambique

Europa Point Gibraltar,Walvis Bay Namibia,Bwene Tanaia,Michel#1953-8 9.95

Congo 2007 Lighthouses & Shells (+ Scouts): Cape Recife & Morrodas Lagosta, 5.95

Croatia 2008 Lighthouses (3v): Pinida, Vnetak, Zaglav, SG947-9, 5.40

Croatia 2009 Lighthouses (3v): Gruica, Voscica, Strazica, SG993-5, 5.50

Croatia 2010 Lighthouses (3v): Tajer, Veli Rat, Vir Lighthouse, SG1037-9 3.50

Cuba* 2001 Lighthouse (1v): SG4480, 1.25

Cuba 2010 Lighthouses + maps (4v): Cayo Jutia, Lucrecia, Cruz del Padre 3.85

Cuba 2010 Lighthouses + maps (4v shtlt) as above, Morro de Santiago 3.90

Cuba 2011 Lighthouse (1v) 1.50

Cyprus Gk., 2011 Lighthouses (2v): Cape Greco & Pafos, SG1248-9, 2.20

Cyprus Gk., 2011 Lighthouses MS1250: Cape Kiti souvenir sheet 3.75

Denmark 2002 Ocean Research (2v): lighthouse Torka Gardus Morhua,ship SG1271-2 3.75

Dominica 2002 Dutch Lighthouses (6v shtlt): Marken, Harlingen, SG3278-83 5.45

Dominican Rep. 2002 Columbus Lighthouse ($15 yellow) (1v): SG2178 2.95

Egypt 1998 Alexandria Lighthouse (1v): Roman head & original l/house, SG2080, 1.15

Estonia* 2004 Sorhu Island Lighthouse (1v): SG456, 0.70

Estonia 2007 Juminda Lighthouse (1v): map & lighthouse SG543, 1.20

Estonia 2008 Mehikoorma Lighthouse & detailed location map (1v): SG564, 0.90

Estonia 2009 Hara Lighthouse (1v): detailed location map, SG604, 0.97

Estonia 2010 Suurupi(1760 & 1859)Lighthouse(2v):detailed location maps,SG617d/e 2.45

Estonia 2011 Vegi Lighthouse (1v): detailed location map, 0.95

France 2004 D’Ouistreham Lighthouse (1 value): SG3999, 1.05

Gambia 2003 U.S.A. Lighthouses (12v): Tybee, Old Cape Henry, 4 Uruguayan –

Punte del EsteCabo Polonio, P.Brava, SG4713-24, 17.50

Germany 2005 Lighthouses (2v): Westerheversand, Brunnsbuttel, SG3365-6, 1.70

Germany 2006 Lighthouses (2v): Hohe Weg & Neuland, SG3429-30, 1.80

Germany 2009 Lighthouses (2v): Nordeney & Dornbusch, SG3606-7, 2.20

Germany 2010 Lighthouses (2v): Neuwerk & Falshoft, SG3660-1, 2.60

Germany 2011 Lighthouses (2v): Dahmeshoved & Arngast, SG3726-7, 3.25

Greece 2009 Lighthouses (5v): Chania, Strongyli, Korakas, SG2560-4 14.95

Grenada 2001 Lighthouses (22v=4v+3X6v shtlts): Admiralty Washington, West Key

McKininley, Old Point Loma, Hooper's Strait, Hunting Is., Keri

(Estonia), Anholt (Den.), Point Amour (Can.), Inubo-Saki,SG4496-17 18.75

Grenada 2001 Lighthouses MS4518a/d: four sheets Boston & Kvitsoy Pellworm L

Mahotra Pagoda Lighthouse China MS4518b souvenir sheet 13.50

Grenada 2002 Dutch Lighth. (6v shtlt) MS4750: Schiermonnikoog, Egmond, Schouwen 5.50

Guinea-Bissau 2005 Lighthouses/Shells souvenir sheet 9.95

Hong Kong 2010 Lighthouses (5v): Cap D’Aguilar, Old & New Green Is.,SG1631-5 2.55

Hong Kong 2010 Lighthouses (5v shtlt)MS1636:Cap D’Aguilar,Tang Lung Chau, Waglan, 2.60

Iceland 2002 Lighthouses (2v): Grottu & Kogur Lighthouses, SG1019-20 2.75

Iceland 2011 Lighthouses (2v): SG1312-3, 3.50

Isle of Man 2002 Olney watercolours (5v; one is Langness Lighthouse), SG989-93, 3.95

Italy 2010 Tourism (4v): Giglio Lighthouse (+ Caves, scenery etc.) SG3277-80 6.50

Italy 2010 Lighthouse (1v): value only from above Tourism set - Giglio L. 1.90

Ivory Coast 2005 Lighthouses & whales (4v):Agulhas, Point Quoin & Green, Milnerton, 4.40

Jamaica 2011 Lighthouses (4v): Lover’s Leap, Negril, Morant, Galina, SG1169-72 6.25

Jersey 2003 Lighthouses (6v): Gronez Point, Mont UBs, St.Catherines, SG1110-5 3.85

N.Korea 2004 L. (4v shtlt): Sokgundo, Yubundo, Jangdokdo, Amryongdan, SGN4375-8 5.50

Latvia 2005 Dauvikgrivas Lighthouse (1v): + map background, SG647 1.50

Latvia 2006 Mersraga Lighthouse (1v): + map background, SG683 1.75

Latvia 2008 Akmenraga Baka Lighthouse (1v): + map background, SG728 2.25

Latvia 2009 Lighthouse (1v): Liepajas Baka, 2.35

Latvia 2010 Uzavas Baka Lighthouse (1v): 3.50

Malaysia 2004 Lighthouses (4v): Pulau Undan, Kuala Sel, Muka Head, SG1181-4, 0.90

Malaysia 2004 Lighthouse MS1185: Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse souvenir sheet, 0.75

Malta 2001 Lighthouses (3v): St.Elmo, Gurdan, Delimara, SG1201-3, 2.70

Mozambique 2002 Ships (6v shtlt) MS1591: longship, tug, lightship, fishing v., 5.75

Namibia 1992 Swakopmund (4v shtlt)MS592: one has a Lighthouse, (+ jetty, etc) 2.90

Namibia 2010 L. (3v): Swakopmund, Diaz & Pelican Point Lighthouses, SG1152-4, 6.90

New Caledonia 1999 1st Flight includes Amedee Lighthouse (1v): SG1188 1.35

New Zealand 2009 Lighthouses (5v):Pencarrow, Cape Reinga & Brett, Dog Is, SG3107-11 6.50

Norway 2005 Lighthouses (2v): Jomfruhland, Tranoy, SG1578-9, 2.50

Norway 2008 Lyngor Lighthouse (+ vessels in harbour) (1v) SG1685 2.50

Peru 2005 Lighthouses (2v): Pijuayal, Suana, SG2286-7, 4.70

Peru 2006 Lighthouses (2v shtlt)MS2404: Isla Lobos de Tierra, Isla Blanca, 5.50

Peru 2009 Lighthouses (2v): Muella Darsina, La Manka, SG2616-7, 9.25

Philippines 2006 Lighthouses (8v=4v+4v shtlt):Point Bugui,River Pasig,Capul Is.,Cape

Melville,Corregidor Is.,Point Cabra,Gintotolo Is, SG3875-8+MS3879 3.45

Poland 2006 Lighthouses (4v shtlt): Stilo, Niechorze, Krynica Morska, Gaski,

SG4227-30, price was £4.95 now on Special Offer 3.50

Poland 2007 Lighthouses (4v shtlt)MS4275: Gdansk, Rozawie, Hel, Kolobrzeg, 5.90

Romania 1998 Lighthouses (4v): Constanta, Genovez, Sulina, SG5998-01 1.60

Romania 2009 Constanta Harbour (2v): Mireca (3-masted barque),

And King Carol I Lighthouse, SG7003-4 3.75

Russia 2010 Vladivostok Harbour lighthouse (1v): ship, etc., SG7729 1.75

St.Pierre et Miquelon 2006 Senat Archipelago (1v): Lighthouse, rowing boat, SG1021 0.95

St.Pierre et Miquelon 2009 Tennis (1v): Lighthouse! (& tennis racket), SG1097, 2.90

Sao Tome et Principe 2009 Lighthouses & Seabirds (5v shtlt):Split Point Aus. Europa Pt, 10.90

Sao Tome et Principe 2009 Lighthouses & Seabirds (3SS): Sunderland,

Gumundo S.Korea three souvenir sheets, 16.75

Sierra Leone 2005 Quesnard Alderney Lighthouse (1v): SG4390, 2.40

Solomons 2000 Tulagi & Munda Lighthouses (2v): SG961-2 2.95

Solomons 2000 Lighthouses (2v sheetlet) MS963: Tulagi, Munda as above + border, 3.20

Spain 2009 L. (6v shtlt): Faro Arinaga, Porto Colom Isla Mallorca, Torre de

Hercules, Torrox Malaga, Igeldo Guipuzcoa, SG4435-40, 7.90

Spain 2010 L. (6v shtlt): Menorca, San Cibrao, Punta la Pocra, SG4549-54 8.90

Spain 2011 Lighthouses (6v shtlt): Calella Barcelona, Chipiona

Cadiz, La Entallada Fuerteventura, Valencia, 8.75

Taiwan 2010 Lighthouses (4v): Wenkan Tui, Paisha chia, SG3473-6, 3.45

Trinidad 2003 Lighthouses (4v shtlt)MS979: Chacachacare & Port of

Spain Lighthouses, old and new views, 5.50

Ukraine 2009 Lighthouses (6v shtlt): Kyz-Aulskyi, Yaltynskyl, Sarych 3.95

Ukraine 2010 Lighthouses (6v shtlt): Sanzhiiskyi, Tendivskyi, 4.75

United State of America 2007 Pacific Lighthouses (5v): St.George Reef Calif., Umpqua

Oregon, Grays Harbour Washington, Diamondhead, SG4717-21 2.30

United State of America 2009 Gull Coast Lighthouses (5v): Sand Is., Jefferson SG4964-8 3.40

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