Scene 2: Calypso’s Study/Outside Calypso’s Study

НазваScene 2: Calypso’s Study/Outside Calypso’s Study
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(The others join in. They all joke about and have a laugh, the song plays in the background as the curtains close. Alice steps through the curtains just before they fully close. She stands centre stage crying.)

Alice: All I ever wanted was to be loved. I’ve never had a boyfriend. Dee-Dee stole Robinson from me, then Zara took Cutlass. I just want someone to be loved and love. I hate being all alone, every night and day!

(Alice cries and ends up singing about how she is always alone.)

Song 3

(Through the song Gaston enters looking like an angel, the pair dance in a heavenly like manner. The song ends and Alice realises that it was all just a dream! Alice exits.)

(The curtains open once more to reveal the inside of the Treasure Room. Blackheart is searching for a way out, while Sword lies bored on the floor.)

Sword: (He speaks very depressingly, trying to lighten the mood.) There were two who went into a pub. They didn’t have enough money to buy a pint each so they agreed to but one drink together and share it. They sit down and the first guy says to the other guy, “You have your half first then I’ll have mine.” So the second guy drinks the whole pint. The first one exclaims, “Why did you do that?” The other replies, “Because my half was on the bottom!” (He looks at Blackheart who is still looking for a way out.) Oh come on Blackheart, lighten up. There’s no point in trying to find a way out, we’ve already checked and doubled checked...ten times.

Blackheart: Will you just shut up and stop telling these stupid jokes! I’m getting out of here, one way or another.

Sword: Okay then, you do that.

Blackheart: (He finds a way out.) Aah ha! I way out. You see, perseverance always works. Right, I’m off to get the treasure back. You seem to be having fun in there so I’ll just leave you there.

(Blackheart goes to leave.)

Sword: I’m really not. Now let’s get a move on. Toot sweet! Come on treasure to get back.

(The pair exit swiftly.)


Scene 6: On The Beach

Characters: Robinson, Mrs Crusoe, Calypso, Cutlass, Dee-Dee, Alice, Zara, Sparkle, Gaston and the Islanders

(Lights up. Enters Robinson holding the chest, Dee, Zara, Cutlass and Calypso follow.)

Dee-Dee: I just cannot believe that the treasure is real, I mean, for years we’ve always thought that it was an old wives tale. But it’s not!

Calypso: I just believe that we even made it to the island. I thought we were goners after the shipwreck, and then I thought that Blackheart was going to get the treasure and lock all of us inside the cave.

Cutlass: If I hadn’t helped you then Blackheart would have locked you and me inside that cave and run off with the treasure.

Robinson: And I am very grateful for the fact that you changed sides. Where is my mum?

Calypso: She went looking for Alice, she’s worried that she’s so upset that she’ll do something stupid.

Zara: Alice is a smart girl. She knows not to do something stupid.

Cutlass: Yeah but did you see how upset she was?

Dee-Dee: I think it’s because she can’t get a boyfriend, it doesn’t surprise me though she is a...

Calypso: (To Dee-Dee.) Ssssh, she’s coming. (Enters Alice and Mrs Crusoe.) Oh hello you two. Are you feeling better now Alice?

Alice: Just wonderful! I’ve missed out on the chance to have a boyfriend twice, lost my best friend and I’m stuck on this Island. I’m just great thanks!

Zara: Don’t be upset about not having a boyfriend Alice. I only had my first boyfriend at the age of...okay bad example. But look, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have one, you will find that special someone soon enough, I’m sure of it.

Alice: And how would you know?

Zara: Well you said you lost your friend, and you meant Gaston? (Alice nods.) Well you see he’s not dead...

(Enters Gaston.)

Gaston: He’s right here. (Alice turns round to look at him.) Come here you. (Alice runs across the stage to Gaston the pair hug.)

Alice: But I thought you were dead?

Gaston: So did I, but I managed to get away. You see, after I let go of the rubble it fell on top of me...but...then this lovely Dolphin came along. It pushed the rubble away and well, I was free! It then said to me (Pretending to be like the dolphin.) “Come with me, I’ll take you to land. Jump on my back.” So I did and he took me ashore. Then I found this small camp on the island and asked if anyone from the shipwreck had come ashore and they said yes. I asked for each of you and they said you had all made it ashore, then one of them took me on the path you were taking to find the treasure. But when we got to the Treasure Room you had already left...

Robinson: you mean to say that the Treasure Room was empty?

Gaston: Yes, no one was in it, if that’s what you mean?

(There is a loud ‘Dun dun dun!’ all present exclaim in shock.)

Mrs Crusoe: That means that Blackheart and Sword have found a way out! Oh no!

Gaston: You’ve lost me.

Mrs Crusoe: Well after we found the treasure Blackheart stole it, then we took it back off of him and locked him and his sidekick Sword in the cave. And now they have got out.

(Enters Sparkle.)

Sparkle: There’s no need to worry. Blackheart and Sword won’t be returning just yet, they may do after the gorilla gets fed up of chasing them, but that won’t be for a while I’m sure! It’s been loose on them five minutes and it’s already chased them down the mountain and from the north to the south of the island.

Robinson: You’re powers do come in handy at times Sparkle.

Sparkle: I tell you something, I loved seeing their faces when they saw the Gorilla. George is his name and he is absolutely harmless, he wouldn’t touch a fly. But he hasn’t been able to play with humans for a long time so now he won’t stop chasing them till he’s out of breath, and that could take a very long time.

Mrs Crusoe: You’ve saved the day again Sparkle. So what’s next?

Robinson: Why don’t we open the chest?

Alice: Sound like a good idea. Come on, get it open.

(Robinson unlocks the chest and slowly opens the lid. They all gather around trying to see inside. They all look at the contents of the chest in awe.)

Calypso: Whoa! That’s some amount of booty.

Mrs Crusoe: Oi! That’s not very nice.

Calypso: I meant the treasure. There’s thousands of pounds worth of gold in there!

Mrs Crusoe: We’re rich! Wahoo!

Robinson: It feels good to be rich doesn’t it. But I’m not going to get carried away with it. I shall only spend one tenth of the money that each bar is worth every year.

Sparkle: I think that that’s a very good idea Robinson.

Robinson: I would like to use one bar right now though, it’s not for me though. Dee-Dee, can I ask you a question please, it’s just a little question really. Well it goes like this, will you please take this bar of gold and use it to buy yourself whatever you wish, as long as you agree to marry me.

Dee-Dee: Of course I’ll marry you Robinson. I’d be honoured to and it’s not for the money it’s because I love you.

(Robinson and Dee-Dee hug. Then Gaston and Cutlass try to speak at the same time.)

Cutlass: Zara will you...

Gaston: Alice will you...

Cutlass: Oh sorry, you go first.

Gaston: Oh no you go first.

Cutlass: Oh...em...well...Zara will you (He gets onto one knee.) go out with me? I think marriage is a bit quick.

Zara: I’m so sorry to say this Cutlass but...

Cutlass:...It’s okay I should of never asked, I am a pirate of course, who would want to go out with one of them.

Zara: Oh well then I won’t go out with you.

Cutlass: Do you mean that you were going to say yes? (Zara nods.) Well what do you say?

Zara: Of course I will, but you’ll have to put up with my snoring!

Cutlass: I’ll cope. (The pair hug.) Now it’s your turn Gaston.

Gaston: Oh, okay then, well...em...Alice will...

Alice: go out with me? YES!

Gaston: That’s that then. Come on give us a hug.

Sparkle: So that’s that, you’re all happy.

Robinson: Are you not Sparkle. Ah, well that was a silly question wasn’t it, I wish I could help you become a human again but...

Cutlass: Wait a minute; I know how to break the spell. All you have to do is click your heels three times and repeat, “I want to be human, I won’t to be human, I want to be human!”

Sparkle: It’s a shame I don’t have ruby red slippers, or a dog or live in Kansas! But I’ll try it anyway. Right here goes. (She copies what Cutlass told her. Spotlight on Sparkle, she is hidden in smoke. The scales seem to fall off of her and fade away, her tail disappears and she steps from the smoke to reveal herself as a human.) Wahoo! I’m a human again. Thank you Cutlass you really are a good person, unlike Blackheart and Sword. Now come on we have a wedding to prepare for!

(All exit.)


Scene 7: The Wedding

Characters: Robinson, Mrs Crusoe, Calypso, Cutlass, Dee-Dee, Alice, Zara, Sparkle, Gaston and the Islanders

(The curtains open to reveal the Islanders camp now decorated for the weddings. Enters Calypso who sits down beside Robinson.)

Calypso: What are you thinking about Robinson? Are you not happy, it’s your wedding day.

Robinson: I’m thrilled that I’m getting married, I was thinking about my dad, I miss my dad so much.

Calypso: It must be tough for you not having a father figure around.

Robinson: Yeah it is because I’ve never really had a father figure in my life, except

Calypso: Oh Robinson it’s really nice of you to say. Is there something else you won’t to say though? You seem to be holding something back.

Robinson: Look I’ve been thinking about this since we found the treasure and well it would make me happy. Okay here goes, you see since you and mum are an item...I...em...right I’ll start again. You see, this treasure was meant to be used to buy my mum an engagement ring by my dad. So Calypso (He takes a bar of gold from the chest.) will you please take this bar of gold, buy an engagement ring for my mum and ask her to marry you?

Calypso: Of course I will Robinson, as long as you are happy with that.

Robinson: I am, it’s the right thing to do. You and her are happy together and that makes me happy for you. So on you go, ask for her hand. Oh watch out her she comes, good luck. (He exits.)

Calypso: (He shouts out after Robinson.) Thank you. (Enters Mrs Crusoe.) Ah Maggie, I have something to ask see...em...well...

Mrs Crusoe: Well come on man, ask me.

Calypso: Maggie will you do me and you’re son the greatest honour and become my wife?

Mrs Crusoe: Oh, I was going to ask you the very same question. I had this big song and dance routine planned and everything. Oh well I it doesn’t matter now...

Calypso: No, wait a minute. Let’s forget I asked you. Go over there, then come back in and sing the song for me like it never happened.

Mrs Crusoe: Okay then. Here we go! (Mrs Crusoe exits then enters with dancers and begins to sing. The whole cast join in with the song.)

Song 4

(Song ends.)

Mrs Crusoe: So will you marry me Calypso?

Calypso: Oh what a surprise. I might have to think about that...em...well...Of course I will honey!

Robinson: Right come on then Calypso we better go and get ready for Robinson and Dee-Dee’s wedding and ours!

(The pair hug and kiss. All exit. Enters Sparkle.)

Sparkle: And so now we don’t just have one wedding to celebrate, we have two. So everyone’s happy, even I’m happy now, I’m not a fish! Whoopee! And now without further ado I would like to welcome you to the weddings of Mrs Maggie Crusoe and her toy boy by a year Captain Arthur Calypso and the wonderful Robinson Crusoe and his bride, Dee-Dee.

(Enters all of the guests to the wedding, they wander about and chat in small groups until the priest enters and hushes everyone. Everyone takes up a pew. Enters Robinson and Calypso who stand beside the priest followed by Mrs Crusoe and Dee-Dee down the aisle to ‘Here Comes The Bride’. The couples take hands.)

The Priest: Dearly beloved we are gathered here together to join these two wonderful and beautiful couples (He looks at Mrs Crusoe and nearly chokes.) in holy matrimony. So without further ado let’s begin. First I must ask that if anyone should object to either of these two couples becoming wed, to speak now or forever hold their peace. If you should have a reason, speak now.

(There is silence, and then Blackheart and Sword make a very loud entrance. Everyone gasps in shock.)

Blackheart: Oh good, we’re just in time. Oh hurry up, get a move on, don’t keep the crowd waiting. Does anyone have an objection? (Silence.) No, then hurry up and get on with this load of baloney!

Robinson: What are you doing here?

Blackheart: Just thought we would pop in didn’t we Sword?

Sword: Yeah.

Blackheart: To see how everything is going and to wish the lucky couples happiness together, since the gorilla became tired and left us alone. Oh and good job Sparkle, or should I say Jenny now that you’re human again?

Sparkle: Just buzz off Blackheart, No one wants you here.

Blackheart: (To Sword.) Come on then Sword let’s buzz off. (The pair act like bees and make a buzzing sound.)

Sparkle: Well if you want to act like an insect I’ll treat you like an insect. (Sparkle gets out a can of bug spray and sprays them with it. The pair disappear in the smoke from it.) There we go, that’s that sorted!

The Priest: So where was I? Oh yes, so no one has any objections to either of these couples becoming wed? (Again there is silence.) Then I ask each of you to read out you’re vows. Mrs Crusoe you may go first.

Mrs Crusoe: (She gets out a piece of paper, then unravels it, it rolls all over the floor.) It’s only three thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight pages long, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Robinson: I think we should just cut to the chase. Sign the papers and say “You may kiss the bride.”

The Priest: Alright, I can’t be bothered going through that same stupid speech all over again. So as instructed, please take each other’s hands, (The guests all hold each other’s hands.) not you lot. And now, you may kiss the bride.

(Mrs Crusoe and Calypso kiss and so do Dee-Dee and Robinson. Everyone stands up and cheer, in the crowd Gaston and Alice kiss and so do Zara and Cutlass. Sparkle appears from the crowd.)

Sparkle: So now our tale is over

It’s feels like it’s only just begun

And now we have to leave you

We hope you’ve all had fun.

Let’s move to the beach now where the parties just started

But before we go I have to ask who was that who has just rudely farted?

Come now to the golden beach to where are story ends

And where Robinson is told he is the King Of The Island. (Spoken like “I lend”.)

(All exit. Curtains close.)


Scene 8: The Finale (King Of The Island!)

Characters: Robinson, Mrs Crusoe, Calypso, Sword, Cutlass, Blackheart, Dee-Dee, Alice, Zara, Sparkle, Gaston and the Islanders

(Enters some of the guests, Robinson, Dee-Dee, Mrs Crusoe and Calypso. Music plays in the background.)

Dee-Dee: Robinson, I have something to tell you. You see I was only head of the island until I became married and then my husband would become the leader. So that means that you are now King Of Banana Island.

Robinson: Are you joking? I can’t believe it. I’m king! Wahoo!

Mrs Crusoe: (She hugs Robinson.) I’m so proud of you son, I really am.

Calypso: (He shakes Robinson’s hand.) Good on you Robinson. Oh look, come here. (He pulls Robinson in for a hug.)

Robinson: Well now that I’m king of the island I have something to say. Attention everyone (The chatting stops and so does the music.) I have an announcement, I have something I want everyone to do and that is. To have fun and party! Come on Dee-Dee let’s dance.

(The music starts up again, everyone starts to dance. The lights flicker like a disco. Everyone slowly exits, then the curtains open to reveal all of the ensemble for the finale. The ensemble take a bow and split in half, one half on either side of the stage. They are followed by Susie and the priest who each take a bow in turn and then go to opposite sides like everyone else who follows does. Next is Alice and Gaston, then Zara and Cutlass, Blackheart and Sword, Sparkle aided by tow of the islanders, Mrs Crusoe and Calypso and then finally Robinson and Dee-Dee. Then the main cast line up at the front of the stage with the rest behind. This leads into the finale song.)

Song 5

(Song ends.)

Robinson: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls we would like to thank you for coming and wish you a very merry Christmas and...

Everyone: ...a Happy New Year!

Robinson: Thank you, and goodnight!

(Music plays as the cast take their final bows.)

(Curtains close, for the final time.)

(Lights fade, for the final time.)

(The audience cheer, for the final time.)

(The cast relax.)

End Of Act II

Anyone left: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls we would like to thank you for being such a brilliant audience this evening and the cast would like to thank you for coming to see their performance tonight. We hope you have enjoyed yourself this evening and hope to see you again real soon. Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year, goodnight and god bless.

The End
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