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HIS 278 History of the Middle East from 1453 to Present Age

Initiator: Randy Munsen CEU/Credit Hours: 3.00

Campus: Northwest Lecture Periods: 3.00

Date: 4/14/2008 Lab Periods:


Survey of the history, religion and culture of the Islamic world from the fifteenth century through the

modern period. Includes the Ottoman Empire, Safavid Empire, European imperialism and the early

modern Middle East, world wars and the Middle East, and the modern Middle East.

Performance Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Discuss the development, institutions, trade and rulers of the Ottoman Empire.

  2. Describe the rise and collapse of the Safavid Empire.

  3. Discuss the effects of European imperialism on early modern Middle East.

  4. Explain the ramifications of the world wars on the Middle East.

  5. Discuss the developments and conflicts in the modern Middle East.


  1. Ottoman Empire

    1. Historical development and bureaucratic institutions

    2. Bayezid I

    3. Mehmed I and Mehmed II

    4. Establishment of trade routes

    5. Suleiman I

    6. Siege of Vienna

  2. Safavid Empire

    1. Isfahan and Shah Abbas the Great

    2. Trade routes and communication networks

    3. Siege of Isfahan

    4. Dynastic collapse

  3. European Imperialism and the Early Modern Middle East

    1. Napoleon and the invasion of Egypt

    2. Greek Revolution and Mahmud II

    3. Muhammad Ali and the development of modern Egypt

    4. Crimean War

    5. Ottoman Tanzimat and decline

    6. Young Turks and ethnic nationalism

    7. British occupation of Egypt and Sudan

    8. Iranian revolutions of 1907 and 1908

  4. World Wars and the Middle East

    1. Turkey and World War I

    2. Armenian genocide

    3. Balfour Agreement and the Treaty of Sevres

    4. Turkish Republic and Ataturk

    5. French administration of Syria and the Trans-Jordan

    6. Reza Shah and Iran

    7. World War II and the development of Zionism

  5. Modern Middle East

    1. Iran and the Islamic Revolution

    2. Saudia Arabia, oil, and Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

    3. Republic of Lebanon

    4. Partition of Palestine

    5. Wars of 1967 and 1973

    6. Pan-Arab nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism

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