Part 1b Can you really run away from your problems?

НазваPart 1b Can you really run away from your problems?
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Part 1b

Can you really run away from your problems?

Problems are a state of difficulties that need to be resolved. There are different types of problems relating to different things like school, friends, families, relationships, finances and more. Many people tend to run away from their problems because they are too afraid to handle them. Others are known to face their problems and overcome their obstacles. I argue that it is possible to run away from your problems but the downfall is that, problems do not just simply disappear. Therefore, you cannot technically run away from your problems, because they will follow you, until they are handled in a well manner. I would say a good decision would be to stand up and face your problems maturely and responsibly the first time around to avoid more problems in the future. Problems can be found in everyone’s lives. They can be beneficial because you can use those experiences and learn from your mistakes, it is also valuable in growing as a person. Problems are very interesting as well because they challenge you in your decisions; it shows how you handle your emotions, tests your patience and shows how you are able to cope with the pressure. When I come across problems the first thing I would do is analyze it and see what I can do and if that does not help, I then will go to a trustworthy friend for advice. By managing problems appropriately, I would believe that he or she uses proper reasoning. I also believe that if you have a problem and you need help, you should not be afraid to talk to someone. Being able to handle problems well includes making moral judgements and deciding between what is right and wrong.


In the book Wuthering Heights certain characters portray how they handle their problems. By reading this book I was able to understand why these many problems arise. Throughout the book, Heathcliff has faced many challenges. One major problem was the fact that he was a gipsy boy; this was revealed in chapter 9. Just this mere fact has created obstacles for Heathcliff. Although Catherine Earnshaw loved Heathcliff the two lovers did not marry each other due to Heathcliff’s low status. He was declined by Catherine for this reason and because he did not have money, she felt that it would ruin her position in society. Heathcliff cannot run away from this particular problem because he has no control over being a gipsy. He was born into this type of lifestyle and he has to live with that for the rest of his life:

It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now; so he shall never know how I love him: and that’s not because he’s handsome, Nelly, but because he’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same (Pg 73 Ch.9).

His low status makes him seem unfit for society, by those of higher status. Certain characters like the Linton’s look at Heathcliff with shame, disgust. Heathcliff is constantly being judged for his differences. “Miss Earnshaw scouring the country with a gipsy! And yet, my dear, the child is in mourning- surely it is- and she may be lamed for life...A wicked boy, at all events ... and quite unfit for a decent house” (Pg 44/45 Ch.6). I noticed towards the end of the novel Heathcliff tries to run away from more problems. After the death of his soul mate Catherine, Heathcliff becomes very depressed; he starves himself, avoids everyone and he acts very strangely. “I’m animated with hunger, and, seemingly I must not eat” (Pg 299 Ch.34). Heathcliff feels that he is approaching death; I find that this is not a valid reason to starve. I believe that starving himself does not solve any problems; it may only lead to bad health. Although I feel sympathetic towards Heathcliff, he should be able to learn from his problems and grow. In Heathcliff’s situation he should be able to eventually recover over time, get over Catherine’s death and continue on with his life, if not for himself for his son Hareton.


I found that in Wuthering Heights Hindley tries to drink away his problems. The death of his wife Frances made him very depressed. He also feels pain because of the loss of this wife, so he decides drinking would help him relieve his issues. He turns to drinks as his source of comfort. The fact that he drinks causes many problems for Hindley within himself and with others. The downfall about drinking is that it causes erratic behaviour, so during his drinking stage Hindley does not have full control over what he does or says. Hindley does not like Heathcliff while they were growing up; due to his drinking issue he threatens Heathcliff that he will kill him. “I wouldn’t murder you to-night, unless perhaps, I set the house on fire; but that’s as my fancy goes, while saying this he took a pint bottle of brandy from the dresser, and poured some into a tumbler” (Pg 68 Ch.9). By analyzing this quote I was able to understand Hindley’s true emotions towards Heathcliff. Hindley’s drinking has now become a habit for him and it gets worse every day. “Hastened into the house again, shut the door behind him; and when I went in a while after to inform them that Earnshaw had come rabid drunk” (Pg 65 Ch.8). Drinking is only a temporary escape from reality. It is clear that Hindley’s drinking leaves him in a bad state of mind. Hindley was not able to attend his sister Catherine’s funeral because he could not keep himself sober: I think that it is good that he did not go because if he had gone drunk it would have been very disrespectful.

Yesterday, you know, Mr. Earnshaw should have been at the funeral. He kept himself sober for the purpose- tolerably sober: not going to bed mad at six o’clock and getting up drunk at twelve, consequently, he rose, in suicidal low spirits, as fit for the church as for a dance; and instead, he sat down by the fire and swallowed a gin or brandy by tumberfuls (Pg 158 Ch.17).

As I read the novel his drinking habits have become very awful and at certain points all he does is drink. It is evident that Hindley cannot run away from the fact that his wife died but he alleviates some of his pain by drinking.


As I read the novel I came to see that Catherine just like the other characters faces many problems of her own. Her problems mainly revolve around her love Heathcliff and her husband Edgar. After refusing to admit her love to Heathcliff, she marries Edgar. In the novel Catherine comes across a point where Edgar tells her to pick between himself, and Heathcliff. “Will you give up Heathcliff hereafter, or will you give up me” (Pg 108 Ch.11). Edgar sees the relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff and he gets agitated. I would think that Edgar sees Heathcliff as a threat to their marriage and that is why he forces this question upon Catherine. Catherine has to pick between her husband or Heathcliff but instead she runs away from her problems by locking herself in her room, refusing to eat and holding a fit. “But she only glared about her for an instant, and then rushed from the room. The master directed me to follow; I did, to her chamber door; she hindered me from going farther by securing it against me” (Pg 109 Ch.11). Catherine is upset because she does not want to be faced with a question like that. She wants to be able to have both Heathcliff and her husband in her life. Catherine should have answered the question and faced Edgar by standing her ground, instead of running away; this did not make the situation any better. If I were in Catherine’s position I would try to find common ground between both Heathcliff and Edgar, so that way the problem might get better.


Growing up Hareton faces many problems one of which includes growing up without his parents. He gets treated poorly by Heathcliff, Linton and young Catherine. His cousins tease him because he barely knows his letters. “Can’t read it? ... He does not know his letters; could you believe in the existence of such a colossal dunce? ... I’ve questioned him twice now, and each time he looked so stupid I think he does not understand me” (Pg 202 Ch.21). Hareton takes in what his cousins say without fighting back. At the time he does not stand up for himself. I believe that he should have stood up to them so eventually his cousins would stop. The right thing to do is handle the situation in a mature manner, by informing his cousins that they should stop teasing him. Throughout the book Hareton is treated poorly in his own home. Although, he is the rightful heir of Wuthering Heights he is not treated with the respect that he deserves:

I could scarcely refrain from smiling at this antipathy to the poor fellow; who was a well-made, athletic youth, good-looking in features, and stout and healthy, but attired in garments befitting his daily occupations of working on the farm and lounging among the moors after rabbits and game. Still, I thought I could detect in his physiognomy a mind owning better qualities than his father ever possessed. Good things lost amid wilderness of weeds, to be sure, whose rankness far over-topped their neglected growth; yet, notwithstanding, evidence of a wealthy soil, that might yield luxuriant crops under other and favourable circumstances (Pg180 Ch. 18).

I can see by reading this quote Hareton is not treated the way he should be treated. He has the ability to be a better man but his talents are wasted by working everyday at the farm. He is treated as a servant and is made to work in the fields by Heathcliff.


I found that Linton was faced with certain problems between his father. Heathcliff expected highly of Linton but unfortunately he was very ill and was soon to die. Linton never stood up to his father; he would always do everything he said to avoid getting in trouble. “I’m getting angry; and if you don’t command that paltry spirit of yours- Damn you! Get up directly!” (Pg 246 Ch.27). Heathcliff always yells at Linton during his time of illness and he is embarrassed by his constant weeping. Heathcliff also compares Linton to Hareton:

But there’s this difference: one is gold put to the use of paving-stones, and the other is tin polished to ape a service of silver. Mine has nothing valuable about it; yet I shall have the merit of making it go as far as such poor stuff can go (Pg 201 Ch.21).

Heathcliff speaks very lowly of Linton compared to Hareton as seen in the quote. By reading I am able to see he likes Hareton better than his own son. Heathcliff is an awful father because he is using his son to get the revenge that he wants; he does not genuinely care for Linton. Linton has no control over how his father feels.

Looking into some of the characters in Wuthering Heights, I am able to understand that problems are everywhere; it’s just a matter of how each character goes about solving them. It was also interesting to see which characters run away from their problems. Although you can run away from your problems there’s always a guarantee that those problems that were left unresolved will come back. Therefore it is obvious that you can’t run away from your problems. When handling problems you should handle them with care because making the wrong decision can make a situation inferior.

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