† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) †

Назва† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) †
Дата канвертавання11.02.2013
Памер117.38 Kb.

(Located on Pleasant Mound Rd;Marietta Twnshp.)

First meeting of the cemetery assosiation was on April 29,1882.

Cemetery was surveyed by Hurlbut,deed recorded in Vol.50,Pg 1.

conains section 17,town 8.

Land was acquired from Christ & Mrs.Wilt.

President;J.P.McKinny Trustees;Jacob W.Daugherty

Secratery;Miles A.Ray S.E.Ray

Treasury;Jerome B.Kinder Alonzo Ward

James Patten


means the data was confirmed by death records

Baker,Bernice (no stone)

Beaumont,Drayton 1861--1938

Alice Jane (Ivey) 1865--1927

Clara E.(Schoenknecht) 1896--1968

William Leonard 1898--1979

Earl W. 1916--1929,son of Wm.& Clara

Brown,Mollie died Jan;1,1902 (no stone) daughters of Andrew & Effie

Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone)


Brown,Andrew N. (no stone)

Clyde (no stone)

Bunnell,Benjamin Henry died June 25,1905,age 70 yrs,3 mo,21 dys;son of

Simeon-- Co.K,12th Wis. Infantry

Campbell,Wallace D. 1865--1924

Alice L. Anderson 1870--1944

Erma Jean Aug;8,1896--Aug;2,1898,dau.of Wallace & Alice

Glenn Arnold March 7,1900---Sep;4,1905,son of Wallace D.& Alice L.

Chadwick,Jemima (Miller) Sep;3,1865--Oct;21,1945,"Mamie"

dau. of Reuben Miller & Nancy Jennings

Churchill,William (no stone)

Becky (Oaks) (no stone)

Rebecca McCord Apr;22,1870---Dec;31,1901,wife of William (no stone)

(may be same as Becky)

Clark,Joseph James March 24,1845---May 15,1902 Co.H,7th Wis.Infantry;

son of Kaleb & Angelina

Emma Louise (Kelsey) 1863--1940,wife of J.J.Clark

James Joseph"J" Oct;19,1884--Apr;1,1905,son of James & E.Clark(no stone)

Angeline Mary 1897--1915,dau.of J.& E.Clark (no stone)

Opal Irene 1920--1920,dau.of Milton & Alice Clark (no stone)

Joseph Mayhew 1899--1922,son of J.J.Clark (no stone)

Victor George 1886--1922,son of J.J.Clark (no stone)

Victor died in 1908,son of Victor & Mamie Clark (no stone)

William drowned in 1930,age 21 yrs,son of Vic.& Mamie (no stone)

Marlene 1940--1941,dau.of William & Edith Clark (no stone)

James (no stone)

Earl Lee infant son of Wm.& Edith Clark (no stone)

Anne 1847--1898,wife of James Clark;dau.of Stephen & Abigale Miller (no stone)

Cook,Annie Miller 1847--Nov;29,1898,wife of Anson Cook,mother of Effie Kinder

Cooley,Frank (no stone)

Mary (Ward) (no stone)

Cooper,Sanford died Feb;1887,age 40 years (no stone)

Copus,Myrna R. Merwin Apr;19,1940---Jan;12,2001

four infants of Myrna (no stones)

Daugherty,Charles died Oct;4,1880,age 70 yrs,7 mo,28 dys

Elizabeth died Feb;15,1876,age 73 yrs,3 mo

John J. died Sep;14,1890,age 2 years (no stone)

William F. died June 22,1887,age 33 years (no stone)


Daugherty,Charles D. died June 28,1863,age 1 yr,6 mo,4 dys

Mary L. died Feb;19,1871,age 2 yrs,1 mo,27 dys

Ona died Nov;28,1881,age 5 yrs,8 mo,28 dys

infant died Dec;29,1871

Day,Susanah March 17,1828--Feb;2,1907,wife of Thomas

Daywitt,Soloman Nov;4,1849--Feb;6,1885,age 35 yrs

Dolan,James died Feb;26,1909 (no stone)

Dollan,Hollan (no stone)

R.W. (no stone)

Drake,Enoch Nov;7,1828--Dec;29,1901

Mary Oct;11,1830--Jan;21,1876,wife of Enoch

Celia Ann 1853--1901,wife of Henry Hendricks

Mary M. Jan;9,1876--March 12,1876

Manda J. April 30,1869--May 8,1869

Archie Sep;2,1889--Sep;16,1889,son of R.W.& Eva Drake

Susannah (Stotts) Nov;22,1833--Nov;21,1918,born in Ohio,wife of John M.

John Mellick July 22,1827--Nov;1,1907,son of Ralph & Mary (Huseletons)

Dupee,(no name given) 1868--1928 (no stone)

Durkee,Dallas P. 1848--1920

Caroline E. Ware Nov;15,1852---Jan;5,1910,wife of Dallas

Enos,John Griffith 1828--1900,son of John & Hulda Enos 4th Verginia Infantry;

Mexican War

Susan (Clark) 1829--1914,wife of John Enos

William 1863--1889,son of John & Susan Enos

Lillian 1880--1900,dau.of John & Susan Enos

Farris,Howard W. Aug;22,1892--June 17,1975,U.S.Army WWII

Aletha B.(Reynolds) March 18,1893--Jan;20,1980,wife of Howard

Foley,Anna (no stone)

Foust,Elizabeth Loy died July 14,1877,age 66 yrs,wife of John (no stone)

Graham,(no name given)(no stone)

Groom,Ruby (Reynolds)(Larsen) 1900--1967,dau.of Marion Reynolds (no stone)

Guthery,Robert (no stone)

Prescott died September 1887 (stone hard to read)

Hanks,Betsy J. Foust July 6,1859---Aug;1886;wife of James O. (no stone)

Millard infant twin (no stone)

Milton infant twin (no stone)

Mary died May 4,1889,age 1 day; dau.of Elmer & Lucy Hanks (no stone)

Doly Jeneva Jan;1,1889---Sep;14,1890,dau.of James & Mary Hanks (no stone)

Elmer March 24,1888---March 26,1888,son of Elmer & Lucy Ann (no stone)

Hansen,Loral J. 1906--1960

Luella (Reynolds) 1882--Feb;26,1962,wife of Robert

Robert March 4,1874---Aug;23.1951,son of Hans & Bertha

Donald Marion Jan;26,1915--Jan;17,1916,son of Robert & Luella

Hasert,William 1862--1942,son of Henry & Mercie (no stone)

Henry (no stone)

Mercie M. died in 1898,age 68 yrs,5 mo,18 dys

Frank (no stone)

Angeline (Green) 1875--1942,wife of Frank Hasert

Goldie (Wilham) (no stone)


Hasert,Harry June 13,1900--Sep;30,1900 (can not read stone)

Emile June 14,1900--Oct;3,1900,son of William & Ann

Mercy M. died March 19,1898,age 68 yrs,5 mo,18 dys (no stone)

Angeline died July 31,1892,age 17 yrs,4 mo,24 dys (no stone)

Haskins,Lanty;father of Mrs.Fred Ray (no stone)

Havens,John J. Jan;21,1880---Dec;3,1969,son of Joseph & Henrietta

Bessie Hudson Nov;7,1882---June 29,1965,dau.of Henry & Ella

Hendriks,Seeley Ann June 23,1853---Dec;13,1901,wife of Henry (no stone)

dau.of Enoch & Mary Drake † (Grant Co.)

Hollan,R.W.(no stone)

Hopwood,Henry Louis 1882--1952

Rosezella (Beaumont) 1888--1971

was also married to Henry Christian

Hudson,Henry W. Aug;30,1849---May 19,1925,son of Hiram & Maggie

Ella L. 1855--1941,wife of Henry

Stephen A. Co.G,103rd Ill.Infantry

Phobe (Shaw),(Coe) Wife of Stephen Hudson(no stone)



Hurlbut,Jena L. (Peterson) 1874--Apr;24,1939,wife of John J.

John J. Aug;8,1849--Sep;29,1939,son of John R.Hurlbut

Jones,Della 1896--1967

Charlotte Theodora (Hurlbut) Aug;10,1902---July 14,1951

Howard Hurlbut 1926--Oct;10,1927,age 1 yr,8 mo,12 dys

Kinder,Effie (Cook) 1870--1902,1st wife of Lon Kinder

Frances H. Jan;4,1886---Dec;1,1893,age 8 years;son of Jarome & Frances

(no stone)

Kumrine,Martha Ann (Dupee) 1868--1928,wife of Frank

Perry Lester July 18,1870--July 1,1888,drowned,

son of Franklin & Martha (can no longer read stone)

infant (no stone)

Dr.Frank Sep;27,1843--July 10,1934,Co.I,17th Wis.Infantry

Lampey,John "Henry" born on Germany in Sep;16,1842---July 19,1915 (no stone)

Johanna Caroline Lee (Ploetz) ;wife of John (no stone)

Adelphiena "Phiena" Kinder Jan;12,1978(germany)---July 31,1963

(no stone)

Sarah (Bush);dau of T.Bush & J.Giddings (no stone)

Larsen,Orval E. Jan;31,1922--Apr;20,1945,son of Niels & Ruby,

Wis.Pfc.127,Artilary B.N. 35th Div.WWII

Ruby Gladys (Reynolds) Apr;21,1900---Nov;18,1967,wife of Niels

Niels E. 1891--Apr;2,1939.son of Arastmus & Boline

Neils J. May 4,1927--Jan;29,1971,Wis.Pfc Co.A,728th B.N. WWII

Hubert L. June 5,1920--July 27,1994,son of Niels & Ruby (Onstine)

Alma L. 1920---

Maze,Will(William) (no stone)

McKinney,Jerimiah P. April 18,1832--Sep;6,1909;son of William & Lucinda

Rebecca M. died Sep;4,1882(84),wife of J.P.McKinney (stone against tree)

Rotella C. died Dec;17,1881,age 6 years,9 mo,6 dys (stone hard to read)

McKnight,Samuel L. July 1,1897--April 11,1898,son of Edmund & Adell

Joseph Arthur 1913--1914,son of Wilbur & Myrtle (no stone)

John L. June 3,1899--Sep;3,1900,son of Edmund & Adell

Loyal Reynolds Feb;10,1910--Feb;28,1912,son of Edmund & Adell

Edmund J. Nov;4,1860--Apr;1,1929,son of Andrew

Adella Susan (Reynolds) Oct;5,1870--Dec;20,1962,wife of Edmund J.

William A. Feb;6,1890--1930,,son of Edmund & Adell (no stone)

Loran Jan;20,1895---Feb;2,1976 son of Edmund & Adell (no stone)

Homer Cornelius April 8,1881--1958

Laura Ellen Hasert March 6,1886--March 2,1916,wife of Homer

Linda A. July 23,1853---July 27,1923,wife of James

James Nov;27,1846---Oct;17,1918,Co.A,33rd Wis.Infantry;

son of Andrew & Prudence

Everett DeWitte April 24,1874--Jan;14,1903,son of James

(Everett's death record shows Maple Ridge Cem) (can no longer read stone)

Thomas May 4,1849--Oct;22,1906,Co.G,47th Wis.Inf;son of Andrew

(Thomas' death record shows Maple Ridge Cem)

Kate (O'Kane) 1849-- ,wife of Thomas (no stone)

Merwin,Homer L. 1902--1981

Opal M. 1912--1980

Marin Ray June 7,1941---June 12,1941,son of Joe & Mae (no stone)

Mictl,Lin Beaumont Ray 1890--1967 (no stone)

Rody 1889--1962

Malinda 1890--1967

Miller,Andrew---brother to Mayne Chadwick (no stone)

Moran,infant female March 22,1915---March 22,1915,dau.of John & Bertha (no stone)

Oaks,Charles E. July 17,1856---Feb;27,1939,son of Halfield & Caroline

Aurora A.(Bacon) 1861--1952

Onstine,Harry April 18,1919--March 10,1994,son of George

S. Bolina (no dates)

Patton,James June 24,1837--Nov;3,1899,12th Illinois Cav.(was a blacksmith)

Jane Dec;4,1842--Feb;7,1902,wife of James

William (no stone)

David Dec;14,1839---May 5,1910

Laura (Reynolds) 1857--1881,1st wife of David

Orlie 1881--1881,infant son of David & Laura

Susan (Hezard). 2nd wife of David (no stone)

Harriet June 25,1868--March 10,1873

John Oct;25,1874--March 25,1875

Sam E. May 28,1866--Aug;18,1901

Peterson,Hiram born in New York in 1837; Co.A,7th Illinois Inf.

Dora wife of Hiram,(no stone)

Earl H. 1888--1928,husband of Flora Havens

Everett 1920--1926,son of E.& F.

Lutie (or Dutie) (no stone)

Jimmie (no stone)

H. (no stone)

Posey,Lyle Elester Feb;26,1900--Sep;10,1900; son of Dennis & Mattie

Ray,Reuben Washington Oct;31,1863--Dec;4,1918,son of Geo.& Almira

Mary (Shaw) 1869--1956,wife of Reuben (no stone)

Charles Leroy 1886--1918,son of Reuben & Mary

Sylvia Iona Aug;16,1907---Dec;11,1918,dau.of Charles & Malinda

(records says Maple Ridge Cem)

Larry L. 1869--1956

Cecil Sional Apr;30,1912--Aug;30,1912,son of Charles & Melinda

George William 1861--1948

George June 9,1830---Apr;6,1890 (no stone)

Almira Mariah Taft 1831---March 17,1914 wife of Goerge Ray (no stone)

Miles A. 1858--1924,son of George

Harry A. 1890--1899,son of Miles

Sidney E. Aug;15,1855--Aug;20,1895,son of George & Elmira

Murry died April 6,1899,age 9 yrs,6 mo,18 dys,son of M.A. & A.I. (no stone)

Will(William) 1861--1948,son of George (no stone)

?????wife of Will. (no stone)

Lloyd Sep;2,1859---Nov;14,1929,son of George (no stone)

Nellie (no stone)

Carl son of Nellie (no stone)

Durm,wife of Sydney (no stone)

Malinda Josephine Baumont 1890---1967,wife of Charles (no stone)

George died Apr;5,1897,age 88 years 9 mo 26 dys

Georgie son of S.E.& B.Y. (stone broken and against tree)

Soba (Sara?) wife of S.E. (stone hard to read)

Henry Sep;15,1888---Apr;6,1898,son of Miles & Allie (no stone)

Reynolds,Seth Nov;20,1836--Sep;13,1893,son of George W. & Sarah;Corpl. Co.E,47th


Eleanor (McKnight) Nov;14,1844--June 15,1916;;wife of Seth

Andrew Jackson Mar;23,1867--1942,son of Seth & Eleanor

Anna Olive Greene;wife of Andrew J. (no stone)

George Washington Mar;23,1867---May 1,1935 (no stone)

Walter Dune 1933

Marion 1859---1893 (no stone)

Sylvia Jane Hasert June 28,1857--May 14,1940,wife of Marion

Oscar March 26,1870--May 1935,son of Seth & Eleanor (no stone)

Lyman born Dec;24,1853 (no stone)

William P. Oct;20,1879--1936,son of Seth & Eleanor

Lillian 1881-1919,wife of William P

Walter 1905--1933,son of William & Lillian (no stone)

Merrel June 22,1904--March 25,1905,dau. of Geo.& Cora (no stone)

Thomas 1894--1895

Oral Everett July 13,1886--May 6,1887,son of Fracis M.& Sylvia

Francis Marion Oct;20,1858--Feb;2,1923

male born dead on Dec;19,1913,son of Otis & Minnie (no stone)

Libbie Updike Feb;24,1891---Apr;12,1911 (no stone)

Rogers,Harold O. March 31,1838--April 3,1898,1st child of Joe & Jane Rogers

Rounds,George (child of) (no stone)

Cora (child of) (no stone)

Sampe,H. (may be Lampe) (no stone)

Sarles,Grace Althea Peterson Jan;20,1886---Sep;20,1969,wife of James Omar

James Omar Oct;16,1879---Feb;5,1975,son of Preston J. SR

Seymore,Thomas (no stone)

Shaw, Mark (no stone)

Jennie M. (no stone)


Shaw,Jewell 1904--1904,dau of Mark & Jennie

Gordon Aug;30,1905---Sep;27,1905,age 29 days; son of Mark & Jennie

Shields,Ethel Merle Apr;10,1903---Sep;5,1905,dau.of James & Alice Ethel

Smith,James (no stone)

Susannah (no stone)

Louisa E. Nov;4,1847--March 25,1886,age 38 years

South,Sam E. (no stone)

Harriet (no stone)

John (no stone)

Spry,Clarence V. Sep;5,1904--Sep;5,1975,suicide by gunshot

Algie (Faust) Oct;17,1904--Dec;12,1994,wife of Clarence V.

Stanley,Jessie H. (Clark) Feb;5,1891---July 17,1912,wife of Ora (no stone)

Helen dau.of Ora & Jessie (died before Jessie) (no stone)

Starner,Emma Alona June 8,1888--Dec;21,1899,dau.of Fred & Sarah

Stanby,Jessie H. Clark Feb;2,1891---July 17,1912 (no stone)

Steele,Eleanor 1878--1919,wife of William J. Steele

Nellie (Reynolds) died 1918,wife of William (no stone)

William J. May 5,1872--Feb;5,1947,son of Oscar (no stone)

Lowell June 13,1904---Sep;30,1906,son of William J. & Nellie

Switzer,Charles Henry buried in Michigan July 11,1942

Nannie J.(Nancy McLymons) 1873--1918

Sylvia (no dates)

Taft,Nancy (Jennings)(Miller) Nov;17,1825--March 4,1909,mother of Mayme Chadwick

Thompson,Joseph L. Aug;31,1888---Jan;19,1889,son of John & Eliz.(no stone)

Van Gorden,Isaac 1937 (no stone)

L.L. (no stone)

Mrs George died before November 1957 (no stone)

George McClellan Benjamin May 24,1868---Nov;1,1957 (no stone)

Ike June 25,1864---Jan;25,1937 (no stone)(may be the Isaac above)

son of George & Susan (Crown)

Rose Cox ,wife of Ike (no stone,not sure she is here)(died before Ike)

Wannemaker,Ora Aug;3,1897--March 25,1898,son of L.& J.

Ward,Tillie Deleta (Oaks) Dec;5,1892--Nov;6,1980,wife of Orla

Orlo R. Oct;21,1899---Oct;6,1945,son of Joseph & Janice

Joseph Nov;3,1850---May 11,1940,son of Alonzo & Mary

Lucy (Powell) died in 1879,1st wife of Joseph

Janice (Cooley) Jan;12,1863--1913,2nd wife of Joseph

Mary B. (Harrison) July 19,1857---Apr;7,1894,1st wife of Alonzo JR.

Ernest S. Feb;7,1877--Oct;14,1954,son of Joe & Mary

Dora Mae (Shaw) 1879--1964,wife of Ernest

Lucy M. 1913--1921,dau.of Ernest & Dora

Donivan Jan;8,1905---June 4,1905,age 4 months,son of Ernest & Dora

Lee 1893--1964,son of John Ward

Leta (Young) 1897--1956,dau.of Wm.& M.Young

Joyce E. 1945 (infant) (no stone)

Seta age 4 months,20 days,dau.of Joseph & Jane (no stone)

Flora T. 1897--1956 (no stone)

Alonzo JR. 1856--Sep;4,1935,son of Alonzo & Mary (Churchill)

Velda D. Oct;30,1907---April 15,1987,dau.of Ernest & Dora

Wayn,William G. died June 9,1872

Wheeler,C.H. (no stone)

Alfred (no data) (no stone)

Wiltrout,Adam A. June 3,1840---Feb;11,1908,son of James & Mary Eliz.(Clark)

Cpl. Co.K,14th Wis.Infantry

Otis E. 1920--1923

Veda M. 1912--1918

Mary E. Clark 1905--1915,wife of Adam

Ernest 1910--1929 (no stone)

Jake 1877--1955(66)?? (no stone)

Zufa Nov;30,1898---Jan;18,1899,dau.of Adam & Mary (no stone)

Jane 1877--1953

Jacob S. 1884--1966

Mary Emily Nov;11,1905---Sep;23,1906,dau.of Charles & Anna

(death record says Maple Ridge Cemetery) (no stone)

Woolever,Jesse Sep;23,1880---Apr;11,1935,son of George & Anna (Kelly)

(death record says buried at Steuben)

Young,William H. 1857--1925

Margaret Jane (Hopwood) Oct;6,1861--Apr;16,1926,wife of William

Davey (no stone)

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† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † iconThe foot stone is shown on digital maps (scale 1/1000) in map section F21-c-25-a-2-a and the target stone on map section F21-c-25-a-l-c

† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † iconI the Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor without a flutter of the sails, and was at rest. The flood had made, the wind was nearly calm, and being

† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † icon2 Schwaertzler, died February 06, 1695/96 in Wolfurt-Hub, Austria

† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † iconEuropean life died in auschwitz [as it appeared in a newspaper in Spain]

† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † iconWhat does the Muslim say when throwing the pebbles with each stone?

† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † iconLittle sister Queens Of The Stone Age

† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † iconErvin S. "Erv" Cohen, 85, Martinsville, died at 8: 30 p m. April 15, 2008, at his residence

† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † iconWritten by Oliver Stone and Richard Boyle

† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † iconDue Jan. 10th

† Nellie M. died Jan;3,1902 (no stone) † iconBirmingham’s only screening of Oliver Stone’s south of the border

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