Sequencing and story telling

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Week 1

3 Bears

3 bears cottage

Sequencing and story telling

Bears of different sizes

Bears from around the world

Mark making


Ordering by height and size


Mapping a route

Guy Faulkes

Bonfire Night



Week 2


Making Diwali lamps


The story of Rama and Sita

Visit from Joshan’s family

Bear Hunt Art (Monet, Jackson Pollock)

Exploring clay and mud

The Alphabet

Shapes and construction

Rangoli Patterns

Bollywood dancing

Week 3


Sequencing the Rama and Sita story

Sleeping Beauty-Time

Visitors to talk about India

Sorting and describing fabrics

Clothes for different weathers

Indian Food

Where is India? Globes and maps


Halves and quarters

Week 4


Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing

Nepalese Traditional Tale (The Rat)

Everest Expedition

Keeping warm

Building stories

Bee-bot programming

Insulation Experiments

Addition and Subtraction

Asking questions

Base camp

High and low

Clothes, Homes and Houses continued

Week 5

The Jolly Postman

Maps and plans

Post office

Using talk to explain what is happening and to retell experiences


Story characters

Counting and matching to numerals

Time line of communication

Plans and Maps

Story homes


Week 6

Jolly Postman’s Christmas

Post office

Creating wrapping paper

Wrapping gifts

3d shapes

Tenses- Christmas past, present and yet to come..


Writing our name


Talking about and describing 2d and 3d shapes

Counting beyond 10

The Nativity Story

Week 7


Wrapping gifts

3d shapes

Retelling stories and rhymes

Counting beyond 10

Counting things that cannot be moved ie. jumps

Family traditions

The Nativity Story

Ongoing –


PE – Dance

ICT – to support all subjects

Spanish - Counting

RE – Special Times

PSHE – Good to be Me


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Sequencing and story telling iconStory Telling has been a valued skill in human history, providing both entertainment and education. Much of our knowledge of the early beliefs of civilization comes to us from the voices of Bards, Poets, Skalds and Story Tellers long departed

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Sequencing and story telling iconStory of the slide

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