Kinship of Truls Einar Kalkvik-d'Orleans

НазваKinship of Truls Einar Kalkvik-d'Orleans
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Kinship of Truls Einar Kalkvik-d'Orleans

Name Birth date Relationship with Truls Kalkvik-d'Orleans

Adolf, Mattis 1881 Granduncle

Aleksander 1875 Granduncle

Anne, 1st duc de Noailles 8th great-grandfather

Anti, Margit Persdtr. 1862 Wife of the great-grandfather

Augustus, Philip II august 21, 1165 22nd great-grandfather

Auvergne, Ermengarde of 27th great-grandmother

Avesnes, Mary of 1280 18th great-grandmother

Baden-Baden, Ferdinand Maximilian of september 23, 1625 8th great-grandfather

Baden-Baden, Louis William of april 8, 1655 7th great-grandfather

Baden-Baden, Margravine Johanna of november 10, 1704 6th great-grandmother

Bertha, daughter of Conrad of Burgundy 28th great-grandmother

Blois, Odo I of 950 28th great-grandfather

Blois, Odo II of 983 27th great-grandfather

Burgundy, Beatrix of 1257 19th great-grandmother

Carinthia, Matilda of 24th great-grandmother

Castile, Blanche of mars 4, 1187/88 21st great-grandmother

Catarina 1826 Great-grandaunt

Champagne, Adela of 1140 23rd great-grandmother

Châtillon, Hugh of, Lord of Leuze 18th great-grandfather

Châtillon, Jeanne of 17th great-grandmother

Cyprus, Anne of september 24, 1418 14th great-grandmother

Cyprus, Janus of 1375 15th great-grandfather

Dalbom, Christina Catarina oktober 4, 1732 4th great-grandmother

Dalbom, Olof 1700 5th great-grandfather

de Bourbon, Charlotte, Queen of Cyprus 1388 15th great-grandmother

de Bourbon, Louis Alexandre juni 6, 1678 6th great-grandfather

de Bourbon, Louis Jean Marie, Duke of Penthièvre november 16, 1725 5th great-grandfather

de Bourbon, Louise Henriette juni 20, 1726 5th great-grandmother

de Bourbon, Louise Marie Adélaïde mars 13, 1753 4th great-grandmother

de Bourbon, Marie Marguerite,Countess of Soissons mai 3, 1606 9th great-grandmother

de Bournonville, Marie-Françoise 7th great-grandmother

de Brosse, Claudine 1450 13th great-grandmother

de Noailles, Anne Jules februar 5, 1649/50 7th great-grandfather

de Noailles, Marie Victoire Sophie mai 6, 1688 6th great-grandmother

d'Este, Maria Teresa oktober 6, 1726 5th great-grandmother

d'Orléans, Antoine, Duke of Montpensier juli 31, 1824 Half 2nd great-granduncle

d'Orléans, Charles, Duke of Penthièvre januar 1, 1820 Half 2nd great-granduncle

d'Orléans, Clémentine juni 3, 1817 Half 2nd great-grandaunt

d'Orléans, Ferdinand-Philippe september 3, 1810 Half 2nd great-granduncle

d'Orléans, François, Prince of Joinville august 14, 1818 Half 2nd great-granduncle

d'Orléans, Françoise mars 28, 1816 Half 2nd great-granduncle

d'Orléans, Henri, Duke of Aumale juni 16, 1822 Half 2nd great-granduncle

d'Orléans, Louis Philippe mai 12, 1725 5th great-grandfather

d'Orléans, Louis, Duke of Nemours oktober 25, 1814 Half 2nd great-granduncle

d'Orléans, Louis, Duke of Orléans august 4, 1703 6th great-grandfather

d'Orléans, Louise april 3, 1812 Half 2nd great-grandaunt

d'Orléans, Louis-Philippe oktober 6, 1773 3rd great-grandfather

d'Orléans, Marie april 12, 1813 Half 2nd great-grandaunt

Elisabeth, Maria 1870 Grandaunt

Emmanuel, CharlesI, Duke of Savoy januar 12, 1561/62 10th great-grandfather

Erik, Johan 1865 Granduncle

France, King Louis IX of april 25, 1214 20th great-grandfather

France, Margaret of, Duchess of Berry juni 5, 1523 11th great-grandmother

Francis, Thomas, Prince of Carignan desember 21, 1596 9th great-grandfather

Fredriksen, Selma mai 1, 1941 Half sister-in-law

Hagen, Theodor april 6, 1806 Grandfather of the wife

Hainaut, Isabelle of april 5, 1170 22nd great-grandmother

Halvari, Sofie Marcelie oktober 7, 1883 Grandmother

JamesI, Count of La Marche 1319 17th great-grandfather

Johanna, Gretha 1862 Grandaunt

Johansen, Rober Strandebø Son-in-law

JohnI, Count of La Marche 1344 16th great-grandfather

Johnsdatter, Margrethe Kolstrøm f. 1799 2nd great-grandmother

Josefine, Amanda 1872 Grandaunt

Kaasko, Anna Karoline Great-grandmother

Kalkvik, Alfhild Aunt

Kalkvik, Andreas Schneider august 24, 1992 Son

Kalkvik, Arild Half nephew

Kalkvik, Arne Jostein februar 25, 1942 Half brother

Kalkvik, Aslaug Josefine Aunt

Kalkvik, Britt Helen Half niece

Kalkvik, Egil Uncle

Kalkvik, Einar oktober 21, 1919 Father

Kalkvik, Geir Egil januar 10, 1975 Half nephew

Kalkvik, Håkon Half nephew

Kalkvik, Ivar Half nephew

Kalkvik, Jacob Mikael desember 10, 1871 Grandfather

Kalkvik, Jan Atle mars 1, 1967 Half nephew

Kalkvik, Jeanette februar 27, 1982 Daughter

Kalkvik, Jofrid Aunt

Kalkvik, Kjell april 28, 1946 Half brother

Kalkvik, Knut Alexander Schneider oktober 22, 1989 Son

Kalkvik, Oddlaug Aunt

Kalkvik, Ole Slotte februar 17, 1948 Half brother

Kalkvik, Otto johannes Uncle

Kalkvik, Solveig Aunt

Kalkvik, Tordis Aunt

Kalkvik-d'Orleans, Truls Einar desember 3, 1962 Self

Kallioniemi, Saara Hansdtr. november 23, 1842 Wife of the great-grandfather

Karoline 1836 Great-grandaunt

Katrina, Beate 1866 Grandaunt

Kohlström, Mathias 1763 Husband of the 3rd great-grandaunt

Kollstrøm, Elna Aunt

Kollstrøm, Gudrun Aunt

Kollstrøm, Gustav Uncle

Kollstrøm, Henry Uncle

Kollstrøm, Lydia Aunt

Kollstrøm, Nelly Aunt

Kollstrøm, Olga Aunt

Kollstrøm, Richard Uncle

Kollstrøm, Roy Olav Half brother

Kollstrøm, Ruth Eufemie juli 17, 1922 Mother

Kollstrøm, Sverre Uncle

Kollstrøm, Waldis Aunt

Kolstrøm, Erik 1795 2nd great-grandfather

Kolstrøm, Isak januar 28, 1877 Grandfather

Kolstrøm, Johan 1884 Granduncle

Kolstrøm, Johan 1894 Half granduncle

Kolstrøm, Johan Erik Eriksen august 24, 1830 Great-grandfather

Kraby, Grethe Wife

Kretha 1828 Great-grandaunt

Kvaksrud, Anne Sister-in-law

Kvaksrud, Eva Sister-in-law

Kvaksrud, Melvin Grandfather of the wife

Kvaksrud, Oddny Sister-in-law

Kvaksrud, Reidun november 24, 1962 Wife

Kvaksrud, Ruth juni 13, 1937 Mother-in-law

Kvaksrud, Willy januar 6, 1937 Father-in-law

Lion, Louis VIII the september 5, 1187 21st great-grandfather

Louis, Duke of Savoy februar 21, 1412/13 14th great-grandfather

Louis, VII 1120 23rd great-grandfather

LouisI, Duke of Bourbon 1279 18th great-grandfather

Madelene Granddaughter

Magdalena, Maria 1834 Great-grandaunt

Modin, Brita 1702 5th great-grandmother

Myklevold, Helene Half sister-in-law

Møllerhaug, Anne Karin mai 30, 1946 Half sister-in-law

Møllerhaug, Arild (Kalkvik) mars 13, 1966 Half nephew

Møllerhaug, Bente (Kalkvik) oktober 25, 1967 Half niece

Normandy, Adela of 1062 25th great-grandmother

Olav Husband of the mother

Overhaug, Berit Bertine november 12, 1918 Wife of the father

Philibert, Emmanuel, Duke of Savoy juli 8, 1528 11th great-grandfather

PhilipII, Duke of Savoy (Filippo) the Landless februar 4, 1437/38 13th great-grandfather

Philippe, LouisII, Duke of Orléans april 13, 1747 4th great-grandfather

Portugal, Beatrice of 1504 12th great-grandmother

Provence, Margaret of 1221 20th great-grandmother

Robert, Count of Clermont 1256 19th great-grandfather

Savoy, Charles III of oktober 10, 1486 12th great-grandfather

Savoy, Princess Louise Christine of august 1, 1627 8th great-grandmother

Saxe-Lauenburg, Sibylle of januar 21, 1674/75 7th great-grandmother

Schneider, Hannne Sister-in-law

Schneider, Knut Ringnes Father-in-law

Schneider, Kristin Wife

Sembom, Ane 1832 Wife of the great-grandfather

Sicily, Maria Amalia of Naples and april 26, 1782 Wife of the 3rd great-grandfather

Slotte, Edvarda Josefine juli 18, 1881 Grandmother

Slotte, Ole 1816 Great-grandfather

Spain, Infanta Catherine Michelle of oktober 10, 1567 10th great-grandmother

Stenman, Elisabeth 1689 5th great-grandmother

Stensrud, Even O mai 8, 1896 Granduncle of the wife

Stensrud, Johan O juni 8, 1897 Granduncle of the wife

Stensrud, Ole E mai 10, 1853 Great-grandfather of the wife

Stensrud, Oleana J. mars 14, 1858 Great-grandmother of the wife

Stensrud, Olga O august 28, 1900 Grandmother of the wife

Stensvold, Anna Grandmother of the wife

StephenII, Count of Blois 1045 25th great-grandfather

Stråtvet, Else juli 11, 1945 Half sister-in-law

TheobaldI, Count of Blois 913 29th great-grandfather

TheobaldII, Count of Champagne 1090 24th great-grandfather

TheobaldIII, count of Blois 26th great-grandfather

Vendôme, Catherine of 1354 16th great-grandmother

Vermandois, Luitgarde of 914 29th great-grandmother

Wahlbom, Beata Caisa november 8, 1766 3rd great-grandmother

Wahlbom, Brita Elisabeth februar 22, 1764 3rd great-grandaunt

Wahlbom, Errki 1795 2nd great-grandfather

Wahlbom, Johan 5th great-grandfather

Wahlbom, Olof april 4, 1734 4th great-grandfather

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