Chaykovsky town (Perm Krai)

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Chaykovsky town (Perm Krai),

workcamp “The Smile of the Sun”

Dates: 15.08.2007 – 24.08.2007


6 VOLS( boys are desirable) AGE: 20-25

Chaykovsky (Russian: Чайко́вский) is a town in Perm Krai, Russia, located on the Kama River 325 km south-west of Perm.

Population: 86,714 (2002 Census);
Town status since 1962. Chaykovsky is situated on Votkinskoe reservoir It appeared in 1955 and was a town where the builders of Votkinskaya electric power station lived. The town is named after the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who was born in the nearby town of Votkinsk.

"CHADO" organization carrying out the annual camp " Smile of the sun "since 2000.

The basic aim of carrying out of the camp " the Smile of the sun " - development of cooperation of children's associations that work under the program "Leader" in Chaikovsky town and the area.

Participants of the camp are under training for organizational work in children's associations, get the skills directed on inclusion of children in system of social relations.

In 2003 in “CHADO”`s camp, " the Smile of the Sun ", together with our leaders worked foreign volunteers (from Holland, Italy and Switzerland) which have been invited through service " Volunteers of Prikamye ".

This year “CHADO” organization continues its programme in the workcamp. And we welcome foreign volunteers to take part in our project again.

Into the program of the camp included :

  • general camp affairs (creative, intellectual, tourist, sports, etc.);

  • Affairs of “otryads” (groups)

  • Traditions and rituals;

  • Training session on social creativity, management, journalism and psychology;

  • Trainings, directed on personal growth, adaptation of teenagers to a reality and practicing skills of a leader;

  • Workshops themes:

  • " Character is the major thing" (self-perfection),

  • " School of a survival " (learning tourist skills, safety of ability to live, a healthy way of life)

  • " Stars and the person " (bases of system outlook)

  • " Secrets of a word " (a basis of rhetoric)

  • " Magic colours" (art -therapy)

  • " Magic cookery " (learning household skills)

  • " Around the world " (acquaintance with a culture of foreign countries and an experience of children's public organizations , including the foreign children's organizations, foreign language lessons)

  • Excursion programme: places of interest in Chaykovsky and surroundings (a city-sightseeing tour, the house-museum of the peasant of the Old Believer, Memorial estate of artists Svedomskih)memorial estate of Pyotr Ilyich Chaikovsky (Votkinsk, 40 minutes by car far from the city)

WORK:Volunteers will work as leaders of small “otryads”(groups of children/teens) together with camp-teachers. In “otryads”(groups) are about 20 children in the age of 13-16 years.

This project combines social program with English( OR another foreign language) lessons for children and youth. Volunteers will give some foreign language lessons (totally - 10 hours for 75 children),will lead and assist in creative workshops sports and games(totally- 20 hours), and actively take part in the camp life. On top of the ‘formal’ teaching activities, the volunteers will be expected to animate other type of activities (such as games) to support informal language training.

ACCOMMODATION: The volunteers are accommodated in the children camp's buildings constructed during the Soviet period : Two-three beds per rooms in two-storeyed buildings of children's country camp “OGONYOK” (" Spark ") . Toilets and washing facilities are available, and a “banya” (russian sauna) too.

Medical maintenance: In the territory of the camp there is a first-aid post in which the qualified medical staff all day and all night is on duty. Up to the nearest hospital (in a Chaikovsky) - 40 km.

FOOD: Cooking and meals are provided by the canteen staff. Volunteers get 5 meals a day.

LEISURE TIME: Volunteers will have the possibility to visit museums, historical places in Chaykovsky and surroundings (a city-sightseeing tour, the house-museum of the peasant of the Old Believer, Memorial estate of artists Svedomskih)memorial estate of Pyotr Ilyich Chaikovsky (Votkinsk, 40 minutes by car far from the city) . Leisure time of course depends on the volunteers themselves too. The camp leader will advice the best options.

LANGUAGE: good English, (if you have at least very basic knowledges of Russian - you`re more then welcome!)

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Volunteers are expected to bring good mood, enthusiasm and ideas for teaching foreign languages (games, songs, etc.). Additionally, volunteers should be open, interactive and communicative, should be creative and imaginative concerning the activities of the workcamp as well as leisure time activities.

EXTRA FEE: 60 euros (Payment for meals and residing, the basic part - Management of the general and vocational training, plus payments of participants - 1000 rbl. Excursion programs - 800 rbl. Souvenir production - 300 rbl. Totally, the sum of a payment from one participant of the camp: 2100 rbl. (60 euros). Participants bring this sum with themselves. Payed on arrival.

LOCATION the camp place is 40km far from Chaykovsky. Chaykovsky is located in 325 km south-west of Perm.

TERMINAL: The nearest international railway station and airport are located in PERM (the major city of the Perm region). A transfer of participants from Chaykovsky station up to a place of the camp.

MEETING POINT: Perm (airport “ Bolshoye Savino” or train station Perm II).

NOTE: Since the volunteers will be living on site with the staff and the teens, they are expected to obey certain central principles of the camp (no cigarettes or alcohol).

FOR ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION please don`t hesitate to contact me your camp-leader Nataliya directly:


Phone: +7-902-807-43-53

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